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caliroots sale

Not sure when this sale at Caliroots started, not sure when it’s going to end, but you might as well take a look if you’re into your streetwear. Americans probably might as well not bother because knocking 30% off this Swedish shops prices probably just brings it in line with with you pay normally (that’s no insult to Caliroots, importing is a fairly expensive business). [via Fat Seagull]


Kool Mo by Rocksmith @ Caliroots

by Andy on May 7, 2008


Caliroots have brought it once again (you really can’t stop those Swedes) with this great allover hoodie by Rocksmith. I’m a fan of contrasts, and putting this neon green up with that somber black is pretty freakin’ sweet. The hood lining looks pretty interesting too, although its rather odd that they would decide to add in grey to the colour palette just for the hood, personally I think that black would be better suited just to keep everything flowing nicely.

Costiness=1199SEK (almost $200, ouch) Link


Oskar by Cheap Monday @ Caliroots

by Andy on April 28, 2008


I’m always surprised by how much Cheap Monday’s stuff costs, admittedly, Caliroots is a Swedish store and those Swedes always have to pay more than pretty much everywhere else, but I don’t think that a company selling a hoodie for $100 can really call themselves Cheap Monday.

It is a cool looking hoodie though, I haven’t featured an all over print for quite a long time and I think that raindrops, multi-coloured or otherwise, really lend themselves well to this kind of print. The print continues inside and outside of the hood as well, which is always good to see.

Costiness=600 SEK (around $100) Link


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