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Post image for Tees as low as $10 in the Chop Shop Holiday Sale

$10? I spent that much on soup and a sandwich yesterday, madness!

Chop Shop


Post image for Fantastic Monty Python collage shirt at Chop Shop

I must be honest and say that I haven’t actually seen the whole back catalogue of Monty Python, I’ve watched bits here and there and know about the major things they’ve done, but quite a lot of the references on this epic collage tee from Chop Shop are a mystery to me. I’m sure it will look pretty great to the hardcore fans though.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Chop Shop


chop shop political civilicious t-shirts

It’s pretty rare that I see t-shirts which have political inspiration and my first thought is “hey, those look cool” so this latest collection from Chop Shop, called ‘Civilicious’ is most welcome. I suppose they aren’t all that ‘political’ in that they aren’t trying to make a statement about a certain issue which is what we’d generally regard as being a traditional ‘political’ tee, but it will let people know what side you’re on.


donkey kong george washington t-shirt

I’m sure that you guys will not be shocked to hear that I think this is a cool t-shirt at Chop Shop. 8-bit style shirts are really popular at the moment and it’s a trend that I’m happy to see. Here’s how Chop Shop describe the tee:

Help Georgio navigate his way toward Liberty while avoiding all of the King’s royal cannonballs. Use the axe to deflect the cannonballs or simply chop down the cherry tree… but if anyone asks, tell them the other George did it.


8 bit presidents t-shirt

You’re not going to be able to wear this shirt on President’s day this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick it up in time for next years celebrations. I suppose that in theory you could wear it at other times of the year, and possibly even if you’re not American, but only if you can handle the stares and judging looks of people seeing you wearing a shirt with US Presidents on it on a day that isn’t the 3rd Monday in February.

Pick up this shirt for $23 at Chop Shop.


Chop Shop t-shirt for Beatles fans

by Andy on December 8, 2011

beatles t-shirts

As has been mentioned in the past, I am not a Beatles fan, I have nothing against them, I just don’t listen to them, I don’t listen to much now, to be honest. In spite of not being a Beatles-ologist their cultural reach must have grasped me at some point over my past 27 years of existence because I get the references linked to most of the icons on this Beatles t-shirt from Chop Shop.

Presumably if you’re a fan of the Fab Four you just broke your screen because you threw your wallet at it.


Two new silhouette shirts from Chop Shop

by Andy on October 19, 2011

chop shop collage

Chop Shop just keep finding new things to turn into silhouettes, don’t they?

This time around they’re giving us the hairstyles of 101 iconic women from past and present, and 31 rockers whose careers peaked in the 80s and you probably last saw on a reality show or VH1.

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aboveEarth space collage t-shirt

Just for a change Chop Shop have released another silhouette collage, this time showing twenty-three historic missions into space. My eye was immediately drawn to SpaceShipOne at the bottom of the collage (labelled 04) because I thought it hadn’t been into space, but apparently it has, achieving the first ever privately-funded journey into space back in 2004. It’s a pretty cool design and I’m pretty sure that all you science-y readers out there will like it. Oh, and of course, this shirt was released on Tuesday because it was the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin making the first manned spaceflight.


explore space t-shirt

Chop Shop (who are currently running a Supermarket HQ storefront whilst they prep for a relaunch of their own site) do love sticking a collection of related objects on a t-shirt then selling lots of them, but this time around they’ve avoided the silhouette style shirt and released a rather more artsy space tee. I’m probably slightly swayed by the way that the promo picture looks, but I think this would be a really good poster as well as tee.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Chop Shop (also available on black)


chop shop sale

As much as I love being cheap and getting $5 tees from Threadless, it’s nice that another cool t-shirt shop has gotten into the game of selling their shirts (and not even the crappy designs, some of them are fairly iconic in the tee world) for a price so low that if it were a meal I’d assume I had to bring my own fork. Apparently it was so successful last time that Chop Shop have decided to re-run their Cyber Monday deal and offer a lot of tees at this special page for just $4-6. The sale started today, and it runs 3 days, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you try and buy one on Monday you’ll be sorely disappointed.


seven deadly sins skull t-shirt

You might remember this shirt from earlier in the year when I posted it. You may be wondering why I’m posting the exact same design in the exact same colourway again several months on. Well, it’s a totally badass design to start with, so it’s good to get a refresher, and the guys from Chop Shop liked the design so much they picked it up and are now selling it too. The price has actually gone up by $3 from when the designer Joby Cummings was selling the shirt himself, but perhaps it’s a higher quality print/shirt, and maybe the shipping is less… meh, it’s only $3, I’m sure that if you want the tee that difference won’t stop you.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Chop Shop


The Chop Shop 80s Pop Culture Reference T-shirt

by Andy on September 17, 2010

80s t-shirt

I’m pretty sure that in my last Chop Shop post I said I was getting a bit bored of their silhouette tees since they were flogging a dead horse. Well, perhaps not a dead horse, but one that was slowing down somewhat. This latest tee appears to have revied the style, adding in a new style, new shapes, and more colours. I like it.

