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The awesomely named Hunter Franks got in touch to let me know about his new t-shirt brand, Adhesion Clothing. Here’s what he has to say about it:

In physics, adhesion is the tendency of certain dissimilar molecules to cling together due to attractive forces. My aesthetic commonly takes seemingly different concepts and fuses them together to breed a new meaning that provokes thought from the viewer. This sparked the platform that Adhesion Clothing was formed upon: to revolutionize meaning, ignite thought, and inspire creativity. Adhesion Clothing strives to create unique and attractive apparel that creates a narrative and stands out in a crowd.

It’s quite hard to tell what to make a of a new t-shirt startup that has only t-shirts available, even if those two shirts are pretty cool and they’re reasonable at $25 a piece. Hopefully Hunter will get in touch when he releases more because I’d like to see what direction Adhesion goes in.

*UPDATE* Adhesion got in touch to say that if you use the coupon code HYA2012 you’ll get 10% off your order.

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When the postman delivered the familiar screenprinted EIO envelope a little smile came across my face. There’s something about EIO Clothing that makes me feel a bit like a rockstar, which may well be because EIO make tees worn by rockstars… and Mika.


Things got even more rock when I pulled the tee out of its wrapping paper (not pictured, but it is a cool touch). This tee had gold foil on it, I’ve always thought that there was a certain audacity to printing with gold foil, its flashy, its attention grabbing, and almost completely unnecessary in the best possible way. I maintained my recent run of tee-test professionalism by wearing this tee last weekend, and people loved it, specifically my various lady friends loved it, the guys didn’t really notice, but that’s probably because the butterflies make it a bit feminine for most of my boys. Butterflies and a record player (or a ‘deck’ as the kids are calling it) might not exactly be a combination that everyone will love, but I can almost see a connection,


I’ve never received a tee with gold foil on it, so its hard for me to tell how it compares to other tees with foil on them, but from what I can tell the printing is very sharp, especially considering that we aren’t exactly talking about big blocks of foil, there’s some thin lines and details there that have been dealt with very well. EIO do admit on the product page that the gold foil will distress with washing, and recommend hand washing the tee, so I guess that’s something that you should be aware of, I’ll try and give you an update on how well it washes, but considering how many tees I have it could be many months before I’ve worn it enough times for a washing test to produce conclusive results. The new custom hang tags look pretty freakin’ awesome too.

Costiness=£23.95 (currently on sale, regularly £29.95, both prices include free worldwide shipping) Link

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