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light pollution city t-shirt

Looks like A Better Tomorrow have knocked it out of the park again with this delightful design.

Costiness=€22 (early bird price with German shipping included) Buy it at ABT


lafraise t-shirts

Gorgeous, this is one of the weeks that I wish that laFraise offer me a freebie (though I’d still end up giving it to one of the bloggers so they could do a review of it).


Daily Tees & News for December 12th

by Andy on December 12, 2011

breaking bad t-shirt

Everyone have a good weekend? I did until last night when I had a nasty fall during my snowboarding lesson at the dry slope. Fell on my front, my jakcet rode up and my stomach turned into ‘brakes’, my tummy new resembles those crisps that are meant to look like streaky bacon, oh, the pain!

I really want to get into Breaking Bad, but after a couple of episodes of the first season it was just too depressing so I stopped, I will probably try again though. Shirt is $10 today at TeeFury.

I haven’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, but apparently this Qwertee shirt has something to do with it.

Apparently this RIPT tee is something to do with a cartoon show that may or may not be on TV anymore but to be completely honest I don’t recognise it and no one mentions it in the RIPT comments, your suggestions please!

And what band is this Owl at Shirt.Woot listening to? The Who, of course!

Pretty rare that you see a Gremlins tee, but this is a lovely example of the breed at The Yetee.

Seinfeld Festivus shirt over at TeeMinus24. Funny how you don’t hear much about Christmukkah nowadays.

I haven’t seen Donnie Darko so this shirt at OtherTees may or may not be genius.

You want an Angry Birds t-shirt? 24tee have got it!

A melting Portal companion cube greets us today at TeeRaiders.

I really like this Star Wars design at Graphic Lab, but I do question the black on dark grey colour choice. Then again, it would probably look a bit naff if it was on a white t-shirt.

Ahhh, one of my favourite Loviu designs.

Pikachu gets an outing on this Shirt Punch design.

Tshirt Contest ensure that we have at least one Doctor Who t-shirt today, thank goodness.

Very nice shirt of the day at DBH.

BustedTees deal of the next couple of days is their attachment that you put on a beer to make it look like you have a mustache. Presumably it’s like those little win trinkets people buy so that you know who’s wine glass belongs to who, except for beer. $8.99 for 6 instead of $11.99

Expansion II comes out to play once again at Tilteed.

Tee Mashups is a site I found out about at the weekend that offers designs on sale for 48 hours. Today and tomorrow they have a Dick Tracey vs Carmen Sandiego shirt available.

Megan Fox may be a very attractive lady, and that’s a pretty cool sweatshirt, but I will never understand why people wear stuff that looks like it has spent a few months with a bunch of moths.

Wrongwroks have added hiking boots to their product range, of course.

There’s 25% off everything today only at Loserkids.

Mashable have a good resource for increasing Facebook engagement through custom tabs that should be useful for store owners.

Yes No Maybe have a few coupon codes available. The more you spend the more you save, all the way up to 20% off.

Original Music Shirt, who I still think took a lot of inspiration from Threadless with their redesign, are offering free global shipping with the coupon code ILIKETOMOVEIT if you spend 25€+ before December 14th.

Springleap are holding a contest that is only open to previous design winners, which should make for some pretty tasty entries.

OMUNKY are offering 18% off from now until December 19th with the coupon code 18off2011.

PalmerCash are now selling shirts, the kind with buttons!

The Quiet Life are running a holiday promo, if you spend $100 or more they’ll give you a free duffel bag that they usuall charge $40 for. It would be perfect for carrying around your gym gear since that will inevitably be your new years resolution. Go to the gym more dammit Andy! They’ve also restocked their hat selection.

Terratag are knocking 10% off all orders. No coupon necessary, the discount will automatically be applied at the checkout.