Costiness=$17 Buy it at Chop Shop


weVolve monkey t-shirts by Chop Shop

… perhaps their next collage shirt will be 50 people flogging dead horses?

I like this series of shirts, they’re fun, but when they’re down to ‘celebrity monkeys’ it feels a bit like they’re grasping for themes. To be fair to Chop Shop, at least they’re doing it with a touch of class and thought to it, making the monkey shape with the silhouette.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at Chop Shop


chop shop secret clearance sale

Of course, it’s not really a secret because they told me about it, knowing I would then tell you, opening a store and trying to get people to not visit would be very poor business. This sale is at Chop Shop is only secret in that it isn’t linked from anywhere in the rest of their store. It is of course a clearance sale so it’s limited items (some tees and prints/posters), limited sizes for most items, but also quite nice for those of you on a limited budget, as the prices start out at a ridiculous $4 and top out at an equally ridiculous $10, which is pretty cheap by itself. Peep this posterous page to see what’s on offer.


chop shop well done t-shirt

Put this on the list of awesome things that you can do with your day (besides road tripping it with some buddies to see Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX in Manchester, which is my plan for the day, I’ll be the guy wearing the HYA tee!). Chop Shop, who are well known for putting silhouettes onto t-shirts, have teamed up with, the people who are well known for creating clean water for communities that don’t have it, to release this tee, from which ALL of the proceeds are going to

Usually I bitch and moan that there’s no point buying a charitee because part of your donation doesn’t go to the charity it goes to the tee and you just wear it to make yourself as smug as Bono and George Clooney carpooling in a Prius to a whale meat protest, but in this case I can’t really see a downside, the charity gets all the money, you get a cool shirt, more people become aware of WellDone, and presumably Chop Shop are willing to take the hit on selling tees at a loss to themselves because it feels good (and I’m sure the publicity doesn’t hurt!).

Costiness=$23 Guys buy it here, gals buy it here [via PCT]



It’s like Black Friday every day at 410BC, well, it is until Christmas at the very least, use coupon code HOLIDAYS to get a whopping 50% off your order.


There’s 15% off everything in store at Snorg Tees until Friday, no coupon necessary, discounts already applied I think. [via inmyshortsleeve]


Use the coupon code YESYESYES to get 40% off any of the tees in the Rosie Apps store, taking her tees down from an already respectable £18-19 to an even more wallet-friendly £10.80-11.40 each. This offer will be available until December 16th.


I don’t know what makes this a “holiday fiasco” at Crazy Go Lucky, but I’m not complaining since it brings 20% off with it.


This sale has been running for a while but I haven’t mentioned it before, Seventh Ink are running a pretty big sale with some tees down to $5.


laFraise have a load of shirts in their store knocked down to €13, but they’re spread out across the store so you’ll have to hunt for the bargains. There’s about 5 days left for the sale.


The story goes that Chop Shop found got this fortune in on the day they incorporated back in 1996. The tee is normally $5, but you can get it for FREE if you use the coupon code fortunefree at the checkout. You don’t even need to order anything else, you can just pay for the shipping on the free tee and they’ll send it to you, of course, you can also include it in a larger order.

30% off & Free shipping Kazbah 48 hours only - 1260359410766

I know Karmaloop have a sale on in some way all the time, but the Kazbah items are usually exempt, so this coupon code is one of their better ones, this sale is good until tomorrow night. EDIT The picture won’t work for some reason, so I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, the coupon code is STNICK30.


Bamboo shirts rock, and that’s what Tees For Change print on so whilst their shirts aren’t covered in gore and zombies at least you know they’re going to be really soft, and from now until the end of the year if you buy a regular priced shirt you get a sale one FOR FREE by using the coupon code FREESALETEE at the checkout. Oh, and they plant a tree for every tee purchased.

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Apparently 50 silhouettes just wasn’t enough this time around for the Chop Shop team.

Costiness=$20 Available from Chop Shop



We’re probably very near the point at which you can still buy tees with the intention of wearing them on Halloween, and if you’re in the mood for one you could certainly do a lot worse than this offering from Chop Shop (or just go to Coty’s epic Halloween post and go crazy). As is their style (and another companies, but let’s not get into that, more than 1 person can have the same idea), this design features silhouettes of famous characters, this time around they’re all undead. This tee marks the third and final design in their horror/fantasy, and you can pick up a 3-pack for $45 which is a saving of $15 over buying them separately.

