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Post image for Bide and Fecht impress, and everything’s on sale, nice!

Joey over at Bide and Fecht got in touch to introduce his brand and I was impressed by the classy designs that you can see above. You’ll have to be quick if you want to pick any of them up though as Joey is having a big clearout (with 45% off everything in store) to make room for new designs. Hearing their name you may be forgiven for thinking that they’re German, but B&F is actually a UK-based brand with some impressive eco-credentials, stating that they “print on only 100% ‘low impact’ organic cotton, which is distributed through carbon neutral warehouses and offices in London that use only renewable green electricity.” I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with next because I do like the clean look of their designs.


Big clearance sale on at Digisin Tees

by Andy on February 18, 2013

digisin clearance sale

There’s tees between £9.99 and £12.99 in this big clearance at Digisin. If you like skull designs then you’re going to like what you find here.


bag of bees clearance sale

You know who make some great t-shirt designs? Bag Of Bees. You know which brand is clearing out all their old t-shirts to make way for new items coming in over the next few months through a voting process? Bag of Bees. Did you know that they are selling them for a borderline ridiculous £4, and that includes UK postage? Well, yeah, you knew the price from the title, but the free shipping thing was new!

Really great deal, I wholeheartedly recommend you get something before it’s all gone. BoB have transitioned a bit recently to become a design/branding agency, but they still love t-shirts and want that to remain as part of the business, which is good to see because they really do have some fantastic designs.

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Clearance sale on at Dawn Clothing

by Andy on May 9, 2012

Pretty much all the info you need is in the infographic there, Dawn Clothing are making room for their next range and the best way to do that is by making the prices that bit more enticing.


Daily Tees & News for December 5th

by Andy on December 5, 2011

boardwalk empire t-shirt

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I did, during my snowboarding lesson at the dry slope it started to snow!

I can’t be the only person that feels kind of scared when this guy comes on screen during Boardwalk Empire, right? Definitely some fine acting going on there. TeeFury.

RIPT have a shirt that I’m sure will not anger any Star Wars or Star Trek fans.

Qwertee have dropped a Shining/Joker shirt for Jack Nicholson fans.

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anyforty clearance

Title says what you really need to know. AnyForty (which is now a Manchester based business, I think) have got a new line coming out in a couple of weeks so they’re clearing out stock. Obviously these shirts will be going quick, so get on it.


A Death Shred t-shirt sale?

by Andy on March 31, 2011

death shred t-shirt sale

I saw this post on Tee Gazette saying that there was a sale on t-shirts over at Death Shred and got a bit excited, but after clicking through I realised that the shirts on sale are actually from their old line (Dead, Serious!) before they switched to the new name for legal-ish reasons so they must be trying to clear out the old designs. Still, cool t-shirts that are cheap, can’t go wrong with that.


$7 clearance sale at Seventh.Ink

by Andy on February 9, 2011 sale

My buddies over at Seventh.Ink are preparing to retire some designs at the end of March, and to clear out the remaining stock that they have of those tees they’re putting them on sale for the low, low price of just $7 each. You’ll be wanting to check out this page to see what’s on offer.


Clearance Sale on at 604Republic

by Andy on January 6, 2011

604Republic sale

Clear infographic is clear!

Their newest stuff isn’t on sale, but the first wave of releases from 604Republic was pretty strong too, so this is a clearance you’ll definitely want to check out, but be quick!

The sale items aren’t exactly buried on their site, just a page or two back in the catalogue, but this page has them all listed in a very perusable manner.


heartcore clothing

Jimmy doesn’t print shirts any more (though IIRC he’s a demon when it comes to posters and canvas prints) and he hasn’t released any new shirts for a couple of years, and he’s decided it’s finally time to close up shop and move on, but not before getting rid of the old stock first. Sizes and designs are very much a mixed bag, but it’s very much worth rummaging around to get your hands on a $7 tee from Heartcore Clothing. Presumably this clearance sale will be ongoing until Jimmy runs out of tees to sell.

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Huge Clearance Sale at Monsieur T.

by Andy on September 11, 2008

To make room for their upcoming Fall collection release, Monsieur T. is having a huge clearance sale. Everything in their sale section is 50-60% off! The stock is very limited and this may be the last chance to get select designs. The sale ends Sunday, September 14th at midnight PST.

Monsieur T.


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