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1984 doublethink t-shirt

Am I the only person that rolls their eyes when their ‘political’ friend references 1984 when talking about something happening today? We get it, you watched a movie and probably read half the book, now you’re Che Guevara.

Costiness= From $16.99 Buy it here


Post image for “Poison Tree” William Blake inspired t-shirt design by The Affair

Very nice as usual from The Affair team, and as well as it being a cool design it makes you look well read too.

Costiness=£29.90 Buy it at The Affair (save £3 / $5 with the code SERVECOLD)

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Post image for Free Threadless books when you spend $20 or more!

The Threadless book is fun, and now you can get it for ‘free’ by spending $20 or more in a single order using the coupon code FREEBOOK. I have no clue how long that coupon code will be live for, and if you’re wondering what the book is, check out my review from a couple of years ago.

[Via: Jake Nickell’s Tumblr]


T-shirt News for January 19th

by Andy on January 19, 2012

breaking bad t-shirt

I realised that this TeeFury shirt was about Breaking Bad, but having only seen a couple of episodes the Los Pollos Hermanos aspect of this shirt is lost on me.

I think that this might be my favourite design that Shirt.Woot have released.

Goonies-inspired t-shirt from RIPT today.

“The Marvelous commute to Wonderland” is up at Qwertee.

It’s Back To The Future vs Bill and Ted at Shirt Punch today.

Here’s another 24tee shirt that goes over my head.

I know that Community isn’t for everyone, but the paintball episode was truly fantastic, so I’m glad to get the reminder from TeeRadiers.

Two new shirts from DBH today (including one that is fighting SOPA that will only be available for a couple more days).

BustedTees have some wrestling pandas for $13.99 instead of $20 this week.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling ‘The Eternal Struggle’ again.

This error greeted me when I visited TeeBlitz this morning.

Adam has some advice over at TeeJunction on creating a t-shirt brand.

Save up to 20% on your order at Wrongwroks, providing you spend quite a lot.

Raygun Robyn is aiming for global domination, and to do that she’s going to offer free shipping to the first person from countries that haven’t yet made an order in her store.

Johnny Cupcakes shares a little story of how he put a plastic skull into a random customer’s order for a hat to try and add some mystery and magic to the online shopping process. It might give other store owners ideas about how they can make their shopping experience more interesting.

Obscure Printing are going to start offering a complete fulfillment service for brands (printing, packing, shipping, and stock holding). They’re also collaborating with a company called Judda distribution which will make brands available to 3000+ stores across Europe, which could be a great opportunity for a lot of brands. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

Mila Kunis wore a vintage-styled Pepsi t-shirt, super-duper!

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Exclusive: Half Price T-shirt Sketchbooks!

by Andy on November 4, 2011

t-shirt sketchbook

Pukka/Dank have been kind enough to provide HYA readers with an opportunity to pick up their ingenious t-shirt sketchbook for half price. In case you haven’t seen it before, the concept is simple, it’s a sketchbook shaped like a t-shirt so you can quickly sketch shirt designs. I know that you could just draw a shirt shape on a regular piece of paper, but where’s the fun in that?

Usually the price is $15 for a sketchbook, but PUKKA/DANK have been kind enough to offer us a coupon code that will give 50 people 50% off the sketchbook, making it just $7.50. Use the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS to receive the discount, and be quick, because there are only 50 uses on that coupon, once they’ve been used, the deal is gone.


t-shirt sketchbook

This is a pretty cool idea, I know that in practical terms you could just draw the shape of a tee in a regular sketchbook and just draw inside the lines, but this is a really fun way of constraining yourself to the shape and it might actually even be a useful tool for t-shirt designers that don’t do everything on their computer with a tablet. Each book contains 170 pages of 150gsm paper, and whilst at $15 there are cheaper notebooks out there, this one certainly is unique.

Costiness=$15 Buy it at Pukka/Dank

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T-world 7: New York tee-ser from T-world on Vimeo.

Long-time readers will be well aware that I am a fan of T-World magazine (no point linking to the website, it’s literally a black page), even though I haven’t been able to pick up an issue for years now, since they seem to be stocked in 2 stores in the UK for about 1 week a year and if I want to get it online I’d have to pay £20. Twenty quid for a magazine is a bit much even if it is being sent from Australia.

This video is a teaser for their 7th issue which will be all about New York. It is also going to be a new format for the magazine and a new direction, and I think that it’s going to be available as a hardcover edition, which sounds an awful lot like a book to me.

So, I know that the 7th issue will be released a some point in the near-ish future, which means the hunt will soon be on to find a copy. If you know of any stockists let me know!


dantes inferno inpsired t-shirt

Hands up, who wouldn’t want to wear this shirt? I can only imagine that zero hands were just raised.

