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every day t-shirt by a better tomorrow

This shirt isn’t exactly blowing me away, but if it was in my wardrobe and I pulled it out I’d be pretty happy to wear it.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


Two kick-ass new tees from Yema Yema

by Andy on May 5, 2011

new t-shirts from Yema Yema

I like Yema Yema, and not just because Mercedes bought one of my HYA posters, but because she’s carving out a really nice niche for herself in the world of crazy character tees, if you look at the whole catalogue it’s really consistent and sticks to a theme which I’m sure looks good to someone new visiting the store for the first time. The two new tees are both $15 each, printed on American Apparel, and look damn good to me.

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Kidrobot Bulgr T-Shirt by eBoy

by Andy on April 22, 2010

kidrobot t-shirt

I’m kind of closing my eyes when it comes to the price of this tee, it’s KidRobot, and it’s eBoy, and it’s limited edition, sp naturally it’s not going to be cheap, but €50 seems to be pushing it a little. So, if you’re in the same boat as me and find it a little pricey, hopefully we also agree that it’s a damn good looking tee.

Costiness=€50 Buy it at the eBoy shop (1 left in size M, and L is the only other available size)


Hoodies from Toly Monkys

by Andy on January 15, 2010

This info is a month out of date, but if you haven’t seen it before, then I’m sure we can just pretend it’s new and that I ‘m a really on-the-ball blogger. Tolky Monkys, Spains finest character-based clothing label, have released four brand new hoodies for men and women. This is the second time that they’ve released hoodies, and judging by the fresh dusting of snow I woke up to this morning their timing couldn’t be better. One thing I notice about all the desgins is that the colour palettes are all spot on, they really work, but my favourite aspect of these hoodies? They all have custom hood linings that refelct the character on the design of the hoodie, I love it when a company puts in a contrasting hood lining, it can turn a good hoodie into a great one. I think this might be one of those instances, to the point at which I’ll accept the €49 price point, because you could pay an awful lot more for an awful lot less.




It’s a logo tee, and you wouldn’t even know it unless you were an Illus fan, and that’s why I like it, in-your-face stealthvertising!

Costiness=$25 Available from Illus Apparel

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Super cute Lolligag tee

by Andy on October 2, 2009

3487264539_8f8d303fb9_b 3488084720_f4fa19910a_b

It’s kinda Japanese looking, there’s a giant lolly, a massive print, a cute character… what’s not to love?

Costiness=$17 Available from Lolligag



Tolky Monkys need to create some new characters, and they’re having a comeptition to rectify that situation. So, what do you expect the competition? To be. No. You’re wrong, it’s not that. You don’t have to design it, just write about it.

See that character up there in the image? Name it, write a short story about it (250 words max), and you’re in. The easiest part of this whole thing? You can leave your entries right here on HYA.

That’s the short version, so get thinking about your entry whilst you read the rules:

    The contest runs from now until March 12th (next Thursday). I will close comments on this post then, but if I forget, don’t bother leaving an entry after the 12th because it’s not going to count
    There is a maximum of 300 entries to this competition. I know that sounds like a lot, but HYA is not the only blog running this competition, so that’s 300 global entries
    Of all the global entries, the best name, and the best story will each win 4 items of their choice from Tolky Monkys latest collection, which is to be released in April.
    The top two entrants from HYA (as judged by Tolky Monkys) will win a tee or polo of their choice
    You are allowed to enter more than once, so if you have loads of ideas feel free to let them rip.
    There’s also 4 tees up for grabs to 4 bloggers who bring attention to the competition. You can spread the word by linking to the Tolky Monkys sit, the Tolky Monkys blog, by linking to this post.
    There’s also another 4 tees up for grabs to people that twitter the following the message: @Tolky_Monkys Microstories Contest. Propose short stories for a new Character and get t-shirts FOR FREE ::::: RT this and win t-shirts
    Both blogging and twittering the competition does double your chances of winning a tee

Here are the rules in full, and here is the Tolky Monkys blog post explaining the whole lot again (including the other people who are involved).

Now get on it!


Akufuncture are a bunch of characters

by Andy on March 3, 2009


We’re all pretty used to seeing the world’s of Japan and streetwear colliding (I guess that to a lot of people streetwear=Japan), but China and streetwear is a bit less of a common occurrence. Akufuncture are trying to change that, creating an urban fashion line combined with Chinese culture in the form of a series of characters.

I like the way that they’re taking ancient elements of Chinese mythology and creating fresh modern characters based upon them, it’s a pretty interesting concept and Akufuncture seem to be pulling it off with aplomb. I’m usually kind of on the fence over character tees, I don’t really know how to approach them, especially when the character isn’t from popular culture, y’know? Why are we meant to have a connection with this character beyond “hey, this looks cool”? I guess that with Akufuncture at least there is a back story to all of their designs.

