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You’ll have to get your order in quick, but as far as ugly Christmas jumpers go I think that this might be my favourite of the year!

Costiness=$35 Buy it at Enclothe

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Post image for ‘Ugly Christmas’ style t-shirt inspired by National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at Santa Carla Boardwalk

That might be the longest title I’ve written all year!

‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ style designs seem to have been getting a lot of action this year, more so than last year, so I assume that there is demand out there for them. I think that as a meme it’s actually quite neat, it does at least require some skill when you compare it to something like Keep Calm where all you have to do is find the right font and you’re good to go with any half-baked concept.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Santa Carla Boardwalk

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Daily Tees & News for December 20th

by Andy on December 20, 2011

night of the living dead t-shirt

This TeeFury shirt has everything, horror, a movie parody, 80s games, 8-bit, and lots of criticism in their comments about the head looking pasted on!

Not often you see an orange shirt, usually it only happens when Tilteed pull this design out of the closet.

This Shirt.Woot design is simple but I like it. I’ve never ordered anything from Shirt.Woot, what are their delivery times like? Any chance you’ll be able to wear this before Egg Nog season is over?
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Johnny Cupcakes Holiday Goods

by Andy on December 13, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes Christmas T-shirt Pretty decent ‘it is getting damn cold outside’ release from Johnny Cupcakes over the weekend, thought I’m not entirely sure how the Four Year Strong collaboration tee really fits with the theme, but as far as band t-shirts go it’s mighty fine.


Star Wars Christmas t-shirt

I think that as Christmas tees go Glennz has managed to create something pretty special here, not too geeky or cheesy.

American readers, I have a question, do you still have Christmas lights like this (incandescent bulbs?), in the UK shops only sell LEDs bulbs (use less energy and are a lot cooler, no drying out the tree or setting it on fire!) and I was wondering if it was the same there.

Costiness=$13.95 Buy it at Glennz


Daily Tees & News Roundup for Novmeber 7th

by Andy on November 7, 2011

Starship Troopers t-shirt

When I first saw Starship Troopers I thought it was awesome because of all the guns and explosions, and even a couple of boobs here and there, but now that I’m an adult I realise that it’s actually a bit smarter than it’s often given credit for. $10 today at TeeFury.
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Ugly Christmas T-shirts from Vardagen

by Andy on December 16, 2010

christmas sweater t-shirts

I’ve never really been into the Christmas sweater ‘thing’, my girlfriend has one, but she suits it, and it’s not meant to ugly, it’s just kind-of alpine, whereas I think I’d just look dumb wearing a sweater with a couple of dancing reindeer stitched into the pattern…. however, an ironic t-shirt? Sign me up!

The funny thing is, I think that by transitioning them away from a big sweater that Granny loves, they’ve actually produced something pretty cool that I would like to wear, rather than wear because it’s funny and ironic. That or I enjoy kitsch way too much nowadays.

Costiness=$20 Buy it (and others like it) at Vardagen [thanks, Coty!]


seventh ink review

The guys over at Seventh.Ink were kind enough to send over a tee for review, and it’s one of the most time appropriate tees I’ve ever got, since it’s all about Santa and some marauding snowmen. Most people have a Christmas sweater, but as you might imagine, that’s not really my style, so I am now the proud owner of a Christmas tee, which is probably what most people have in Australia (Christmas in Summer? You crazy Aussies).

Of course, the point of a review isn’t to help fill in all the micro-niches in my closet, it’s so I can let you know about the quality of the shirts on offer at Seventh.Ink. Really, my reviews shouldn’t even include my thoughts on the design (hint: badass) since that’s a personal opinion based on my personal tastes it shouldn’t make a difference to whether you pick up one of their shirts.

However, the quality of a t-shirt, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about that, seeing as I’ve got hundreds of them, and at one point when I was reviewing tees really regularly I was giving them a smell test. A smell test, I didn’t even know what I was checking for other than that tees straight out of the mailer smelled nice.

The shirt itself is an American Apparel Teal blank, I’m fairly sure that it’s an American Apparel 2001 shirt, for those of you that like to be specific. With it being American Apparel I’m pretty sure everyone visiting this site knows what they’re in for, fairly slim fit, fairly long, not boxy, soft, and an overall quality product.