Costiness=£25 (get £4 off with coupon code dante) Buy it at The Affair Mens/Womens


aldous huxley brave new world t-shirt

I’ve never read the book, I probably never will read the book (after reading about t-shirts all day I’m not too inclined to look at more words), so the reference is completely lost on me, but gosh darn it that is a great t-shirt.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at The Affair


alice in wonderland t-shirt

I really like this t-shirt, the style and colourway work well for me. I think I’d probably prefer it without the Alice In Wonderland logo, but it’s still very wearable as is.

Costiness=R$45 Buy it at SambaClub [via Rumplo]

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TypoShirt One book gets released, looks cool

by Andy on November 17, 2010

typoshirt one book

We all know that I’m something of a fan of typography t-shirts, so it’s nice to see that this book has finally been released after the call for submissions I posted about earlier in the year.

As you can see from the gallery there are a huge amount of t-shirts in the book, over 1700 in fact, and you’ll notice that quite a lot of them come from lots of tee companies that are frequently mentioned here on HYA, so it’s good to see some of my favourite brands getting exposure and that feather in the cap of being mentioned in print (if only people made books about tee bloggers, I’d love to be mentioned in print!). From what I can tell the book is almost pure eyecandy, which will presumably find it’s way onto numerous designers bookshelves to fill them with inspiration when they find themselves lacking.

It’s not particularly cheap at €33, but if you think about it that’s about 10c a page, which is isn’t too bad at all for a book packed full of some beautiful typography t-shirts. Oh, and presumably with it being called TypoShirt One their intentions may be to make a series of books, so I’ll keep an eye out for any developments with them.

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threadless book review

I didn’t really know what to expect from the Threadless book, before the release I’d thought it was cool that they were putting something together for the 10th year, but I hadn’t paid much attention to what was going to be in the tome of ten years of Threadless dominating the ‘indie’ t-shirt landscape. Frankly, I’d expected there to be lots of pretty pictures, and the same stories trotted out as we’ve been hearing for years about their airstream office, and how ‘different’ they are from a regular company. Well, you do get that, there are lots of pictures, and and lots of stuff that we’ve heard before from Threadless about the company, but there’s a lot more than that going on here.

One of the interesting things about Threadless is how their business model has had a much wider impact on the industry than just within their company, I’m not going to exaggerate and say they’ve changed the world, but their business practises, have made a lot of people sit up and take note (they aren’t a case study at Harvard Business School for no reason), and that is reflected in the book quite a lot, with mini-essays from people outside of Threadless such as Seth Godin talking about them and how they’re different to the norm. As someone that has studied Threadless closely over the past 5 years I really enjoyed those aspects of the book, getting a fresh insight from people outside the company (that other tee companies could probably learn from). That said, it was interesting for me to read about the earlier days of Threadless, since I first heard about them in late ’04 and other than the ‘creation’ story about the Dreamless forum, there were a few years I had no knowledge of that this book fills in quite nicely.

Of course, t-shirts are a visual medium and so is this book, there are hundreds of pictures of their tees, not all of them (I presume), but all the iconic designs are included along with interviews with their designers. It’s great seeing the designs printed onto paper rather than my LCD screen, digital is great and all, but print has a certain special something about it, and since Threadless clearly haven’t cheaped out on the printing it really is a treat for the eyes.

Clearly, I’m pretty impressed by this book, I was hoping to receive something pretty that I could leaf through when I was bored, and I got that, along with something that was occasionally more thought-provoking than I hoped. If you’d like to get a copy of the book, I have most excellent news, the publishers (Harris & Wilson) have offered to give away 2 copies of the book to HYA readers. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me what is your favourite Threadless design of all time, and you will be entered into the giveaway. Entries are open from now for 1 week (until Friday 22nd October), when I will pick two random entries. Please note that this competition is only open to people from the UK as it is the UK publisher offering the books to be given away.

If you would like to buy the book, if is available for $15 on the Threadless site (down from $22), for $15.30 on, and £8 on



I’ve got the regular edition of the Threadless book on my desk right now (review and giveaway coming up tomorrow), but I thought I’d share this video of the special edition that will be released soon, looks like a really cool package.


The Threadless book is looking good

by Andy on August 7, 2010

threadless book

As you are no doubt aware, Threadless are in their 10th year of business and making something of a song-and-dance about it, which is hardly surprising. I’m fairly sure that their 10th anniversary is on August 19th (note: it’s fairly likely that will be a $10 tee day, just my hunch), and whilst this book isn’t out until October there is already a page for it on the main Threadless site with a few tantalizing sample spreads to check out. I’m not sure if I’ll pick up a copy because books weigh a lot and I don’t like the idea of paying to have one shipped over to the UK, but it certainly does look like a cool book.

