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Boston Tee Party Recap Winky Boo Style

by Amy_F on August 19, 2012

Boston Tee Party 2012

Last weekend was a huge weekend for the indie clothing community.  Months of planning lead to the First Annual Boston Tee Party & Artist/Design Expo.  Hosted by Kelly Murphy (owner of Saucewear & The Tee Gazette) and co-hosted by (yours truly) Amy Fiedler (owner of Winky Boo & blogger/contributor for Hide Your Arms), the Tee party took place in where else? Boston, MA!

Brands from all over gathered in Boston to take part in the Boston Tee Party.  From New Jersey, to California, Florida and UK, we all traveled to take part in this extraordinary event that didn’t disappoint.  Starting the day off with 3 guest speakers which then lead us into the shopping and networking part while the live music played.

For the rest of my recap of the First Annual Boston Tee Party and to check out photos from the event head on over to the Winky Boo Blog for a closer look at this outstanding Indie Event!!

Take me to the Winky Boo Blog


$15 Weekend Sale at Mindless Tees

by Amy_F on August 3, 2012

Mindless Tees Weekend Sale

It’s Friday and that means guilt-free shopping now that the week’s over, right?  At least that’s how I see it.  Mindless Tees, who will also be making an appearance at the Boston Tee Party with us fellow indie brands next weekend is having a Weekend Sale where all tees are only $15.00 !!

Last I checked, there’s only about 4 styles remaining in Stock because the rest are Sold Out, so hop on that NOW!

Shop Mindless Tees


Get ready for the Boston Tee Party!

by Andy on January 4, 2012

Boston teeparty

Kelly over at Tee Gazette is putting together a very ambitious event in Boston this summer. Essentially, it’s a trade show, a networking event, a party, a chance to learn about the business, and a gig. Obviously I won’t be there, but hopefully a lot of t-shirt people that I’ve written about on HYA will be attending and it will be a great chance for people that have connected over the internet to connect in the real world, make some business contacts, and have a damn good time.

The specifics of the event haven’t been nailed down yet, but you can find Tee Gazette’s announcement about the event here, where you can also register your interest.


“Landmark” by Regan Smith Clarke

by Andy on March 23, 2011

boston celtics t-shirt

Apparently, this design is based upon a closed-down steak restaurant that used to be in the Boston Celtics stadium called Scotch n’ Sirloin. Talk about a shirt for locals!

Well, perhaps not just for locals, I like the design and I don’t care about the Celtics (76ers all the way, obviously), so perhaps it’s appeal is broader than the subject matter would suggest.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Regan Smith Clarke


boston cream lookbook

As someone who has never been to Boston, though would quite like to, it’s very hard for me to really associate with this designs in a meaningful way, but I can imagine that if I were from Boston I’d think these were pretty cool, and a way to show pride for my city without resorting to crappy, touristy designs. Boston Cream have freshened up their website too and it is looking mighty clean.

Hey look, I managed to write a post about Boston without saying wicked awesome!


t-shirt day 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited to T-shirt Day 2009 in Berlin and I had a really great time, meeting people that loved t-shirts and the Spreadshirt/LaFraise team, and from the looks of things the events planned for 2010 are going to be even better on June 21st 2010.

Tshirt Day events are being held bars in Berlin, Boston and New York will be following a similar format to last year with the Open Runway taking centre stage (literally), meaning if you turn up wearing a t-shirt (and why wouldn’t you?) you can join me in the “dubious claims club” by saying you’re a clothing model, because anyone can go down the Open Runway, that’s why it’s open. You are also encouraged to set up your own events.

There is also a competition to win “a year of t-shirts” which works out to 52 shirts, coming from Spreadshirt and laFraise. The winner will be crowd as the T-shirt Fan of 2010. How do you win? You just have to show them how much you love t-shirts, and presumably it’s going to have to be a lot to stand a chance of winning, but I like how open this competition is, there are so many possibilities for fun entires. Find out a lot more about how to enter at this page.

Are any of you guys planning on heading to any of the events? If so, take pictures and let me know about them, I want to hear about what goes down since I can’t be there this time around.