I wear an XL because I like my shirts a little snug, and because of this I noticed that the large print on this shirt does make it feel a little bit more snug than usual, I think because the print stops the cotton from being able to stretch to my muscly, chiseled torso (note: only if it had been chiseled out of cream cheese, I wear an XL, remember?). It’s not an issue for me since the effect is minimal, and I would assume that after a few washes the print might soften up a bit and allow for more flex, but I’d like to stress how little of an issue it is.

In terms of print quality things are looking good, everything is lined up right and the print is soft, with vivid colours. I can’t comment on how well it will wash since I’ve only worn it once, but I get the feeling there’s nothing to worry about, with the print already being soft and not tick (in a good way) it’s not going to crack. The addition of the logo print on the arm surprised me, personally, I like it, but I know a few people out there don’t, it’s not particularly intrusive, and they’ve got a cool logo (which certainly softens the blow for people that don’t like that kind of thing).

The printed tag inside the shirt is a nice touch, I sometimes hear comments about how regular hang tags are itchy and scratch, I’ve literally never experienced that in my life, perhaps I have a very insensitive neck? Nevertheless, I still prefer a printed tag over a regular hang tag because it allows a company to give more information, like the way this one names the design and generally adds value to the product by making it look like they’ve really thought about the whole package. Speaking of the whole package, the tee came in a regular poly-mailer with a 7th Ink sticker on it, a sticker, a postcard with a 15% off coupon code on it, and a little note thanking me for reviewing the shirt, seriously, people thank me for receiving clothing, how awesome is my life?

The shirt costs $24 and is available from Seventh Ink, and if you want it before Christmas you’d better move fast!


Satan Claws by I Came From Nothing

by Andy on December 9, 2009


Is nothing sarced, can nothing be spared from the clutches of horror designers? I mean come one, how did they manage to make a man that sneaks into your house in the middle of the night creepy?

Costiness=£20 Available from I Came From Nothing (and with a blue or rust print too)

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The Ultimate List of T-Shirt Lists

by Andy on July 2, 2009


You know what people love? T-Shirts. You know what people also love? Lists. I guess that explains why I’ve written so many t-shirt lists in the past, but did you know that other people have written lists about t-shirts as well? I know, crazy right, I’m not the only person who thought of that, hell, someone even devoted a whole blog to it.

I thought it might be useful to scour the web for these tee lists and put them all together in one big post. Of course, a lot of these lists will be fairly old now, and t-shirts inevitably come and go, so some of the tees featured in the lists will no longer be available, but there’s not a whole lot we can do about that now, is there? If you know of any lists that I’ve missed (and I’m sure there will be a lot), please let me know in the comments.

It would be very, very much appreciated if you could tweet about this post, stumble it, bookmark it on delicious, mention it in a blog post, digg it, or fly a banner behind an airplane with the URL on it, anything at all. These lists take a long time to put together, and the more people that get to see them the more people will be visiting the lists I’ve collected below, which will be beneficial for the entire t-shirt blogosphere.


Lists of t-shirt blogs

  • List of 160 T-shirt blogs arranged in no particular order by Hide Your Arms (the info I gathered has also been the basis of a few other lists which have been reorganised to make them actually useful)
  • Giant list of T-shirt blogs and T-shirt sites by How to Start A Clothing Company (arranged by Page Rank)
  • The Top 30 T-Shirt Blogs split into 3 parts by Color Overload (ranking system unknown)
  • Ultimate List of T-Shirt Review Sites by Buy Tees (arranged by Alexa ranking, largely based upon my lists with some additions)
  • A big list of t-shirt people and brand on Twitter by Hide Your Arms (with a load more in the comments too, this list is going to get updated soon)
  • barack-obama-t-shirts-list

    Barack Obama Shirt Lists

  • 5 Really Great Obama t-shirts by Pop Culture Tees
  • 5 More Really Great Obama T-Shirts by Pop Culture tees
  • 100 Days, 100 Obama T-Shirts by the US Spreadshirt Blog
  • Top 20+ Barack Obama Inspired T-Shirts by Tcritic
  • Top 10 Barack Obama T-Shirts by Barack Obama Shirts (the shirts are all from Zazzle, so it’s possible that the list is just one store promoting itself)
  • Obama T-Shirt Roundup by The T-Shirt Blog
  • The Best Obama T-shirts on the Web by T-Shirts Around the Internet
  • 7 Tees for After Obama’s Inauguration Week by Buy Tees
  • 10 Obama tees to celebrate the new President of the US by 10tees
  • Coolest Obama T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Coolest Obama T-Shirts Pt. 2 by T-Shirt Magazine
  • ’08 Presidential Campaign T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 9 Barack Obama Tees by Coty Gonzales
  • skull-tshirts-list

