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Ummm… gnarley?

by Andy on September 18, 2006

First things first, this is totally, totally stolen inspired by a post from Teees last week.

I always used to think of Fullbleed as selling clothes for emo kids (though that wouldn’t be a bad thing), but their latest season seems to be a lot broader (i.e. less depressing), and there’s some gems in there.

This hoodie is a prime example, because, y’know, it’s totally awesome. That said, I’m not too sure that the pose of the surfers is all that well designed, it looks a bit stuck onto the bombs. But the printing over the zip is very well done, the size and placement (trailing down to the right) looks great, especially since it is going across the pocket. I like the way that the image takes little notice of the limitations that are placed on it by the pockets and zips, allowing for a larger image to be used, and when you’re using the sky in a design you often want to give a large sense of scale.

Costiness=$30 on American Apparel URL


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