T-shirt Day


jcholyshipwebflyer3copy jcholyship09webflyer

One of the things that I like about Johnny Cupcakes is that whilst the rest of us are sat around saying “wouldn’t it be cool if…”, he actually goes out and does it, which is why when I hear that JC is hosting a dinner party on a boat for people that purchase a special limited edition shirt, my eyebrows don’t raise a single millimetre.

Here Ye Here Ye!! Attention all Landlubbers and scurvy mates, Johnny Cupcakes be presentin!
Join Johnny Cupcakes & JC friends and family as he presents Holy Ship!
Spirit of Boston Dinner Cruise on July 26th 2009.
With the purchase of the limited edition Holy Ship! t-shirt,
will include one ticket to attend this semi-formal event as well as an elegant buffet.
Proper attire required. All ages welcome.

Spirit of Boston cruise will board at 5:30pm on Sunday July 26th 2009.
The event will run from 6pm to 8pm. Like T-Pain, you can be ON A BOATTTT!

This is your chance to receive an extremely limited tee shirt for this
event! Included is a ticket for the cruise + all you can eat gourmet buffet!

Kinda makes me wish that I’d thought of putting baked goods on t-shirts…

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Cupcakes? At Johnny Cupcakes? Madness!

by Andy on March 14, 2009


St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and Johnny Cupcakes has some great gear and gifts to make your St. Patty’s day the best yet! All three Johnny cupcakes locations will be giving away delicious cupcakes to celebrate so make sure to swing by one of the three locations if you’re in the area to get a treat and pick up one of his Clover t-shirts made from 100% Leprecotton. Of course you can buy any t-shirt to get your cupcake on.

I think that something this light is the very definition of a weekend post! I still can’t quite get over how much Americans get into St. Patrick’s Day, it’s crazy, kinda make me wish I was here for Independence Day, y’know, an event Americans are actually meant to celebrate.

Check out the clover tees in the gallery


Say Hello to Homage Clothing

by Andy on November 18, 2008

I got an e-mail about this brand a couple of weeks ago and didn’t really look into Homage, but I’ve just gone back to look now and I’m really impressed, they seem to be trying to bring back the the trend for tees with state names on them that seem to have fallen out of favour after being so popular a couple of years ago. There’s a few retro basketball tees too, as well as a very nice tee based on Barack Obama’s senate campaign back in ’96. There’s a hint of Print Liberation style about them too, which can’t be a bad thing.

Homage Clothing


Here’s a couple of events going down in the LA (yeah, I know, they get all the cool stuff) and Boston wings of the Johnny Cupcakes Empire. The best part about these release parties? Johnny Cupcakes will actually be giving out cupcakes for a change!

There’s Something In The Cupcake Mix Series 3

With the recent store opening of Johnny Cupcakes Los Angeles, hundreds of die hard fans flew in from all around the country to sleep on the street of Melrose Ave, awaiting for the grand opening of this coveted brand. Johnny Cupcakes flagship store in Boston is used to this type of excitement from fans.

There’s Something In The Cupcake Mix is a yearly Halloween t-shirt release party. Every year, Johnny Cupcakes releases a series of 4 limited, exclusive, monster-related shirts that sell out quick! This year, they should sell out even quicker. Every shirt is numbered up to 150 — but since we’re splitting them between both shops (Boston + LA) — there will only be 75 shirts of each of the 4 designs. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. All shirts are packaged in cupcake mix boxes, with hidden monster trivia pertaining to each of the monsters, a scratch and sniff sticker on top, as well as sprinkles that you have to dust off of your boxed t-shirt.

Doors don’t open until 9pm, but we suggest you getting there early. Feel free to come days in advance to wait in line with other fans. This year, we’re having all of our customers wear their best costumes to the release. We’re giving out free shirts to the first 100 customers. We’ll also be giving out real cupcakes and other treats throughout the evening. Photos and videos of the events will be posted on

Doors open at 9pm
Wear your best costume!
Very limited – will sellout that night!

