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Margin London at HideYourArms

by Margin London on December 17, 2012

Margin London at HideYourArms

Margin London has been kindly invited to contribute to HideYourArms. We’ll be posting some news about up-and-coming labels that will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013, which takes place on the 10th & 11th, but firstly we think we should introduce ourselves.

Started back in 2002 as an affordable platform for new designers, Margin is the longest-running independent trade exhibition in London. The show presents designer women’s and men’s tailoring and accessories, as well as streetwear for men and women, to invited store buyers and press.

The humble tee has long been a starting point for numerous labels, and we’ve seen many an exhibitor start off with a t-shirt offering which has grown over the seasons to include a full range of clothing. Supremebeing, Lazy Oaf, Seventyseven, Dephect, YourEyesLie, and many others all started at Margin with tees before growing their stockist base and extending their range to include clothing, bags, jewellery (or jewelry for Americans!), and hats.

Margin has been providing a launchpad for brands to meet with key buyers and press for 10 years to date, and 2012 marked a decade of exhibitions.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition 10 Year Book

To commemorate the occasion, a limited-edition 10 year book was printed for visitors to the show, but it’s also available to download as a PDF or as a super-interactive book for iPad. The iPad version features extensive galleries of previous seasons, as well as videos, and can be downloaded here.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition 10 Year Book for iPad

Here’s the link to posts where HideYourArms mentions Margin including brand updates from when they last visited (well overdue for a revisit but Andy & the HideYourArms London correspondent are returning in February 2013!).

Margin is an intimate showroom exhibition in a white gallery space in the heart of Central London, and the only tradeshow in the UK where buyers and press can discover new & emerging design talent (most making their debut launch).  When we say “NEW”, we don’t just mean new to Margin, we mean brand-spanking, never-been-seen-before, new!

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition

Since the exhibitions first started back in 2002, Margin can lay claim to providing the successful trade launch-pad for many brands such as Chateau Roux, Your Eyes Lie, Supremebeing, Dephect, Emily & Fin, Miyson, 1 in a 100, Missmilne, Worn By, Ashley Marc Hovelle, Humdrum, Worn Free, Sugarhill, King Apparel, Terratag, Lazy Oaf, Famous Forever, and Ruby Rocks, as well as the UK launching point of overseas brands including Silas, Upper Playground, Tank Theory, Eastpak Apparel, Loreak Mendian, Syndrome, Al & Alicia, Gama-Go, Mimobots, Double Goose, Stereo Sound Agency, Diamond Supply Co, Urban Originals, and Uzi amongst many others.

Margin London at HideYourArmsMargin has welcomed key stores to the exhibitions since first launching in 2002; from online players like ASOS, My-Wardrobe, and Urban Industry; multiples such as Ark, Joy, Beams, and Ships; department stores, such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, House of Fraser, Psyche, Fenwick, El Corte Ingles, Galleries Lafayette, & Engelhorn Trendhaus; as well as the key independents Margin is renowned for, including Colette, Hip, Sakis, Wood, Royal Cheese, Natterjacks, 290sqm, Coggles, Market, Atoo, My Yard, Donuts, Caliroots, and Get Cutie, to name a few.

Margin has welcomed numerous stylists and fashion editors from magazines including Vogue, Wad, Elle, Wallpaper, Arena, i-D, FHM, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Vice, DJ, Flux, WWD, Drapers, Sportswear International, and Sport & Street; as well as contributors from directional blogs such as BNTL, Coolhunting, Hypequest, Slamxhype, Hypebeast, and, of course, Hideyourarms.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition

For more info about Margin, visit the website here, find us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll be back soon to post about some great new labels that will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013.


design by humans sale

Every tee (EVERY TEE!) is $15 a Design BY Humans until Sunday April 11th.

Use the coupon code EASTER to get 25% off everything at Lead & Light until Saturday April 10th.

Chateaux Roux are running a ‘Civilised’ Sale starting today and ending on Saturday in their store (which can be found just off Carnaby Street). Apparently the civilised aspect is some kind of a reference to an over-exuberant sale at America Apparel over the weekend, but I know nothing of it so all I see is a sale with tees from a frankly ridiculous £5. Find the deets here.