Here’s a higher resolution version (which is also numbered) of the design for those of you that can’t stand looking at it and not working out which character is which.

Costiness=$20/22 Mens/Womens

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weScare by Chop Shop

by Andy on August 12, 2009


The ‘we’ series by Chop Shop has been very successful, by successful, I mean that I’ve seen people wearing one of the various iterations in public. weScare is the latest version, and this time around the Chop Shop team have placed silhouettes of “58 celebrated creatures from the various genres of horror, fiction, fantasy and even comedy.” No, obviously, I’m awesome and know what all the featured creatures are, reckon you guys are up for the challenge?

Costiness=$20 Available from the Chop Shop


101 Robot T-Shirts [Lists]

by Andy on June 19, 2009


With the release of what is almost certain to be the greatest movie of all time today in the UK and across the world over the next week, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to hunt down some robot t-shirts, especially as the previous robot-themed lists have are two of Hide Your Arm’s most popular articles to date. I must admit that I was a total child for the first Transformers live-action movie, even though I realise that in many, many ways it is utterly terrible, but I still smiled throughout the whole thing because it was goddamn awesome. Robots, fighting, and Megan Fox, what more could I possibly want? I’m pretty sure that you could rob my house whilst that film is on TV and I’d only realise you were doing it once you unplugged the Blu-Ray player. I guess you could say I’m a little excited about Revenge of the Fallen being released, which is why I went a little robot crazy and compiled this huge robot tee loving list. Enjoy!

*Update* If you’re in the mood for lists of t-shirts, check out this post: The Ultimate List of T-Shirt Lists!


1. Robots in Disguise by getslapt – $15 – Available from getsplapt


2. Terratag x Hokkusai’s Great Wave – £19.99 – Available from Urban Retro


3. Paintbot by digisin – $19.49 – Available at MySoti


4. Robotic Tacos – $18 – Available from Foe Paws Apparel [previously featured here]


5. Robotrock (Gundam x The Clash ‘London Calling’ Album Cover) – $20 – Available from Chop Shop [previously featured here]