Whilst I do like the idea of ‘ugly’ Christmas tees I think that this Kickstarter project might be a bit too late, it won’t be funded (if it reaches 100%) until January 9th, and then when will you receive the shirt? I’m pretty sure everyone’s Christmas cheer will be long gone by that time.


blacklight glow cityscape t-shirt

I’m on a bi of a risky post here, because I’m writing it on July 15th, and it’s being posted on July 28th. As I write it the sales page says that it is ‘coming soon’, hopefully 2 weeks is enough time for them to get this on sale so that you won’t suffer from any disappointment with this shirt.

Costiness=£15 Buy it at 14th Street


In My Hand… by JensenLaatsch at MySoti

by Andy on February 19, 2010

city t-shirt

This reminds me of the kind of thing that Threadless would print 3 or 4 years ago, know what I mean?

Costiness=$16.99 Buy it at MySoti


60225533b5c99e02611dcd87d1568e8f_h356w534_max be02546461b66a6326263a8a0557fec8_h356w534_max 0f2bbae04f70357c915eb12b3896a87c_h356w534_max

These tees are in no way cheap, but they also in no way suck.

Costiness=€47 Tokyo/London/New York available from Norse Projects

They can also be purchased from Stussy directly for about $17… which is a bit of a saving.

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Say Hello To Acropolis Apparel

by Andy on October 16, 2008

[Here’s another fresh label for you to check out whilst I’m slaving away down in St. Tropez]

About Acropolis Apparel:

Respect. Progress. Achievement. These are the foundations of Acropolis. We find inspiration in our Los Angeles surroundings – notably the street, hip hop and sports culture of Southern California. Our influences come from all aspects of the past, the present and into the future. Coupled with descriptive information, each design aims to be stunning to the eye and opening to the mind.

Acropolis is currently spreading its message to heads with a taste for fly design, detail and insight. The line is available online as well as in limited quantities in streetwear boutiques and skate shops across the country. Our message is simple: stay true, show respect and always strive to improve. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to…

Stay Fly

And here’s their mission statement:

The term Acropolis is defined as the pinnacle of society. We as individuals, and society as a whole, strive to better ourselves through knowledge and information. At Acropolis, our goal is to create designs that are rich in thought and detail on multiple levels that people feel and can relate to. All while staying fresh, creative and innovative. Our influences come from the past, through the present and into the future. Everything from civilizations, inventions, wars and kings to art, science, sports, hip hop and street culture can be seen in our designs. We pay homage to the greats and give respect to our past for all that has led to us. Ancient Remains…Modern Beginnings is our philosophy of continually educating ourselves in attempt to raise our game and reach our pinnacle.

Acropolis Apparel

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City Scape by ReThink Clothing

by Andy on October 13, 2008

ReThink, who have also designed a rather popular Super Soaker design that did the rounds a while back, have released this beautiful new tee which has a cityscape and some paint splashes on it, its a complete departure from their previous designs, but I really like it.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at ReThink Clothing on blue or creme


Lights Out by Turn Nocturnal

by Andy on June 4, 2008


You know how there’s been loads of events recently where big cities would ‘turn out the lights’ to teach people about the importance of saving energy. Boy, they really taught us something, they turned the lights off for like about the same amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea (well, if you used an electric kettle), and then promptly turned them back on again. Amazing!Sorry, I know I shouldn’t rant, you’re here for t-shirts, but luckily this one is from Turn Nocturnal, so its good enough for me to just about get away with going off topic.

Costiness=$17 Link

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Atlantis by Pagan for laFraise

by Andy on May 8, 2008

Atlantis green t-shirt by Pagan for laFraise

I wouldn’t usually mention a t-shirt that has sold out (especially as the last post was something that didn’t have a ‘buy’ link), but I spotted this on in my bookmarks and I’m really annoyed that I didn’t mention it to you before. In my defence, on the French blog post about it (yep, I even subscribe to the blog I can barely read) a couple of months ago they didn’t provide a link to the sale page, so I guess I was probably waiting for a shop link to come up before posting it, and then just forgot entirely. Hopefully something that looks this good will get reprinted at some point, and I think that the print might actually glow in the dark, which I can only imagine would be utterly incredible.Costiness=€11 (if it were in stock) Atlantis by Pagan for laFraise


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