    Skull T-shirts

  • Top Ten Skull T-Shirts by Pop Culture Tees
  • Top Ten Skull and Bones T-shirts To Get You In the Halloween Mood by Tcritic
  • Skull T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • celebrity-tshirts-rachel-bilson

    Celebrities wearing t-shirts

  • 23 Celebrities wearing a variety of t-shirts! by Hide Your Arms
  • Celebri-tee Spotting: from Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Celebri-tee Spotting by T-Shirt Magazine
  • star-wars-tshirt-list

    Star Wars T-Shirts

  • top ten star wars t-shirts by Tcritic
  • Ultimate Star Wars T-shirt Stack by OMG Tees
  • 10 Star Wars tees every fanboy should have by 10tees
  • 10 Star Wars tees to feel the force around you by 10tees
  • Star Wars Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 202 Star Wars T-shirts by Hide Your Arms
  • robot-tshirts-list

    Robot T-Shirts

  • 101 Robot T-Shirts [Lists] by Hide Your Arms
  • Robots ! 50 robot tees by Hide Your Arms
  • 45 more robot tees by Hide Your Arms
  • 10 stylish tees to robotize yourself by 10tees
  • colour-tshirts-list

    Colour Specific T-Shirt Lists

  • Carolina Blue T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • You want a Yellow Tee? Well here’s a bunch of ‘em from T-Shirt Magazine
  • Some Beautiful Brown T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Red Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • We’ve Got the Blues (guess what colour these tees are?) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Black and White Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Go Green! by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Pink Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Green Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A Plethora of Purple Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Orange You Glad These Tees Exist? (that’d be a list of orange tees) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • seasonal-tshirts-list

    Seasonal T-Shirt Lists

  • 10 tees about Ghosts, ready for Halloween by 10tees
  • 10 tees with FANGS and TEETH that will make you bite Halloween night by 10tees
  • Political Halloween Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 10 tees about Ghosts, ready for Halloween by 10tees
  • Thanksgiving Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Father Themed T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Mom Would Love These Tees! by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Black History Tees for when Black History Month rolls around again, thanks to T-Shirt Magazine
  • Some t-shirts for Mother’s Day by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Fourth of July/Patriotic Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Your Dad Will Love These Tees (pair this one up with the Father’s Day list for an unbeatable combo!) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • In the mood for love? Here’s some Valentine’s Day Tees from T-Shirt Magazine
  • Super Bowl Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • New Year’s T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Christmas Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • September 11th Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • valentines-tshirt-lists

    Valentine’s Day T-Shirts

  • Valentine’s Day T-shirt Round Up by the US Spreadshirt Blog
  • 14 Tees That You Should Wear on Valentine’s Day by Hide Your Arms
  • 14 Tees That You Shouldn’t Wear on Valentines by Hide Your Arms
  • Valentine T-Shirts Kinda Suck by Buy Tees
  • videogame-tshirts-list

    Videogame t-shirt collections

  • The Ultimate Wii Tii Shirts List by OMG Tees
  • 10 tees to show off your videogamer pride by10tees
  • Top 11 Space Invaders Tees by Thunderfrogs at Pop Culture Tees
  • Thunderfrogs Top 10 Mario T-shirts – And More!
  • Gamer Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • New Super Mario Bros. + 10 Mario Inspired Tees by Coty Gonzales
  • zombies-tshirts-list

    Collections of Zombie T-Shirts

  • 10 zombie tees to dress up your reanimated corpse by 10tees
  • Thunderfrogs Top 10 Zombie T-shirts (And 1 Zombie Wallet)
  • 30 Frighteningly Fantastic Zombie T Shirts by Color Overload
  • mj-tshirts-list

    Michael Jackson Tribute T-Shirts (Even though I still feel like these shirts are largely opportunism to make money off a man’s death)