At the time of writing this sale hasn’t actually started, but I have it on good authority that from today until the end of the month my buddies over at Robot Royalty will be slashing their prices by an epic 50%, which should give us $10-12 tee goodness. *UPDATE* The sale has been changed to tees for up to 60% off, with a free robot car decal in every order.


SinS Wolf Hoodie by Chateau Roux [Review]

by Andy on February 18, 2010

chateau roux hoodie

The Chateau Roux team were kind enough to send over one of their fine hoodies to keep me warm during winter, and whilst it is a warm hoodie, I was still pretty chilly when I dashed outside into the -9C air to take these photos, but then again, I think it would be pretty chilly whatever I was wearing when it’s that cold.

The hoodie is a size XL; when I’m wearing an American Apparel XL hoodie it’s pretty baggy, but as you can probably tell from the photos, this hoodie is a bit of a slim fit on me. It’s pretty thick and I don’t think that it’s too tight (I actually think it’s quite slimming), but it’s definitely a fashion fit and should be purchased as such, so if you want to wear something that’s a little roomy then order a size up.

Every aspect of this hoodie screams quality, I’m very, very impressed with it. Chateau Roux aren’t a bargain-basement kind of a brand, yes, it is possible to get a cheaper hoodie elsewhere, but I doubt that you’ll be able to get a hoodie of similar quality without paying quite a lot more, and with this design being on sale at the moment it really is excellent value.

Costiness=£42 Buy it at Chateau Roux

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Free shipping at Chateau Roux throughout December. Roux are another of those shops I want to check out when I’m in London next week, so I should be able to give you guys a good London shop guide soon.


Sturban Clothing‘s Pre-Christmas 40% off sale is still going strong.

- sehubabe – the graphic t-shirt - Xmas specials - 1260450416166

Well, how charming of Sehubabe, and it’s not a rebate, it’s a sale. - Home_1260451640958

15% off everything at Cotton Factory.


They may only have three designs in store, but they’re all pretty nice and you certainly can’t argue with that price.

urban clothing, hiphop clothing from the uchi clothing co_1260451035650

Get 20% off your order at Uchi with the coupon code 31CEDuchi20.

project a apparel_1260451229545

Tees from €5 with €3 flat fee shipping, not bad considering how expensive it must be for Project A Apparel to live in Dublin.

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SinS Wolf Tee by Chateau Roux

by Andy on November 16, 2009



It’s nice to see someone making a tee with a wolf on it in 2009 that doesn’t reference a ridiculous internet meme of wearing an ugly shirt and claiming that it’s cool just because other people on the internet said it was. I realise that me telling you tees are cool on a daily basis is very similar to that, except usually, the tees I write about actually are cool.

Costiness=£35 Available from Chateau Roux (also available as a sweater)


The Carlisle Jacket by Chateau Roux

by Andy on September 15, 2009

You guys are probably thinking, “hey, that’s a nice-looking lightweight jacket that handsome Andy has found, especially with Summer quickly becoming a memory.” I however, am thinking, why is this named after Carlisle?

Carlisle is a town (possibly classed as a city) about an hour north of where I live that’s prett much on the Scottish border, and whilst there’s not a whole lot wrong with the place, there’s not a huge amount of awesome stuff either. I think the reason that I have a bit of a downer on Carlisle (the place, no the jacket), is that I have never been there and it be warm. I’m almost 25 and I probably go there 3 or 4 times a year, and I don’t remember it being warm on any occasion, there seems to be a constant cold wind running through the town at any given time. They do have a nice Italian restaurant though, so it’s not all bad.

Costiness=£75 Available from Chateau Roux


Chateau Roux have a new site, take 10% off

by Andy on September 4, 2009


Chateau Roux have got a spiffy new site, and I saw in this week’s Popbitch newsletter (I may have just gone down in a few people’s estimation with that admission) that you can get 10% off your order with the coupon code POPBITCH.

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Chateau Roux’s Amazing Packaging

by Andy on December 16, 2008

I just realised that after telling you I would do it, I never posted the pictures of Chateau Roux‘s fantastic packaging that their tees come in. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures, getting a tee is a pretty special experience. The whole package comes in a large grey bag (not pictured, due to it’s normalness), then inside that there was a large paper bag like the ones that they have in their London store (these bags are due to be replaced by plastic bags for online orders, but instore will keep the paper bags).

