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Post image for “GT Japanese Automotive” Always Sunny in Philadelphia t-shirt at MySoti

I’m well behind on the latest series of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I am willing to take a bet that this shirt will be funny to me in a couple of months time.

Costiness=$23.50 Buy it at MySoti


Post image for T-shirts for lovers of vintage cars & motorcycles [Submitted]

Decent motorcycle t shirts are hard to come by! However, petrol and gear heads will be thankful for the retro inspired designs by Vintage Classic Originals.

Iconic vintage cars and motorcycles beautifully designed with crafted type are the top feature of these t shirts. The attention to detail makes these these shirts stand out from others. Not only do the hand drawn illustrations look awesome, enthusiasts will appreciate the accuracy of each design. You can really see the passion behind each t shirt.

Check out their website to see the rest of the range.

Andy: I’m no expert when it comes to vintage cars and bikes, sure, I think they look cool, but I imagine that if I had a vintage car I would spend more time getting towed home than actually having fun driving it. So, this brand clearly isn’t for me, but I can imagine there being a lot of people it would be popular with and the designs are nicely done too. I’m not particularly enamoured with the name, it’s one of those where all the words can be used fairly interchangeably, yes, it gets across that they sell vintage looking designs, but there’s nothing to suggest that it’s car or motorcycle based, which might work against them in the future.


meat bun japanese racing t-shirts

Always good to hear from Meat Bun, their Asian & Japanese style designs really appeal to me, but they never delve too far into gaijin territory to make the wearer look like a total Nipponophile. This latest batch of tees is no exception, with designs dedicated to racing, driving and skateboarding, and this is just the first part so there should be more on the way soon. Shirts will run you a reasonable $24 a piece and are available now.


spoiler alert t-shirt

I think that might receive the fictional ‘title of the week’ award!

Goodie Two Sleeves have dropped a couple of nice shirts this week, with my personal favourite being the cloud-based design, which is unfortunate (for me) since it only comes in women’s sizes. Oh, and you can get 20% off with the coupon code TWOFER.


Import Bible Series 5 T-shirt Collection

by Andy on June 18, 2011

a bathing stig top gear t-shirt

I like cars but to be honest once you open up the bonnet/hood I’ll be needing to open up a book because I just don’t know how stuff works in there beyond the really obvious stuff. That last sentence will have probably made people are Import Bible cringe because they produce tees based around cars and the tuning culture. USually when I think of that culture the t-shirts that would spring to mind would be your typical Ed Hardy douchewear, so it’s cool to see someone producing tees that can be worn by just about anyone. The shirts are $27 each.


Delorean Time Machine Schematic by 80sTees

by Andy on January 19, 2010

I know that this t-shirt comes from 80sTees and therefore isn’t ‘cool’, because really, who hasn’t heard of 80sTees? However, as a child of the 80s, I am always willing to overlook a few things if it allows me to get nostalgic about the movies I loved when I was young and not quite as bitter, and to be fair to this design, there isn’t really much more they could do with the concept, at least the blue of the shirt is being used as the ‘paper’ for the blueprints to be drawn onto.

Costiness=$20 Available from 80sTees [via Coty]


Vice City by Carboard Robot @ Karmaloop

by Andy on March 26, 2008

Vice City Wmoen’s Tee by Cardboard Robot @ Karmaloop

Cars and guns, now that’s a recipe for success!

There’s something totally 80s about the way that they’ve got a blue to pink fade going on with the print, which I guess makes sense considering Cardboard Robot’s inspiration comes from the most 80s-tastic version of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Costiness=$25 Link (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but you can get up to 20% off your order at Karmaloop by using the rep code AS7594)


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