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‘Drakey Kong’ might be the best hip hop shirt that I’ve ever seen, which is a bit annoying since I really don’t like that song, is there a good reason why Drake just says the same thing over and over?

Solid week of releases at BustedTees.


TIL what a ‘wounded soldier’ is. Not a bad week at all, some fun tees in this bunch.



Pretty solid week from BustedTees, one which reminds me that I’ve not even a look at American Horror Story yet. I’ve heard good things, but there’s just too much good stuff to watch these days. I’m sure that cynical Andy should hate the Beets by Schrute tee, but it made me laugh so I’ll let it pass.

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Post image for Die Hard, Halo, Django, and the Walking Dead t-shirts at BustedTees this week

If you’re wondering why the Die Hard shirt says “Mister Falcon” instead of the rather more well known and more NSFW version, it’s because in the edited for TV version that is the word phrase that was dubbed over the original. The more you know!



Post image for Poehler & Fey 2016, Friday Night Lights, One Eyed Jack and an average Minecraft shirt at BustedTees

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t understand what the reference is with the One Eyed Jack shirt, but I’m fairly sure it’s something to do with a TV show. I’m kind of disappointed with the Minecraft design, I know what the game is but must admit I’ve never played it, is there a reason why it’s so vanilla?


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Post image for 30% off shirts right now at BustedTees, 15% off later

Oh, this is awkward, I’ve missed the time for getting 40% off, still, 30% off at BustedTees ain’t half bad, right?

Use coupon code BACK2BLACK to get the saving at Busted Tees.


Four new shirts at BustedTees this week

by Andy on November 9, 2012

Post image for Four new shirts at BustedTees this week

I’m just going to geek out over that Shining inspired shirt for a second. The image they’ve used for the graphic is actually of the Timberline Lodge in Oregon (where parts of the movie were filmed), but the actual inspiration for the film was The Stanley Hotel which is in Colorado (they have the film on a continuous loop on channel 42 in the guest rooms), I can’t decide which building they should have used on the tee, but it’s pretty cool either way. Solid week of design at BustedTees.


Post image for Mario, Luchadores, Hey Arnold and Bond, all new this week at BustedTees

Really strong week from the BustedTees crew, my favourite is definitely the ‘Head Arnold’ shirt with the outlines of Hey Arnold character’s heads.


Post image for BustedTees embrace novelty with their Halloween costumes

Before you get excited about having a ready-made AWESOM-O outfit, all the tees are just the tee, you don’t get the extras which help make complete the outfit, but it’s not really that much work to draw on a box, is it?

Really big release of novelty tees (and ridiculous onesies) from Busted Tees this week in preparation for an onslaught of slackers that don’t want to go DIY with their Halloween outfit. So we’ve got Dumb & Dumber, Chuckie from Rugrats, Ace Ventura, Star Wars, and South Park all being represented… and some crazy onesies which are surprisingly reasonable at $52.


Post image for Boardwalk Empire, Voter Apathy, Power Rangers and animals with facial hair this week at Busted Tees

Wow, that is one informative title!

I have to wonder about the Chalky/Boardwalk Empire shirt though, because the name/term Chalky is racist (this is possibly better known in the UK because of a character played by racist comedian Jim Davidson), and not everyone in the world has seen Boardwalk Empire so wouldn’t get the reference, which I can see upsetting a few people. I’m going to push the concept here, but if Chalky’s nickname was ‘the N-word’ would BustedTees have released a similar tee? My guess is no. I realise that I’m probably over-thinking this, but the design made me think.

Oh, and the Power Rangers lived in Angel Grove, so that’s the connection with that high school shirt.


yolo t-shirt

I don’t know much about #YOLO but I can’t help but feel that it’s a bit silly. Apart from that bit of trend-pandering it’s a solid bunch of designs at BustedTees this week with the Time Machines shirt being my personal favourite.


bustedtees coupon code

There is a slight a slight caveat to that ‘all’ in that the custom-printed shirts from the Archive at BustedTees, but who wants the old stuff when their newer designs are $12 with the coupon code SANDYCLAUS?