  • MJ // 1958 – 2009 by Pop Culture Tees (a list of Michael Jackson T-Shirts)
  • KING OF POP by Geno’s Chinese Language tee blog (another list of Michael Jackson tees)
  • 15 Michael Jackson Tribute T-Shirts by Coty Gonzales
  • Michael Jackson: King of Pop T-Shirts by Shirtspotting
  • 10 More Michael Jackson Tribute Shirts by Coty Gonzales
  • Other Random Collections

  • Men’s T-Shirts – 20 Hot Brands by Color Overload
  • 7 Creative Ways to Promote Your T-Shirt Store Online by Pop Culture Tees
  • T-Shirt Directory Jan 2008 by OMG Tees
  • Top 12 Places to Submit Your T-Shirt Ideas by OMG Tees
  • The Ultimate Lego Tee List by OMG Tees
  • Top 12 Bike Shirts by OMG Tees
  • Top list of recycled t-shirt sites by Buy Tees
  • 10 Amazing T Shirt Designer Portfolios by Color Overload
  • 10 Places to Find Hilarious T Shirts by Color Overload
  • 10 Coolest Chuck Norris T Shirts
  • 10 tees to unleash your japanese soul by 10tees
  • 10 hairy tees to satisfy your need for mustache and beard by 10tees
  • 10 LEGO tees to show your love for bricks by 10tees
  • 10 funny tees about strange creatures by 10tees
  • 10 Tasty Tees about food to make you feel hungry by 10tees
  • 10 type tees to say it BIG by 10tees
  • 10 tees with great HUGE hands designs by 10tees
  • 10 funny I-do-something tees by 10tees (such as ‘I heart NY’)
  • 10 Thunders, Lightnings and Bolts shocking tees by 10tees
  • 10 fake clothes tees will make you feel classy by 10tees (tuxedo t-shirts ahoy!)
  • 10 funny tees about strange creatures by 10tees
  • A list of all the t-shirts worn by Murdoch in the A-Team but no links for where to buy the tees, sadly.
  • A Guide to Daily T-Shirt Sites on the Internet by Cottonable
  •’s – Most inspirational T-shirt artists
  • New? big cartel stores to put on your watch list by Taddict
  • My Top Fav Big Cartel Stores by Taddict
  • 10 reasons why you should have a t-shirt collection by Taddict
  • Top 5 Giraffe tee (complete with giraffe-based facts!) by Thunderfrogs
  • Top 5 “The Wire” Shirts (the TV show, not just tees with wires on them) by Thunderfrogs
  • 5 Killer Terminator Tees by Thunderfrogs
  • Top 11 Dinosaur T-Shirts by Thunderfrogs at Tee Junction
  • Top 5 Wolf Shirts by Thunderfrogs
  • Sunny T-Shirts (tees that feature the sun in some way) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Cool Colorful Camisetas (tees with lots of colour) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Coolest Car T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Copy Cats: More Cowbell (yeah, there are an awful lot of ‘more cowbell’ tees around) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Top 10 Tentacle Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A collection of Pirate T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A collection of War T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A collection of Money Themed T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Artsy T-Shirts (whatever that means) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • T-Shirts for people that like Fairy Tales by T-Shirt Magazines
  • T-Shirts with rain on them by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Batter Up! Baseball T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 10 Great Tees from 10 Great Webcomics by Hide Your Arms
  • A selection of Irish T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A collection of Striped Tees by t-Shirt Magazine
  • Where to buy great t-shirts in London by Hide Your Arms
  • Map Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Tees for a Cause by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Universi-tees (go team!) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • All Over Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Cartoon Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Tees for the Summer (an odd concept but I’ll go with it) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Cool photo tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Some of the Worst Tees Ever (I don’t think they’re actually that bad) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • NBA Finals Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Military Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Cool For School? by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Best Plain Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Pop Culture Shock by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Super Expensive T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Super Cheap T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Best Super Hero T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 100 Anthropomorphic tees (1-50) by Hide Your Arms
  • 100 Anthropomorphic tees (51-100) by Hide Your Arms
  • 10 Geekiest T-Shirts by Oddee
  • Special Feature (Top Ten Experimental Jetset Parody Shirts) by T-shirt Connoisseur
  • Special Feature (Costume T-Shirt Collection) by T-Shirt Connoisseur
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  • 26 Examples of Online T-Shirt Shops by Web Designer Depot
  • So you want to start a clothing line, huh? by Hide Your Arms
  • Updates: 11th July 2009

