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welovefine x transformers t-shirts

Impressive selection of winners from WeLoveFine’s design contest for Transformers, a couple of the tees look like the kind of thing you’d expect to be Transformers merchandise (not a bad thing, necessarily), but I think that the ‘Vitruvian Prime’ design was a worthy winner of the $1,000 grand prize.


Regan Smith Clarke’s shirts are awesome

by Chris_S on June 28, 2012

Post image for Regan Smith Clarke’s shirts are awesome

It’s been a busy few days here at HYA – which is why though Regan Smith Clarke’s summer collection has been around for a little while, we’re only getting to it now. But what a doozy it is: well worth the wait. Regan designs shirts with a vintage art twist, with eye-popping designs which seem to have leapt from a 1940s newspaper comic strip. Coincidentally, that’s exactly the sort of thing that I love, so I’m craving these shirts very badly.

Trailblazer (above, $25) is a shirt which looks like it could well be at home on a wartime propaganda poster for kids, and would undoubtedly draw some looks for its big design and bright colours. Personally, it’s my favourite of the bunch.

But then you’ve got Lone Wolf ($25) – which comes in black and yellow – that manages to take the weird anthropomorphic animal thing that you see in all cartoons (Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny say hi) and create a new character. As you might tell from the two shirt names, Regan Smith Clarke’s all about giving the wearers of his t-shirts an identity and an ego boost.

Keeping the wartime propaganda look (and almost making me willing to buy a three-quarter length baseball tee) is the Stand and Deliver 3/4 length ($28). I personally think that wearing 3/4 length clothing on your top half is almost as dangerous as wearing 3/4 length shorts (it runs the risk of making you look like a baby) but the design on this is so beautiful that I’m almost willing to overlook it. Almost. Regan, if you’re reading this: put it on a normal tee. I’ll buy it in an instant.

Costliness = $25-28


Jugrnaut and Chip Tha Ripper Collaboration T-Shirt

Collaboration T-Shirt Back

I happened to stumble across this shirt last week while browsing online.  Jugrnaut is a streetwear clothing brand and retail store out of Chicago, IL.  While clicking to check out their t-shirts, this gem popped out at me and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Ignoring the fact that I couldn’t figure out the black male cartoon character at first, UNTIL I googled Chip Tha Ripper . He is a music artist who has performed with such performers as Kid Cudi.  Apparently a lot of his albums contain cartoon work of him and thus Jugrnaut collaborated with him (and allegedly has several times before) to bring you this t-shirt.

Why was I laughing? Well come on, if you were born in the 80’s then you definitely grew up watching The Jetson’s, Flintstones, Simpsons, etc, etc.  I don’t know why it tickled me so much but seeing all these female cartoon characters together from my childhood on a t-shirt and after figuring out who Chip was; this design got 100 times funnier.  Especially the fact that I don’t think Jane Jetson would fall for a gansta rapper smoking a doobie.  I mean I can’t even imagine Chip Tha Ripper flying around Orbit City and sneaking into the SkyPad Apartments past Rosey.  Personally I think he’s more Judy’s type.

Cost = $34.00    Buy it at Jugrnaut


Johnny Cupcakes London Store Teaser Cartoon

by Andy on February 21, 2011

The above cartoon doesn’t tell us anything new, though I would take exception to the use of “baked fresh since 1982″ at the end of the vid. Clearly Johnny hasn’t been seling tees for that long, so it’s a bit disingenuous, I would presume (perhaps wrongly) that he was born in 1982, but that isn’t quite the same as establishing a t-shirt company.



First off, I’d better make it clear that I’ve stolen the images used in this post from Coty, because Electric Zombie have a totally awesome lookbook, but it’s all flash, and my screen capture tool won’t work with flash, and clearly the C-unit has some flash ninja skills that I don’t, so I thought I’d just use his pictures. Secondly, I’ve never been too into the whole ’80s gore horror’ genre (I recognise the talent but it’s just not the kind of thing I’d tend to wear), but Electric Zombie is one of the few brands in that category that consistently impresses me with not only the designs but also the whole approach to business (custom mailers and that kind of thing). I’m not alone in respecting the good work done by Kyle Crawford (aka Mr. EZ) because he appears to be worshiped as some kind of deity on Emptees.

Electric Zombie

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Defender – Voltron by Local Celebrity [Review]

by Andy on September 15, 2008

I like to think that Hide Your Arms has exposed me to a whole new world in which t-shirts are just something that you wear, they can often be wearable art. I love wearing tees by my favourite artists, and my friends usually take a look and give an approving nod but aren’t too interested, however, when I’m wearing a t-shirt with some kind of pop culture reference on it they all go crazy, I think that there must be a part of the brain in people born during the early 80s that wakes up when they see anything that reminds them of the decade that fashion forgot. I didn’t think that Voltron was all that popular here in the UK, but pretty much everyone I met recognised it, one person hummed the theme tune, and whenever someone said “hey, is that Transformers?” they were scolded by all around them. In short, Voltron is more popular than you’d think, and people still love pop culture related tees.

It’s fairly hard for me to comment on the actual design of this tee, because it isn’t original art, its a direct lift of a promotional image for the GoLion version of Voltron (when you get sent so many Voltron tees its fairly hard to not get into the mythology of the show). I guess its a pretty cool image, but I can’t really say much more about it than that, because you have to remember that when this show did its original run I couldn’t speak and the height of fashion for me was a onesie.

You may well have noticed from the pictures that the print isn’t completely as you’d expect it to be. Instead of it being the regular print, there are starburst style dots all over it. On the text the starburst is printed in colour, but on Lion Voltron the starburst just shows through to the green of the t-shirt. I can’t quite work out why they’d do this, maybe it helps with the overall vintage look. I haven’t got any problem with it, but its probably something that Voltron obsessed tee fans would want to be aware of. The quality of the tee is fantastic as it always is with Local Celebrity, you know how something that’s good is described as being ‘top notch’? Well, LC are sat on top of the top notch.

Costiness=$27 Buy it at Local Celebrity


We all know the back story behind American Apparel, how the tees are made in sweatshop free conditions by people being paid a fair wage, even getting massages every so often. And that’s great, hurrah for non-sweatshop labour! But the CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney, is a rather more controversial character, having been the subject of four sexual harassment lawsuits (all dismissed out of court) and numerous other allegations of being a kinda weird guy that spends a lot of his time not wearing trousers. Anyway, just google his name for more salacious stuff that I’m afraid to write here (the opening couples of paragraphs from this Radar article should get you in the right frame of mind, even if it is meant to be a defence of Dov). The video embedded above is a cartoon from Current TV’s Super News, which is all about Dov explaining the world of American Apparel to a t-shirt called Shirty, surely the worst character since Towelie, the talking towel from South Park. Its a pretty funny video, so give it a watch.

Super News American Ap-perv-el



I know you can’t buy Lenko clothing on the internet (well, there aren’t any sites listed on their stockists pages), and that most of my traffic comes from America, where they have no stockists, but they’ve still got some cool hoodies and sweatshirts that deserve a mention. It’s a hand-drawn, child-like cartoon type style, which looks far better than I’ve described it. And they make hoodies for girls as well as guys.

*EDIT* Thanks to the folks at Lenko who got in touch to say that you CAN get their stuff online, just head to YTBA to look at the wares of many antipodean designers and artists.


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