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typography t-shirt book

It’s Saturday, so hopefully you’ll forgive me for just copy/pasting this e-mail from the people putting the book together:

TypoShirt One – Call for entries

TypoShirt One is about typography on T-shirts. It is definitely not the first publication that deals with the topic of “T-shirts”, but it’s the first one that focuses exclusively on the typography phenomenon in T-shirt culture. Only shirt motifs created explicitly with typographic means shall be presented in this publication. There are no fees, it’s totally cost free!

We would like to invite everybody to contribute to the book TypoShirt One, the typography T-shirt compendium. The book will be published at Index Books in 2010.

We invite everybody to submit their own projects for this publication, bringing together typographic designs of T-shirts from all over the world, showing quotes, sentences, words, letters and numbers or any other typographic pieces of work.

Participation or having work selected for TypoShirt One is totally cost free on your part. Also, if your work is selected, you’ll get a free copy of the book.

Deadline to enter your submissions is 19th of March 2010.

Please check our website. At you’ll find all participation requirements.

We hope, you’ll be on board!

Sounds pretty cool to me, since seeing yourself in print is always fun.


howies t-shirt of the month

by Andy on September 24, 2009


I don’t really understand why they’ve decided to become a target of the grammar police with this tee, but it has reminded me that I need to try and read more books, bite-size knowledge from RSS feeds will only get me so far!

Costiness=£25 Available for men and women at howies


Concrete Hermit are in Tate Modern

by Andy on August 6, 2009


Whenever I visit the Tate Modern (I like walking along the South Bank when I’m in London, so I do pop in when I can), it reminds me that I know pretty much nothing about art. But then I get annoyed when people just trash the stuff in there because they don’t understand it, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it bad. I guess that’s the problem that can’t be avoided when an art gallery has a great position with a killer view and it’s free to enter, everyone’s going to go in whether they actually enjoy art or not. Still, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I’m just some guy on the internet who just said he knows nothing about art…

… so check out this awesome art that Concrete Hermit have got in Tate Modern! I haven’t mentioned Concrete Hermit for far too long, but this lack of HYA-exposure has somehow not stopped them from being noticed by the Tate Modern development team, who saw what Chris Knight (CH founder) was doing with artist collaborations and wanted to showcase that to a wider audience. It’s a good opportunity for CH and the artists that they work with, which in this case is the recognisable names of Anthony Burrill, Ian Stevenson and Andrew Rae.

Concrete Hermit

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Grab bags can be a perplexing beast, you may be getting a good deal, but is it really a good deal if you don’t like what the postman (or woman, it is the 21st century) brings to your door?

Fortunately Concrete Hermit make good tees, by good artists, and whilst I’ve never perused one of their books, it’s safe to presume they’re pretty cool too, and £15 for a tee AND a book is a good deal considering their tees usually run around £25. I’ll warn you though, your tee may not necessarily be one that can be bought on the site, which could mean that it’s old stock from their previous releases, or possibly that it’s a super limited edition rare tee by a ‘name’ artist, who knows?

Just name your size here and CH will do the rest.


Of Literature

by Andy on September 26, 2008

I found out about this brand via emptees, yeah, that’s right there are forums out there where you’ll actually find something cool that isn’t a lolcat.

Anyway, Of Literature is a brand that bases its designs upon famous books (such as the Wizard of Oz) and each tee features a quote from those books. I really like the concept, and the execution is pretty impressive too, with the style of each tee seemingly being influenced by the subject matter of the books chosen, which I think is a really cool way of doing things.

The tees are all $15 a piece, although they are currently on pre-order, so you may need to wait a little while before you can show off your cool tee in English Lit. class.

Of Literature


Wrongwroks: Everyone Steals

by Andy on July 17, 2008

The more I learn about Wrongwroks the more I find that he’s actually “kind of a big deal” in Asia. At a recent toy festival in Taiwan people were queuing up two and a half hours early to be in line for a signing he was doing, and they were waiting in the rain!

They were waiting in the rain because they wanted to be among the first to get their hands on Wrongwroks latest release, a book chronicling all the releases so far, as well as showing off a few previously unseen snaps from photoshoots. The book can be purchased on its own or as part of a box set in which you will get a limited edition silkscreened box and a “Supreme Ripped Off” t-shirt. There’s only 300 of these sets available worldwide, so I guess they’ll go pretty fast judging from Wrongwroks popularity.



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