Friday October 17, 2008
279 Newbury St
Boston MA 02116

Saturday October 18, 2008
7959 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles CA 90046

From what I’ve been told, the lines will have already started forming for this (crazy!), but maybe if you run down now then you’ll be close enough in line to actually pick up one or two of the limited edition tees.

Johnny Cupcakes



Earlier this week when I posted those queue pics of crazed JC fans and attached what I thought was the Summer releases…. I was wrong, the latest round of tees are now available though, I promise!Johnny Cupcakes



Yes Huzzah Goods, you are being quoted in the title.

Karmaloop aren’t just one of the world’s biggest streetwear websites, they also have a traditional bricks and mortar store on Newbury Street, Boston (the same street as Johnny Cupcakes store) which has just been redesigned and reopened. I don’t know what it looked like before, but I know it looks pretty freakin’ sweet now. They’ll be selling some of the products that are available online, as well as a few lines that are going to be exclusive to the store. You can also shop online in the store if they don’t stock something you want, and you’ll get free shipping on those online orders, which is quite a clever way of marrying the online and offline experience.

As you’d expect, they’ve also put together a video on KarmaloopTV where the Karmaloop CEO, Greg Selkoe gives you a guided tour of the new retail space. Also as you’d expect, I’ve embedded that video below.

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Johnny Cupcakes

No cupcakes, what the hell were they thinking?!I think this is the first time that HYA has ever had someone actually do a bit of reporting that isn’t me. I found out that Huzzah Goods were going to be taking a peak at the line snaking out of 279 Newbury Street, asked if they could snap a few pictures, they said they could, and they did. My God I love the internet.

I’ve always thought that my coverage of Johnny Cupcakes was a bit excessive, I do mention them/him quite a lot, but apparently my interest in JC is nothing compared to the dedication of the people that actually camped outside of the store a couple of days before they were even released. Seriously, they spent two days on a pavement just to buy a t-shirt that was limited to 100 pieces.

Click on through for a load of pictures of the line, and an image that I roughly photoshopped of most of the summer range, which is available right now from, minus the in-store exclusives, obviously.

[click to continue…]



Straight from the J-man himself:

I’m releasing 15-20 or so, fresh out of the oven, new t-shirt designs in my Boston, Newbury Street shop THIS SATURDAY June 21st at 3pm.

Also, there will be 2 in store exclusives that you can only get in Boston. One of the in store exclusive shirts is going to be numbered up to 100. Once that one design is gone, it will be gone forever. First come, first serve. I already know that some die hard people will be camping out for this Saturday’s release, starting tonight(seriously). So get there early if you want to own one of the numbered, limited edition, exclusive shirt(s).

See you there THIS SATURDAY!

***Oh Yeah, FREE real cupcakes and Fiji Water with every purchase.

It’s about time they offered some real cupcakes for a change, now people who don’t know what JC is won’t feel so embarrassed when they walk into a store called Johnny Cupcakes and actually expecting there to be baked treats in there.

Johnny Cupcakes


Boston Roots by theANTI

by Andy on April 1, 2008

Boston Skyline Hoodie by theANTI

Seriously, if you’re going to go to all the trouble of creating a design that has lots of little details on it, such as what appears to be some kind of subway or public transport map, why not actually put some detailed pics of your product so that people will be able to see all the effort you put in?If I ever get around to commissioning a HYA hoodie (go ahead, roll your eyes, we all know its inevitable), you can bet your ass that I’m going to post lots of pretty pictures, because people like to see the thing that they’re going to buy.

Apart from that gripe, this is a really cool idea for a hoodie if you want to show off your Bostonian pride or just want a touristy souvenir that’s well-designed.

Costiness=$38 Link

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Johnny Cupcakes Kitchen Monster Tees

by Andy on February 14, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes Kitchen Monster t-shirt series

JC has been getting all anthropomorphic on us, dropping three new designs on us that all involves kitchen appliance’s getting their own back. As ever, great style, funny images (yeah, I said funny, nothing scares the Andy!), and you can still get a free scarf ($35.99 value) if you spend more than $100, which is about 3 tees in Cupcake land.

Costiness=$35.99 Link (Kitchen monster designs are currently occupying the top row of the shop)


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