I can’t see an end date on this promo but I doubt it’ll last forever so you’d better get on it now if you intend to get on it at all.


zombie lincoln t-shirt

You’ve got to hand it to BustedTees sometimes, they certainly know how to put out tees that will get a reaction from people, considering how much people love Arrested Development, zombies, random 80s references (the Captain Planet tee), and I’m sure that Obama tee will raise a few eyebrows.


New at BustedTees this week

by Andy on June 7, 2012

end sweetshop labor t-shirt

If that Willy Wonka shirt had the British/correct spelling of ‘labour’ on it then I’d like it a lot more, but you can’t exactly expect an American company like BustedTees to cater to 60 million people in he UK compared to 311 million people in the US.


doctor who costume t-shirt

Pretty nice selection from BustedTees this week, with my particular favourite being the 11th Doctor novelty costume shirt even though I don’t watch Doctor Who.


NES duck hunt t-shirt

If it’s in the title you guys can probably guess that my favourite of the week’s new releases from BustedTees is the Duck Hunt design, but they’re all pretty wearable.


Four fun new shirts from Busted Tees

by Andy on April 7, 2012

busted tees

Pretty solid week from BustedTees, the Talkboy takes me back, the Greendale design is based on one of my favourite TV shows, the Slugworth shirt is based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the photography shirt is just delightful (and let’s me cram a mention of Rigu into this post).

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mount playmore gaming t-shirt

When I looked at the new shirts from BustedTees this week I was very impressed, I don’t have a favourite this week, I have three favourites (the Mount Rushmore parody, Mad Men x Superman, and the one about taking class outside). Well done BT, well done.

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hunger games t-shirts

Sorry I’m late posting these BustedTees shirts guys, but hey, if you haven’t seen them before, they might as well be new, right?


50+ Hunger Games T-shirts

by Andy on March 26, 2012

50+ hunger games t-shirts

The Hunger Games was one of the most anticipated movies of the year with some people describing it as ‘the new Twilight’ (in terms of popularity, and it opened this weekend at cinemas across the US to take in $150+ million in ticket sales, for the 3rd biggest opening weekend of all time(!). I know that the books are aimed at people slightly younger than me (I’ve taken seeing 16-18 year old girls reading it as a sign it may not be a book for me), but the movie certainly looks a lot more appealing than the Twilight series, and I’m definitely going to be checking it out.

I’ve seen and written about quite a few Hunger Games t-shirts in the daily roundup posts over the past few months so I thought I’d put together a nice and epic list of tees for you all to enjoy. With Hunger Games being a fairly new phenomenon I’ve found that a lot of the usual players haven’t yet caught onto it’s popularity, leaving the print-on-demand sites, most notably RedBubble (even though they have been removing copyright infringing designs lately), to lead the way in terms of apparel for fans of the series. I’m sure this situation will change in time and more brands will release Hunger Games t-shirts, and when they do I will try and update this list.

As ever with these lists, they do take quite a lot of time, so if you could be so kind as to share them with your buddies via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other medium that would be truly fantastic. Enjoy!

1. Let’s kick things off with this ‘74th Annual‘ shirt from BustedTees – $20

2. “Keep Calm and Call Finnick” T-Shirts & hoodies by ReadingFever | RedBubble – £16.68

3. “The Hunger Games – Finnick, Katniss, Peeta, Johanna.” by mioneste | RedBubble -£16.68

4. “The Hanging Tree” T-Shirts & Hoodies by nellmeowmeow | RedBubble – £16.68

5. “The Pony Games” at – $25

6. “I Am the Muppetjay” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

7. “Mellark Bakery”by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

8. “Cinna Panem Fashion (Black)” T-Shirts & Hoodies by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

