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Brains! Not Zombies!

by Penny_B on May 13, 2012

This is my first HYA post, hi. I wanted to start with more than just a random tee, but something with a bit of a story to it. So my friend M found shirt number 1 on ThinkGeek, while we were talking about autistic spectrum disorders. I have Asperger Syndrome, and the neurodiversity movement celebrates all of us who are not “neurotypical”, who are cognitively different due to our neurological make-up.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty great, such a huge brand embracing difference in that way and providing lots of information for the curious. It made me think about how much I love brains and neuroscience (I have a mind-crush on Oliver Sacks), but how the joy of brain-lovin’ has been taken over by zombie talk. You can’t even say “BRAINS!” without the obligatory “Braaaaaaaaaaains” from some blood-spattered fancy dress enthusiast. It’s not that zombies aren’t cool, but they’ve got a bit played out in recent years.

Here, therefore, are a lucky seven shirts that illustrate the awesomeness of the brain without a hint of gore or the undead. Celebrate your noggin!

1. Neurodiversity

The shirt that started it all. Heart. Brain. I heart my brain.
Costiness: $16.99-18.99 from ThinkGeek

2.Take Over

Pinky and the Brain shirt
What? Yes, Pinky and the Brain TOTALLY count. Especially as I not-so-secretly want to take over the world. With rockin’ shirts, anyway. Not only nostalgia, but fabulous slogan sizing/placement.
Costiness: $20 from 80sTees

3. Brain Power

Brain Power shirt
POW! The whole design of this shirt makes my heart sing. The heather gray, the shade of gold for the strike, the facial expression. If you don’t love brains after seeing this tee, you’re a cell or two short.
Costiness: from $24 from I Heart Guts, Love Your Insides

4. Brain College

Brain College shirt
There’s a lot going on here. Goggles, a halo, logos? I can’t decide if it’s a hot mess or a fierce statement from Eight & Nine, but there’s some anger and a cool mascot illustration and…goggles. Steampunk folk love goggles, right? Though maybe not the styling.
Costiness: $24.89 from Eight & Nine

5. I Love My Brain

I Love My Brain shirt
I want this tee so much. Especially with the stripes. I DO love my brain, I DO. The lettering is ace, and I love the brain doodle instead of a heart. Gotta be done. Good job super small fits me well.
Costiness: $24.99 from Skreened

6. Scatter-brained

Scatter-brained shirt
If you’ve ever had to spend any time learning about different types of graphs, it probably hurt your brain, and you probably thought the scatter graph looked pretty funny. This is for you. A truly graphical shirt. POD can be a bit of a risk when it comes to tee quality, but he illustrator, bumpybrains, has some other tasty brain-related apparel.
Costiness: £14.88 from RedBubble

7. Pacman Brain

Pacman brain shirt
I don’t know if we can actually order this one – this shirt comes from Mumbai – or how the shirt feels and fits, but it’s well done and really made me smile. Excellent detail.
Costiness: 399 INR (Indian rupees) from Bewakoof

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Cogito Ergo Sum by 410BC

by Andy on April 8, 2008


Hands up if you knew what Cogito Ergo Sum meant before you read the lower corner of the t-shirt design? You? Well, we all knew that you’d get it!

To those of you still quietly sitting with un-raised hands, ‘cogito ergo sum’ is the latin for that popular phrase “I think, therefore I am.”

Cool design here from 410BC, not exactly amazing, but very nicely done all the same, I really like the way that the text and one of the brains are half-on, half-off the yellow dot, it adds some depth to the design.

Costiness=$28 Links: Mens/Womens


Lost it

by Andy on March 1, 2006


Quite an apt post today as I am currently suffering with a migraine, but thought I’d better post anyway, so forgive any spelling and grammar errors, as the monitor is hurting my eyes..

Oneoff clothing look as if they generally design and print clothing to order, at reasonable prices, but their in-house stuff looks pretty good too. There’s only 9 items in their catalogue (their signature selection, the possibilities are endless with customisation), but they are all top notch. This grey American Apparel zip-up really compliments the colours and style of the graphics. That, and everyone knows that skulls are cool, almost as cool as paint dripping from a brain.

Costiness=$38.00 (reasonable in my eyes), a full range of sizes, including the oft ignored 2XL, and the URL of the hoody can be found here.

EDIT: Added in the bit about customisation, the 9 products is their signature selection, which I guess they sell so that people can get to know their quality.


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