6. Robot SMASH – $16 – Available from Raygun Robyn


7. Mighty Robot – £24.99 – Available from Rimo-To [previously featured here]


8. How awesome would it be if the Dinobots were in one of the movies? – $20 – Available from 80s Tees


9. RoboShake – $17.95 – Available from Nerdy Shirts [men’s small only, more options for the ladies]


10. Robots wish they could do the human – $15 – Available from Threadless


11. The Robot Blues – $20 – Available from Always Urban


12. Run R2! – $17.95 – Available from Split Reason


13. Robot Leg by Digisin – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


14. Krushbot – Available from Zero Boutique


15. Terror Bot T-Shirt – $19.99 – Available from Jinx!


16. Atomic Robot Smash – $28 – Available from Raygun Robyn


17. You Complete Me – $11 – Available from BustedTees


18. Mr. Roboto – £25 – Available from Drop Dead Clothing


19. Johnny 5 – $21.90 (CAD) – Copyright infringeingly available from Wordans


20. Ocu-Cop by Mediocre Design – $25 – Available at MySoti


21. The DaVinci Hax – $18.95 – Available from


22. Mr. Roboto Goes Sightseeing – $18 – Not available from Threadless [sold out but too awesome to skip over]


23. Robo Power – $30 – Available from Epic Props


24. Torchbot 3000 – $17.95 – Available at Fuzzy Ink [robots and mustaches, what more could a hipster want?]


25. Helbotica (a robot made of Helvetica characters) – $20 – Available at Chop Shop Store


26. Terratag Hizashi White – £19.99 – Available at Urban Retro [previously featured here]


27. New World Order – $15 – Available at Threadless


28. Robot Decapitation – $19.99 – Available from Stabb


29. Robots in Disguise – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!


30. Toi Robot – $20 – Available from Toi


31. Flaming Robot Destroy – $28 – Available from Raygun Robyn


32. Dtoid Kamikaze – $15.95 – Available from Split Reason [ shirt]


33. Dead Robot by Mediocre Designs – $25 – Available at MySoti


34. Primordial Duel – $20 – Available at Design By Humans


35. Panda 2K – $15 – Available at Threadless [in women’s sizes, at time of writing]


36. Robot Gorilla Suit – $19 – Available from Springleap


37. J-5 is Alive – Available from Slowshirts [actually, no, sorry, it’s sold out]


38. Sunbot – $22 – Available from Enclothe


39. Duh Zombie – $19.95 – Available from Split Reason


40. Klaatu – $17.95 – Available from Jinx! [was Klaatu a robot or an alien? Or an alien robot? Or a robot alien?]


41. Skull Cahote – $12 – Available from Alphabet Arm


42. Prepare For Robots – $18 – Available from Robit Studios


43. Make Love Not War by Paul Burgess – $18 – Available from Threadless


44. Robots No Follow – $20 – Available from Chop Shop


45. Funkbotics (if you look hard enough you can see that it looks cool) – £25 – Available from Funkrush


46. AL Robot – $49 – Available from Tookata People


47. Roskel – $20 – Available from One Way North


48. Sleeping Robot – $20 – Available from Ha Ha Press


49. Humans are Dead – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!


50. The 209 (Robocop) – $22 – Available from Mini Cassette Tees


51. Horsebot – $19 – Available from Enclothe


52. Robot Chasing Horses – $15 – Available from Robot Shirts (who only have one robot-based design)


53. Recycle – £20 – Available from Funkrush


54. Shoot the Baddies by Olly Moss – $18 – Available from Threadless


55. Big Robot – €16.90 – Available from RDTS


56. Brobot – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


57. weRobot – $20 – Available from Chop Shop


58. Robot Attack – $19 – Available from Design by Humans


59. Glasgow Robot Riot – £15 – Available from My Robot Overlord


60. Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!6


61. Grandpa! – €22 – Available from Conkershop


62. Tofu Robot – $24 – Available from Spicy Brown


63. Obey Your Robot Overlords – £15 – Available from My Robot Overlord


64. Robot by digisin – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


65. R2 Manual by Reece Ward – £14.73 – Available from RedBubble


66. I taut I taw a torm-trooper by Reece Ward – £14.73 – Available from redbubble


67. Modern Science by Travis Pitts – $20 – Available from Kindercore


68. Kid-Robot by Studio8Worx – $25 – Available from designbyhumans


69. Halftone-Robot by Old30Bastard – $20 – Available from designbyhumans


70. H1-N1 – $17 – Available from Loiter Ink


71. Deconstructo-Bot – $12 – Available from Suburban Hijinx


72. Bear vs Robot – $21 – Available from Bear Annihilator


73. Don’t Be A Robot – $10 – Available from Out Loud Clothing


74. Giants – $10 – Available from Scale the Summit


75. Robots Like Art Too – £15 – Available from Bang Bang T-Shirts


76. Wind-Up – £15.21 – Available from redbubble


77. R21DT – $18 – Available from Single Second


78. Cruelbot – $24.90 – Available from E.T’s Tees


79. Diamond Geezer – £20 – Available from Funkrush


80. The Robotanist – $19.99 – Available from Uneetee


81. Chaos came from the Ocean – $19 – Available (for women only at the moment) from designbyhumans


82. Robotz – $11.99 – Available from the Appreciation Post


83. Bedo Bot – $19.95 – Available from Bedo Shirts


84. Nouveau Mechanica – $21 – Available from Enclothe


85. Giant Squid Eating a Robot – £12 – Available from Lhome


86. Robots Are a Nerds Best Friend – $13 – Available from Crazy Go Lucky


87. Roboticus Carpalium – $12.48 – Available from thinker Clothing (featured on The Big Bang Theory… obviously)


88. Robots by luchaworkshop – $20 – Available in womens small or large from Etsy


89. Robot by happyfamily – $16 – Available from Etsy


90. Robots In Disguise by jamjamtees – $12.99 – Available from Etsy


91. Robot Attack by rainbowswirlz – $25 – Available from Etsy


92. Wise Robots by binarywinter – $24 – Available from Etsy


93. Robot Philosopher by ScreamPrinting – $19.95 – Available from Etsy


94. Robotech Valkyrie – $24 – Available from Etsy


95. Robot Brain by dylanS – $21 – Available from Etsy


96. That robot owl from that one movie…. [that’s seriously what it’s called] – $14 – Available from Etsy


97. Astroborg by spaghettikiss – $20 – Available from Etsy


98. Do the Robot – $9.99 – Available from 80sTees


99. Optimus Prime 84 – $24 – Available from 80sTees


100. Optimus Prime says ‘Stay In School’ – $20 – Available from 80sTees


101. What Would Optimus Prime Do? – $20 – Available from 80sTees

This post took around 15 hours to compile, if you could take a few seconds to tweet about the post, stumble it, bookmark it on delicious, digg it, possibly even mention it in a blog post, I would be incredibly grateful, not only because it would send more visitors to my site, but also because it would help to support the brands featured, many of whom are pretty small and need all the exposure they can get.

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