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Post image for LOTS of New Tees, Hoodies, and More Over at Venus Fallen!

Venus Fallen added 33 new items into their shop, wow, what a selection of products AND styles. A wide variety including tees (of course), long sleeved crewnecks, pull-overs, hoodies, baseball tees, sweatshirts, belts, wallets, buttons – it’s a lot, I’m telling you! It was hard for me to pick only a few to show you, so go take a look in the shop for the whole selection.

Also, the popular and obviously fun Science Gives Me A Hadron tee (that was even shared by the one and only, George Takei) has been made into a zip-up, neat!

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Post image for Zombie madness continues at Goodie Two Sleeves

Goodie Two Sleeves‘ month of zombie related tees and other items continues, and you’ll still automatically receive a $13 discount if you spend more than $40, nice!


mega man t-shirt

The thing that I like about 15 Bit Gamer is that they are able to create designs that a definitely geeky and work on a level that gamers will appreciate, but also that they’re accessible and pleasing to people that might not necessarily have spent their formative years in a basement staring at a CRT screen doing speed runs of Mario levels, but still like games. Basically, they make geeky tees that don’t make you look like too much of a geek, and I think that’s a good thing.

From top to bottom we’ve got a t-shirt called Mega Map II which examines the strengths and weaknesses of the boss robots from Mega Man 2 (see, I told you they were geeky!), a shirt called Mouse #025 which aims to provide a more realistic depiction of the most famous character in the Pokemon universe, and a set of buttons showing the Squid family from Super Mario Bros. 3.


A couple of my friends went to Swtizerland last week, we were hoping that they’d be able to do a (presumably hard nipple filled) photoshoot on top of a mountain in the snow wearing a HYA tee, but alas the tees did not arrive in time (they are in the UK though), so they had to make do with a badge instead, still pretty cool.

When the tees go on sale, which might be tomorrow, if everything comes together, I’m hoping to see lots more fan shots from interesting locations, and by interesting locations, I mean anywhere that isn’t directly outside my window.


You’re probably wondering “how the hell has Johnny managed to brand something that keeps buttons on my awesome winter coat?” Well, for a change this isn’t yet another product line being added to the Johnny Cupcakes catalogue (though this post might pop the idea into his head). Apparently, and I can’t think why this wouldn’t work, if you put some clear nail polish (which is basically glue, right?) on the threads that hold a button to your clothing it won’t unravel. Genius!

Tuesday Tips: Button Security « Johnny Cupcakes

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PacMan & Lost Buttons

by Andy on September 1, 2009

il_fullxfull70029840jpg-jpeg-image-667c397500-pixels_1251741419617 Lost Dharma Initiative Buttons

Clearly, these are not t-shirts, or hoodies, but I found a Etsy seller called Slevin11 tucked away in my thousands of bookmarks (that shall ensure HYA never runs out of content) who makes these fantastic buttons that I just had to share. Other than the Lost and Pacman buttons I’ve feautred above, there are also Pokemon, Mario, and photography themed button packs available.

Slevin11 at Etsy


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