Inside that was the cardboard box, much like a shoe box, but rather flatter, which had been branded up and looked really good. I pulled the box top off the box and found… more packaging! The tees had been wrapped up in some logo-branded tissue paper, which gave the tees the feeling of being treated like a dress shirt.

I guess that all this packaging is something of an ecologists nightmare, and I’d have to agree with you to a certain extent, but as the packaging is so nice, I haven’t thrown any of it away yet. The box will be re-used for storing HYA related documents, and whilst I don’t know what I’ll do with that lovely bag, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it.

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Self Harm by Chateau Roux [Reviews]

by Andy on November 19, 2008

Here is the last of the three tees that Chateau Roux sent me a month or so ago. If you’re wondering why I haven’t yet mentioned their packaging, its because I have deemed it nice enough to have a post dedicated purely to the packaging, which will be coming up sometime in the near future, unless I forget, in which case it just probably won’t turn up.

As you can probably tell from the text on the te, this design is from the ‘self harm’ range that has been getting the Chateau Roux crew into a little trouble lately. The name of the range does not refer to people that unfortunately decide that cutting themselves is the only way to get some control in their life, instead, it just means that the buyer can take the DIY approach to giving these tees a bit of roughed up action with a piece of sand paper (also known as ‘glass paper’, as I learned in France) that is supplied with each tee. I still haven’t dared attack the tee, but that’s because I’ve got no balls and even less talent, so I’m afraid of ruining a very nice shirt, but its still a very cool concept, and they’ve clearly created each design with destroying them in mind.

As always, the quality level is exceptional, I know that they spent a long time in their early days sourcing and creating a tee that they felt was just right, and I think they can be justifiably proud of their quality level. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do it considerable damage with some sandpaper and whatever other implement you can find in your house to truly make your tee unique.

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Chateau Roux

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Self Harm Dogtooth by Chateau Roux [Review]

by Andy on October 28, 2008

Sorry about the photos in this post, when I took them back home they looked alright, but now that I’ve processed them it turns out it was actually too sunny and its pretty hard to make out the design. Too sunny in Cumbria, whatever next?

Chateau Roux didn’t exactly intend to court controversy when they launched a collection of tees called ‘Self Harm’, but since this is Britain, and we have to over-react to everything, there have been a number of people that don’t get it, and think that this range is actually about people harming themselves, when in reality, they’re just harming their t-shirts.

What sets this tee apart from the ‘normal’ tees available on Chateau Roux is that they actually want you to do some damage to it. I doubt they’d want you to cut it in two with a pair of scissors, but they certainly do want you to have some fun with a bit of sand paper. The tee came with a piece of sand paper attached to the hang tag, and you’re meant to use it on the print (which is a bit thicker than Chateau Roux’s usual prints), personalising the t-shirt by distressing it just as much, or just as little, as you want to. It’s quite an interesting concept, and I’d imagine that it might inspire a few people to start rubbing away feverishly at a tee or two from their own collection.

Here’s the lame part of the review, I haven’t actually tried distressing the tee yet, it seems like the kind of thing which needs quite a lot of consideration, angles of attack, levels of distress, whether to take a cheese grater to the hems, stab it with a knife… that kind of thing.

Of course, no matter what you do to this tee, its still going to feel damn good when you’re wearing it (and yes, I realise there are plenty of things you could do to prove my statement wrong). Chateau Roux’s standard blanks are very high quality, the tee that I was sent from them for the first review I did (which I think might have been in early 2007) is still going strong, so they’re clearly built to last. The cut is very much on the ‘athletic’ side, so buy a size up unless you’ve got a body that you want to show off.

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Chateau Roux


Lady SinS by Chateau Roux [Review]

by Andy on October 13, 2008

How fitting that in the week when I, an Englishman, travel down to the South of France, I’m kicking off the week (well, the week’s reviews) with a brand that have a French name and a distinctly British nature. This particular tee is a little bit special (although most of the Chateau Roux experience is pretty special), seeing as it has taken a blast from a shotgun, and thus the SinS range, standing for ‘Shotguns in Soho’. Have no fear, the Chateau Roux crew aren’t running around back alleys in London with shotguns just firing off cartridges at will, there’s a process to this stuff, it’s not quite as crazy. The tees are actually shot in a field, which is located “somewhere…”, presumably somewhere that is a whole lot advisable to shoot t-shirts than central London, and they had to shoot quite a few tees before they got a look that they were happy with.

