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Massive Sale at Chemical Records

by Mr Four Fingers on April 30, 2012

Sale at chemical records

Check out the huge sale at Chemical Records with discounts up to 75% and include most clothing items. I will find it hard resisting buying something.




While their tees are always just $6 each, 6dollarshirts is offering a new daily deal called Tee Time, where each day a new design is released costing $6 and free U.S. shipping. Each new shirt is revealed nightly at 12 AM Eastern time and offered with free shipping for 24 hours, before it’s put into the site’s regular catalog. Check out some popular Tee Time releases:

nevermore raven model template Submit Your News!

silly nameless terror model template Submit Your News!

llap model template Submit Your News!

dont panic model template Submit Your News!

Andy: Have any of you guys ordered from 6DollarShirts before? I’d love to get some feedback about the quality of their tees because they are undercutting every tee site out there that I can think of. Maybe at $6 with free shipping I should dust off the HYA wallet and just pay for one to go to a blogger for review.

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$5.99 t-shirts at ThinkGeek while stocks last

by Andy on September 28, 2011

thinkgeek cheap t-shirts

ThinkGeek are offering ThinkGeek Summer Sale“>random shirts for $5.99 ($8.99 is you are a larger person) whilst stocks last, and from the looks of things that includes shipping. Any of you guys going to be taking a risk on their geeky tees?


All shirts at RUReppin $11.97 this week

by Andy on September 27, 2011

RuReppin Sale

Design competition RUReppin has been running for 6 months now, and they’ve decided to mark that mini-anniversary with a wekk long t-shirt sale. Until Monday, October 3rd, all shirts in the store will be $11.97, which I think might be about 50% off the regular price, I can’t remember what they were last week when I looked.


Small Victory’s tees are £9, that’s cheap!

by Andy on September 23, 2011

small victory cheap t-shirts

They’re going to be putting new items (crew neck, hoody, and a t-shirt) on pre-order starting from tomorrow, so I presume that having their current crop of shirts on sale for £9 is a clearance move, I can’t imagine a company having their shirts at £9 as the regular price.

Small Victory



If you’re the kind of person that enjoys pissing off people that like the Tea Party then head over to Progresswear and grab a few cheap tees. No word on how long prices will be like this, but with them being “last chance” I can’t imagine it being very long.


local celebrity cheap hoodies

You saw the headline, quick, run to Local Celebrity and get a cheap hoodie!


We’re having a massive clear out at Fastwear Clothing, so we have all of our season 2 teeshirts on sale for £5. They’re selling out quickly, and we’re never printing the designs again, so now is your chance to grab a bargain! The sale is only going on until the end of July, where all remaining sale tees will be donated to charity. All our designs are created by independent UK artists.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

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Science t-shirt by Adrenaline Clothing

by Andy on July 6, 2010

science t-shirt by adrenaline clothing

This tee costs $8, seriously, how can they produce and sell that and make any profit? I guess it doesn’t really matter to the end consumer, because you’re getting a cool looking tee for a low, low price, so go nuts!

Costiness=$8 Buy it at Adrenaline Clothing


8 hours left for a $5 grab bag tee at TeeFury

by Andy on September 16, 2009

The vidfeo I’ve embedded above that TeeFury is BIZARRE, and just about as odd but far more enjoyable is the $5 grab bag tees that they’re selling for today only, you don’t know what you’re getting, you just know it’s cheap, and that time is running out to buy them.

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I haven’t actually heard of Messhead Clothing before, but when Coty wrote on Tee Junction about their sale with $5.99 tees I felt that I should probably give them a quick look, and at that price I wouldn’t be surprised if you do to. Even when not on sale their tees are a very respectable $12ish a piece, so if you’ve reading this post a few weeks after the post date then you’re going to be getting a good deal.

Messhead Clothing



Quite a lot of designs in the Quixotic Clothing store have already sold out in various sizes, so I think that the $5 price point may just be Brad trying to clear out the store. However, in this economy $5 just ain’t going to cut it, so if you use the coupon code fromtwitter you’ll receive a 10% discount. Can you guess where I found that coupon code?

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What was new at Ten Bills?

by Andy on October 9, 2008

I got an e-mail through from TenBills letting me know about some updates to their site and asking what I thought about them. Since I’m trying to keep things succinct nowadays (I’m writing this post in between preparing a loin of bacon wrapped in bacon and going on the hunt for some more chairs for the dinner table), here’s my thoughts:

The shirts are $10 and look awesome, one of the latest designs even features robots. Awesome, go look.

Damn, that was much quicker, maybe I should put a limit on the amount of words I’m allowed to use in every post.

Ten Bills


Threadless’ sale just got 25% better

by Andy on August 29, 2008


[My God my arms are hairy, even though I see them every day I’m still shocked when they’re in photos]

Threadless must have heard all the grumblings (including my own faux-anger) over the recent $2 price rise over their usual sale price of $10, making tees $12 a piece, because they’ve lowered the price on over 140 designs to the rather more exciting cost of just $9. Happy now?

Actually, I’m a little unhappy, because I already put in an order for a bunch of tees for me and my brother using my street team points, and now I could’ve got more tees for the same price, it seems like it would be fairer for Threadless to reward people who get onto the sale early who’re loyal supporters of the brand rather than lower the price later, they should have made a decision and stuck to it.

There’s also a street team points contest going on for the duration of the sale (though it wasn’t announced at the start of the sale), in which the 5 people who refer the most sales during the sale fortnight will have their street team points for those sales doubled. So, instead of getting $3 per sale, they’ll get $6. I don’t know why I’m mentioning this contest, its blatantly going to be won by a large coupon code site that don’t even know they’re in a competition.



I know that its unfair to compare a newbie like Tee Fury with the Shirt.Woot behemoth, but when you see a tee site that sells one design a day you can’t help but think “hey, that sounds a lot like Shirt.Woot except their tees are a dollar cheaper.” Shirt.Woot sells their tees for $10, Tee Fury sell theirs for $9…. but Shirt.Woot’s price includes shipping (+$5 for overnight shipping or international) whereas Tee Fury pop $2 on for shipping. But hey, its just a dollar extra so I probably shouldn’t have wasted time explaining it.

I like the way that because Tee Fury only sell one tee at a time that they can keep the site really simple and keep the artwork/artist on the front page, with the tee at the top and comments on the design straight underneath them. They aren’t hiding away what people think of the tee, its right there on the front of the site, which takes serious amounts of belief in your artists and your designs. It’s hard to tell whether their designs are consistently good since they don’t have an archive of previous designs, but I do like the one featured today (which is actually yesterday, since I wrote this post yesterday). Looking around the Tee Fury forums they seem to have a few recognisable (Tom Burns, Rikki B, Jimiyo) names from the tee world that are already getting involved, which bodes well for the future.

One reason why those artists might be fans is because Tee Fury won’t ‘own’ your design if your tee is sold through them. As I understand it, the design is just ‘rented’ to Tee Fury and they sell it for the day, then the artist owns it again and can do whatever they want with it.

Tee Fury


According to FB Joe:

Several of the fantastic t-shirts at Design by Humans are on sale for only $12! They’re trying to clear out some designs that they’re never going to reprint, so this will be your last chance ever to get them!

Combine this with the cheaper shipping options (or did that just about to non-US orders?) and we’ve got a bargain on our hands! The cheap tees are on the front page of under the title ‘Clothes Out’.

Design by Humans

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