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Shinobi Spirit – I like ‘em!

by Andy on January 23, 2009


I got an e-mail about a week ago from someone called Garret that said:

I ran across this site, thought it might be of interest to you:

And you know what, Garret was right, it was of interest to me, because Shinobi Spirit have some pretty cool designs. I think they’re a Spanish brand, who’re putting loads of ridiculously cute characters (like the one in their logo above) onto their tees in a collage. They look good and at €12 a pop (some of the women’s tees are just €9) they good value too.

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50% off at Tolky Monkys for 5 HYA readers

by Andy on September 8, 2008

Tolky Monkys has hooked up HYA (and a few other blogs) with an exclusive coupon code that will give you 50% off your order… but there’s a catch. This coupon will only work five (5/cinq/cinco/funf/quinque/wu/panch/go/khamsa) times. Once it has been used five times it will no longer be functional, which basically means that you’re going to have to be quick to use this, so as soon as you’ve finished reading this I suggest that you run, don’t walk, over to Tolky Monkys and buy something.

The coupon code is: HIDESEPT08

If the 5 uses don’t get snapped up quickly (I have no way of knowing who and when it has been used) then the code will expire on September 19th. There is no limit on the amount of items that you can order with this code, so this is be a great opportunity for Americans to pick up something from Europe without having to take out a mortgage.

Tolky Monkys


To me, the character design on Tokyo Massacre is pretty cute, yes, she’s holding a chainsaw, but at the same time, its a pretty cute style. Maybe I’m starting to get a bit dark if I think that anyone wielding a chainsaw can be cute, please shout at me if the blog starts getting too gothy (“dudes, this glow in the glow in the dark tee would go great with my pentagram necklace, ring, and belt buckle!”).

The second design that Akumu Ink released this month looks like someone decided to put a chess board on your chest with a razor blade, and even gothy old Andy thinks that this may well be a little dark, but I do quite like it. The tee is called Shukketsu, any chance a Japanese speaker in the audience could enlighten us?

Oh, and they promise they’ll have hoodies on sale next month, huzzah!

Akumu Ink


I’ve never really been all that into polo shirts with prints on them, but I think that this new polo line from Madrid-based label Tolky Monkys might turn me around on this piece of collared casual wear.

As usual, the designs are character based, and I’m really impressed with all of them, the tees are just for the girls and includes some really cute designs, the polos are for guys and girls.

Check out the girls tees, check out the polos.


Oddbod by Wotto for Bang Bang T-shirts

by Andy on August 6, 2008

Here’s the latest tee from Bang Bang T-shirts, this time designed by design contest regular Wotto. If you’re a Wotto fan then its a fairly safe bet that you’ll like this character tee, but if you’ve got no clue who this Wotto person is then you’ll probably still like it anyway since the bizarre character is oddly endearing for some reason that I can’t put my finger on.

Costiness=£13.99 (free worldwide shipping included) Tee Link



According to the description:

scrappy was an old columbia studios character that failed. it’s like a mickey mouse human version

I’m not really a big fan of retro designs, but I like the story behind this, using a cartoon character that never caught the public’s imagination. Just colouring in the character’s hat and leaving the rest as outlines and background colour is pretty cool too. I’m not really sure if its available to buy, but the uploader has put the pic into the Independent T-Shirt Labels Pool on Flickr so its entirely possible that they made the tee themselves, so if you really want one just drop the user a message and you might be able sort something out.

Photo Credit: Scrappy by sbariniesto (the picture is ‘all rights reserved’ but hopefully me liking the tee will mean I don’t get an e-mail asking for the pic to be removed)


Adios & Ciao Ciao Stripes Hoody by tokidoki

tokidoki were one of the brands/artists that I didn’t expect to see popping up across Hong Kong, but I spotted a lot of people carrying their ‘tokidoki for Lesportsac‘ bags. At first I just presumed that it was another case of HK copyright infringement, but when I saw the same bags on sale in the bowels of hell (also known as Paris Charles De Gaulle airport) I presumed they were the real deal.

tokidoki’s illustrative style is pretty much perfect for me, not so much as clothes (cos I’m a dude), but in terms of art I really like it. There’s a great balance to this hoody, it seems to be teetering on the edge of craziness without ever going too far; the colourway, fun but not too loud; the characters, keeping interest without dominating the piece.

Costiness=$92 Link (get up to 20% off this hoody using the Karmaloop rep code AS7594)


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