The design is fairly classic Chateau Roux. The image and its style really reminds me of Aha’s ‘Take On Me’ video, which I guess means I could say that style reminds me of pretty much any design which is done in a quick pencil-sketch style. The design isn’t actually the most interesting part of this tee for me, since I’ve never had a shotgun-blasted tee before, and the effect is actually more subtle than I would have expected, which is easily preferable to having a massive hole blasted through the middle of the tee, creating a bold but largely unwearable garment, this way you get the effect without it taking too much focus away from the design.

As you can probably tell from the picture above, Chateau Roux actually include the cartridge from the shot which wreaked havoc upon your tee on the hang tags (it can be removed, obviously). Okay, I can’t guarantee its the same cartridge, but its a cartridge nevertheless, and I think that it’s a great touch to further drive home the message about the range, someone hasn’t been stabbing away at the tee with a knitting needle to create a shotgun blast look, they’ve actually taken aim with a 12-bore. In terms of quality, I know that Chateau Roux have spent a long time having exactly the right tee made for them, and they’ve come up with something that feels pretty wonderful. I would warn you that the sizes run pretty small, I’d say that with a Chateau Roux tee that size extra large is pretty much equal to an American Apparel size large, and we all know that AA run thinner than regular tees, so you’ll probably want to be ordering a size up unless you’ve got the body of an Olympian. Print quality is impressive too, I can imagine it gaining a nice vintage look to it over time.

The amazing packaging that the reviews came in will be getting their own packaging, so look out for that in the near future.

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Chateau Roux


Wow, I’m really linking the posts well at the moment aren’t I? The last post mentioned tea, and this one is about a Finnish t-shirt boutique with a tea pun in its name, its almost as if I actually plan this stuff!

I know that most of you don’t live in Helsinki (Finland accounted for 0.5% of HYAs traffic last month), and I don’t think its an international tourist hot spot (I went once, it was lovely, I ate reindeer & went to the Olympic stadium), but I really like the look of this boutique in the Finnish capital, mostly because the list of brands they stock sounds a lot like the people I write about (Design By Humans, EIO Clothing, Chateau Roux, Threadless, plus many others). If I were to ever open up a t-shirt shop I think it would be almost exactly like My Cup Of T, so if you happen to be on Iso Roobertinkatu street pop in and check them out.

My Cup Of T


Chateau Roux spotted on Skins

by Andy on March 18, 2008

Chris (Joe Dempsie) wearing a Chateau Roux ‘I Heart Hate’ T-shirt on Skins Series 2 Episode 4

Its taken me until now to realise just how great Skins is, I really think that its the best British TV show on at the moment, and I watch a lot of TV, so I must know what I’m talking about. So I was pretty excited when I noticed that Chateau Roux was all over Skins like a rash, and a very sexy rash at that.

I noticed Chris (played by Joe Dempsie, pictured) wearing an ‘I [heart] hate’ tee in the 4th episode and realised that it was from CR, then in episode 5 when Jal (Larissa Wilson) wore a badass looking Chateau necklace (pictured above, with a little box incase you didn’t know what a necklace is) I figured I was compelled to write a post about it. To their credit, the creators of Skins maintain a blog that has a style section on it where people discuss what was worn by who in different episodes, apparently prompted by the volume of request they receive on the subject. They don’t link to where the stuff is purchasable, but it certainly does make things easier in case you are desperate to look like Maxxie or Sid.

*Excuse the pictures, my TV has developed a yellow spot problem with a broken colour tube, and trying to correct the colours in Photoshop made them look a bit funny.*

Both items are available through the Chateau Roux website, and possibly in their retail store at 17 Newburgh Street, London (near Carnaby Street).


Soft Touch Reviews: Chateau Roux

by Andy on August 3, 2006

When I get sent a tee it’s usually in a brown padded envelope, or sometimes in those rather dramatic looking eagle emblazoned grey packets from the United States Postal Service, which was why I was rather confused when I found a large box on the kitchen table on Tuesday morning, I thought that Chateau Roux had made some kind of mistake, they don’t sell shoes as well do they?

Well, no, they’ve taken a very original approach to the idea of the t-shirt; they’re treating it like a high-class shirt.

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