9. T-shirt Laundry have a superb Hunger Games ‘Victory Tour’ t-shirt for $18.

10. “Gale Has Game” by 4everYA | RedBubble – £16.68

11. “Mellark Bakery” T-Shirts & Hoodies by FAMOUSAFTERDETH | RedBubble – £16.99

12. “District 13 Mockingjays” T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Ledin | RedBubble – £17.67

13. “Golden Mockingjay” by Happy Goat T-shirts – $10.99

14. “The Hob Trading” by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

15. “Anger Games” by pixhunter | RedBubble – £16.68

16. “Hunger Games Stay Alive” by mbecks114 | RedBubble – £16.68

17. ‘Mockingjay’ all-over print t-sihrt at Newbury Comics – $19.99

18. “The Hanging Tree” by ratgirlstudios | RedBubble

19. “Farewell District 12″ by FAMOUSAFTERDETH | RedBubble

20. “Tick Tock” by ashedgreg | RedBubble – £15.38

21. ‘I bread Peeta Mellark’ by alliecatisallama at MySoti – $24.96

22. “The Boy With The Bread” by Leah Price | RedBubble

23. “Mellark Baked Goods” by Joviana Carrillo | RedBubble – £15.38

24. “Everdeen Hunting Co-operative” by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble

25. Hunger Games ‘Steak’ t-shirt previously on sale at

26. “Hunger-lympics” by WinterArtwork | RedBubble – £17.38

27. “Stay Alive” by kt1171 | RedBubble – £16.68

28. “Fabulous The Capitol” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

29. District 14 Taco shirt formerly available at Shirt.Woot, unknown whether it is currently available elsewhere.

30. “Peeta Cares” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

31. “Everdeen’s Wild Game” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

32. “Peeta Has Croissants – Yellow” by 4everYA | RedBubble

33. ‘Team this is not Twilight’ by alliecatisallama at MySoti – $22.55

34. “Property of District 12″ by teddanza | RedBubble – £14.60

35. “District 1 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £16.68

36. “District 4 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £16.68

37. This fantastic design was previously available at TeeFury but I don’t know if it has turned up anywhere else since then.

38. “District 12 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £15.99

39. “District 11 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £16.68

40. “District 12 Miners” by pixhunter | RedBubble – £16.68

41. Fan made Experimental Jetset style design.

And now for a great series of tees by Rachel Thomas

42. “The Capitol” – £16.68

43. “District 1″ – £16.68

44. “District 2″ – £16.68

45. “District 3″ – £16.68

46. “District 4″ – £16.68

47. “District 5″ – £16.68

48. “District 6″ – £16.68

49. “District 7″ – £16.68

50. “District 8″ – £16.68

51. “District 9″ – £16.68

52. “District 10″ – £16.68

53. “District 11″ – £16.68

54. “District 12″ – £16.68

55. “District 13″ – £16.68

56. “The Districts of Panem” at BustedTees – $12.99

57. Here’s something a bit different, custom Hunger Games footwear.

58. There’s lots of official Hunger Games merchandise on Cafepress, to be frank most of it isn’t interesting.

59. “Career Tribute – District 1″ by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

60. “Career Tribute – District 2″ by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

61. “Career Tribute – District 3″ by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

62. This design (which I don’t believe is for sale yet) turned up on Reddit.

63. Funny fan-made shirt that another Redditor made for when they went to watch the movie.

64. Hungry Hungry Games at snorgtees – $19.95

65. Tributes by fishbiscuit at Tshirt Contest.

66. “Hunger Weapons” t-shirt at Blue Butter – $24

67. How-To: Hunger Games Mockingjay T-Shirt blog

That’s the list for now, I will be adding to it as more companies release their shirts to celebrate the books, and also a huge film (3rd biggest opening weekend of all time). I do hope to make the list less reliant on RedBubble shirts as I’d like there to be more variety, hopefully tee companies feel the same way. If you enjoyed the list please do share it around and let people know about it, or leave a comment, and if you know a good tee that I’ve missed from the list be sure to let me know about it in the comments, or via Twitter or Facebook.


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