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Yacht Club Hoodie by Bean Dip

by Andy on May 6, 2010

bean dip clothing hoodie

My buddies over at Bean Dip have got a big, big new line out, and it’s got loads of great looking tees in it, but I thought you guys might appreciate a hoodie post since that is one of the reasons why people come to this site, not just for tees. It’s a fairly simple design, but the colours and simplicity work well… and dammit if I don’t love the location for their photoshoot.

Costiness=$55 Buy it at Bean Dip
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Please Sir, Play Me the Blues - Shirt Fight t-shirts - New cool and unique tees - Weekly tshirt design contest!_1252409264342 Please Sir, Play Me the Blues - Shirt Fight t-shirts - New cool and unique tees - Weekly tshirt design contest!_1252409279657

I don’t mention Shirt Fight nearly enough, which is kind of what I said about when they made their debut on HYA, but if they’re going to keep producing cool tees like this one then I promise I’ll try and keep on top of them better in the future, for real this time!

Costiness=$18 Available from Shirt Fight


Boat by Super Superficial

by Andy on May 15, 2008


Now this, this, this is a beast of a t-shirt. I like it so much that I’m going to put another picture in the post straight away!
Miss World by Atypyk

Yeah, awesome right? I really like it, its got that big rectangular print which we’re seeing more and more at the moment, and the monochrome of the boat sits beautifully on the blue of the waves. If I were to make a suggestion, I think that this would look pretty cool on a lemon or possibly creme blank t-shirt, but it looks pretty great on white too.I guess the price point cuts Americans out of the game, but for us Brits its still pretty attractive, especially with UK shipping included.

Costiness=£22 Link


The Summer Breeze

by Andy on June 19, 2006

If you ‘get’ that title, I love you!

I found out about aujCollections through a post by Josh Spear today, regarding their philanthropic mentoring and support system. Noble project, blah blah blah, what about the hoodie?

I’ll let auj describe it themselves:

Young Love Hoodie
Designed after the young and wealthy romantics. The Young Love Hoodie is meant to be worn with one knee on the ground, one can of paint and one lucky girl. Due to the nipped-in waist and elevated arm-holes, this close-fitting piece hugs tight to the body. The sailing ties laced around the neck and colorful hand-stitching give each piece its unique look.

Right on!

Costiness=$119.00 URL

*UPDATE* Anyone wanna see a high-res pic of the hoodie? Mr Auj himself got in touch to send a pic of the item, and it looks even better, there’s a load of little details that I hadn’t noticed earlier, around the cuffs and edges of the pockets, and a nautically themed draw-string on the hood by the looks of things. It’s 1.5MB, but hey, my bandwidth can take it (as long as BoingBing don’t suddenly take an interest in hoodies with boats on them)


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