  • 30 Sweet Handpicked Designer Tshirts by Just Creative Design
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    by Osoyou
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  • Coolest Movie T-Shirts Ever! by Cinematical
  • More Harry Potter t-shirts than you can wave a wand at by Hide Your Arms
  • The 20 Most Badass Video Game Cosplay Costumes Ever by Unreality Magazine (not tees, but wow!)
  • Updates: 17th July 2009

  • 26 More Ridiculously Questionable T-Shirts [Pics]
    by i am bored
  • Giant List of Star Wars T-Shirts by Rude Retro
  • 15 Magical Harry Potter T-shirts by Cottonable
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  • 202 Star Wars T-shirts by Hide Your Arms
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  • Block Party: Seven Puzzling Rubix Cube-Themed Tee Shirts by Found Item
  • Knowing is Half the Battle: 10 Combat-Tested G.I. Joe Tee Shirts
  • Updates: August 5th 2009

  • 65 Awesome Threadless T-Shirts by Abuzeedo
  • 10 Unusual and Creative T-Shirts by Toxel
  • 19 Awesome T-Shirt Designs on the Interweb by You Design It
  • 50 Terrific Tees by Inspiredology
  • 50 Best T-Shirt Designs of 2008 by Abuzeedo
  • 20 Streetwear Blogs for Hype Shopping & Design Inspiration by Inspired Mag
  • 50 Streetwear Blogs You Should Be Reading by Kineda [via Taddict]
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    I really hope that the Star Wars people let this one slide, but just in case it might be a good idea to buy it fairly soon. Also, I guess you’d want to buy it fairly soon, because a Christmas themed Star Wars t-shirt will probably look a bit silly in January.

    Costiness=$16.66 Buy ‘Merry Hothmas’ by Aegis at MySoti

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    Mugs? On Hide Your Arms? What the hell?

    by Andy on December 15, 2008

    Yeah, I know. Mugs. On Hide Your Arms. A blog about clothes. I’m as shocked as you are, but with Christmas coming up I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet looking at presents for friends and family, and I’ve found lots of cool things that I wouldn’t mind seeing underneath the tree, and this cool set of mugs would be included in that. The design is also available as a t-shirt (which actually looks pretty good), so this post isn’t actually as far off topic as you would imagine. Whilst we’re on the subject of mugs, and I presume that we never will be ever again, these Pantone ones are pretty bloody cool too.

    Costiness=€45 Buy them at ILOVEBY

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    I still think that its quite odd to buy a tee which is seasonal, which is ridiculous considering that I can go for a year without wearing some of my tees. However, I really like this design from La Fraise, and it isn’t so seasonal that you can only wear it in December.

    If you are in the mood for some Christmas designs which don’t suck, they’ve got some great ones in their store. There’s a couple of close ups of this tee in the gallery.

    Costiness=€22 Buy it at laFraise

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    Notcot’s Holiday Coupon Book

    by Andy on November 22, 2008

    Whenever someone asks me what my favourite website is, I don’t hesitate to say, and Jean’s holiday gift guides are definitely one of the reasons why I’m such a big fan. This years gift guides are set to be bigger and better than ever, and there have already been some really cool giveaways. I thought I’d point you in the direction of the Notcot Coupon Book, which is a load of coupons (which seems to grow day by day) that are Notcot exclusives at stores which will provide you with enough inspiration to sort out most of your Christmas shopping.

    The Notcot Holiday Coupon Book


    I can’t believe I’ve already mentioned Christmas twice on HYA and its only just into November, there should be a moratorium on all Christmas promotions until December. I guess I’m part of the problem, but since these code will work until December 25th it would have been a bit odd for me to report on them as ‘normal’ coupon codes.

    We have 2 coupon codes for this holiday season. They both expire on December 25, 2008.

    Get %15 off all items (including sale items under $10). Simply use the coupon code above at checkout by clicking the SUBMIT button. Then continue the checkout process.

    Take off $4.75 any purchase (including sale items under $10). This in effect is like getting the shipping free in the US. Simply use the coupon code above at checkout by clicking the SUBMIT button. Then continue the checkout process.

    The Chop Shop


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