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Post image for Boardwalk Empire, Voter Apathy, Power Rangers and animals with facial hair this week at Busted Tees

Wow, that is one informative title!

I have to wonder about the Chalky/Boardwalk Empire shirt though, because the name/term Chalky is racist (this is possibly better known in the UK because of a character played by racist comedian Jim Davidson), and not everyone in the world has seen Boardwalk Empire so wouldn’t get the reference, which I can see upsetting a few people. I’m going to push the concept here, but if Chalky’s nickname was ‘the N-word’ would BustedTees have released a similar tee? My guess is no. I realise that I’m probably over-thinking this, but the design made me think.

Oh, and the Power Rangers lived in Angel Grove, so that’s the connection with that high school shirt.


Daily Tees & News for December 5th

by Andy on December 5, 2011

boardwalk empire t-shirt

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I did, during my snowboarding lesson at the dry slope it started to snow!

I can’t be the only person that feels kind of scared when this guy comes on screen during Boardwalk Empire, right? Definitely some fine acting going on there. TeeFury.

RIPT have a shirt that I’m sure will not anger any Star Wars or Star Trek fans.

Qwertee have dropped a Shining/Joker shirt for Jack Nicholson fans.

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Daily Tees & News for November 6th

by Andy on November 6, 2011

doctor who t-shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more Doctor Who references on one shirt, you win, TeeFury!

Qwertee have a Lord Of The Rings t-shirt for us today.

Shirt.Woot have a Pacman design that has better graphics than the original Pacman.

RIPT ensure that the Doctor Who:Star Wars balance is maintained.

24tee also share my love of cheap noodles. That said, when you get real ramen it is pretty amazing.

Ahhh, Loviu, the old switcheroo!

Really, really nice Boardwalk Empire x Monopoly mashup today at Shirt Punch.

Some brand I’ve never heard of called Venus Falls released their Fall collection recently and it looks pretty nice.

Rob Dobi has redesigned a few of his old Fullbleed shirts, including the one above.

410BC released a large collection of new tees last week, though the Mintees crowd have noticed that a lot of the designs are simply public domain images on shirts, which just doesn’t feel like the 410BC way to me.

Everything has got 20% off at Outcry Apparel for a limited time. How limited? I have no idea.

One ad space has become available on HYA at the price of $19 per month. All other spaces are currently sold out but there will be some other opportunities opening up this month so get on the waiting list if you are interested.

WinkyBoo have got a massive 50% off coupon code live at the moment. Use code WINKYMUSIC to receive the discount.

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boardwalk empire t-shirt

Anyone else watching Boardwalk Empire? I’m enjoying it but don’t really find myself that attracted to the show in the same way that I want to watch Mad Men and want each episode to last longer. I assume that’s because even though there’s quite a lot going on in the show it is a slow burner, so by the end of the season I’ll probably love it.

I like this tee from Busted Tees, but I do think it would probably be better if it followed the same kind of style as you at at Retro Campaigns, who create t-shirts based on old political campaigns.

Costiness=$16.99 Buy it at Busted Tees


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