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It’s not the cheapest tee in the world, but damn is it pretty. This tee is women’s only, sorry fellas.

Costiness=$29 (obviously) Buy it at Resist Today


Butterfly Girl by Origin68

by Andy on April 14, 2008


Straight off the bat, let’s be clear that this design is available for both guys and girls. As the following picture will attest.

Butterfly Girl t-shirt by Origin68

Butterflies seem to be a staple of design in the independent t-shirt world, yet I can’t remember the last time that I mentioned one. Manchester-based Origin68 have released this great butterfly-based tee though, which reminds me that using a feminine image (butterflies ain’t exactly the most manly of symbols) doesn’t necessarily have to result in a tee that’s just for the ladies.

On the product page they’ve included one of Wordsworth’s most famous poems, the one about daffodil’s, which he wrote (or was at least inspired to write) when walking near one of my favourite bodies of water in the Lake District, Ullswater. I don’t really know why its there, but its always nice to see.

Costiness=£19 Link


RazorHood by Soliloquy Clothing

by Andy on January 30, 2008

RazorHood from Soliloquy Clothing
Very cool idea in this design, simply though enjoyably executed too. And now for a bit of poetry from the SC team:

…and from the dark there sprang a light, followed by hundreds of butterflies… hope rests in strange places…

May I recommend this hoodie for those of you about to embark upon some kind of quest for justice?

Costiness=£42 Link


Top quality independent clothing from the UK, boy does it make me feel proud to see Brits doing something great in an industry where I usually see the American side. EIO Clothing are a seriously hot label too, they’re worn by people like Pete Doherty (I feel dirty just writing that), Lady Sovereign, Sugababes, Jamie Callum, CSS, New Young Pony Club, the Klaxons and Andrew Bowness (wink). I know that just because a celebrity wears something doesn’t make it cool, but come on, that’s a pretty cool list, especially the guy at the end of it!

Their latest range, code-named “Till death Do Us Party,” dropped today (October 15th) and is filled with “bright, bold garments and Electro prints with washed out, burnt out and distressed finishing techniques.” That’s certainly true of the majority of the range, although my sample isn’t quite as nu-rave as some garment. The design is a really interesting take on the traditional crest, I’m not going to claim to understand if there’s any deeper meaning behind the design, but the illustration is absolutely beautiful.

Quality is top notch. The stock tee is by American Apparel. Printing quality feels great considering how large the print is. To distress the tees a little bit they’ve cut the ends of the sleeves and the hem at the bottom of the tee, so presumably the distressed look with increase the more you wear it. It’s a subtle effect, but I think it works quite well. I don’t usually mention packaging (usually because its boring), but my tee came in a really cool screenprinted envelope that you can see in the expandable thumbnails at the bottom.

Costiness=£26 Link (As this article was written before I went to France, the tee wasn’t in their shop yet, so I will update this link at the first opportunity I get)

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