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Post image for Back To School Streetwear Sale in Bristol on Saturday

I won’t be going, and most likely the vast majority of HYA readers won’t be going, but if you’re in the Bristol area on Saturday you might want to pop into the Big Chill Bar and pick up some new gear. Students can get 10% off at the bar with their NUS card too!


Daily Tees & News for December 1st

by Andy on December 1, 2011

teefury reported attack page

Welcome to December. Naturally a lot of brands will be focusing on making sales during the run up to Christmas, and I suspect we’ll see a lot of coupon codes and discounts revolving around that, so the news portion of these roundups will likely grow. These roundups do take quite a lot of time, so if you like it, share it please!

When I try to visit TeeFury Firefox comes up with this. Now, I am 100% confident that Teefury has not been an elaborate phishing scam from the beginning, but after checking out their Facebook page it seems a lot of people have also had this message come up, so I feel that their site may have been compromised in some way. This happened to HYA once and it was hell getting it fixed as someone that doesn’t have much technical expertise, hopefully they will have it sorted soon and it doesn’t cause too many headaches, but I recommend anyone who has visited in the past few days to run a virus scan. There has been no response that I can see from Teefury as of yet.

Quite a clever shirt from Qwertee today, showing fictional books based on movies such as Ghostbusters and Back To The Future.

There’s a lot of excitement over at RIPT for this Star Wars x Transformers mashup.
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Holebrain: And these cost how much?

by Andy on August 11, 2009

how_modern_ creamy_goodness treasarrr_-mock-up-done_ robb_d_mock_up_doneee summernator-mock-up-done

I know that £8 doesn’t seem particularly cheap for an American, that’s about $13, right? Cheap, but not crazy-cheap. However, in Britain, that is crazy cheap, especially when that includes free shipping. Holebrain is brought to us by a guy called Will from Bristol, he’s designing, printing, and selling all the tees himself, including setting up a stall at the St. Nicholas market in Bristol most weekend, so it’s clear that even though he’s fairly new to the tee game (the brand is about 2 months old), he’s putting everything he’s got into it, and with some great character based designs and prices this low, I wholeheartedly recommend that you guys give him some support.


The King Is Dead! Long Live the King!

by Andy on August 13, 2008

Bristol-based Lhome have released a new design, and its a bit of a departure from what they’ve done in the past. Its good to see Kieran attempting new things with his designs, especially when the designs come out looking good! The oversized print works really well, and I think that keeping it as a one-colour print was a good idea too, if he’d coloured it in like a traditional playing card then it might have started to get a bit messy.

Costiness=£22 Tee Link


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