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bookshelves print t-shirt

I’m sure that looking at this rather clever t-shirt (I’m not sure if it was printed or painted) I’m sure a lot of you are reminded of Liu Bolin, the Chinese artist who has become famous across the globe for being the ‘Invisible Man’. I don’t know where this photo originated from or who took it, but I found it on a Tumblr called enjoythesilence.

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Martian Attack – Zapparel from Zappar on Vimeo.

If you haven’t got time to watch the video, it shows a t-shirt being the backdrop for a game on an iPad, can you imagine showing that to someone even 20 years ago, they’d call you a witch and dunk you in a pond, it boggles my mind how quickly technology is moving. As far as I know that shirt is not yet available, though I would presume you should keep an eye on to keep up with developments.


ambigram t-shirt

I thought I’d better make sure that ‘ambigram’ was the right word for this kind of shirt (where if you flip over the word it still reads the same), and it was, but on the Wikipedia page it listed a few other names for them that I thought were pretty cool.

vertical palindromes (1965)
designatures (1979)
inversions (1980)
FlipScript (2008)

FlipScript? I’m sure they thought it was cool when they came up with it.

$10 today at Shirt.Woot


spy camera t-shirt

I suppose that with people having the ability to make cameras the size of a pin head it should surprise me that it’s possible to hide a camera in a t-shirt, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should do it. I would like to think there are some legit uses for this t-shirt from ThinkGeek, perhaps for making a timelapse of a run, or taking photos you shouldn’t in a museum (which I think is okay, but many museums would not), but let’s be honest, we all know what people are thinking when they order a spy camera t-shirt… BOOBS!

Costiness=$39.99 Buy it at ThinkGeek


Muji Shrink Wrapped T-shirt

At the weekend the love-of-my-life and I went to the gargantuan Trafford Centre near Manchester to shop (I bought pants!), exchange her broken iPhone (Apple were having none of it, but they’ve sent one now, huzzah!), eat burritos, watch Scott Pilgrim (post about the tees in that coming up soon on HYA), and generally have a good time (we did).

Whilst we were wandering about in Selfridges we happened upon the Muji section. I really wish that Muji still had their own stores in the UK, but I guess it wasn’t to be, so we’ll have to make do with an in-store store. Amongst all the other well-designed items were these little cubes of cotton, which when opened would reveal themselves to be an extremely wrinkled t-shirt. I’ve got no idea of the quality of the t-shirt, but I really liked the idea of tee-cubes, and the scarf-cubes they also sold, and thought you guys might enjoy seeing it too.

I also found ‘Ass Blaster’ hot sauce in Selfridges, but we probably shouldn’t dwell on that for too long.

They can also be purchased from the Muji online store in the UK (and presumably elsewhere) for £9.95.


Velo Nuit by Dargelos

by Andy on August 12, 2010

bike shirt

Here’s something cool, a t-shirt that also doubles up as safety clothing!

At first I just thought that they were just brightly printed, but it turns out that some of the wheels on the bikes in the design are printed with a reflective ink so that it makes you easier to see when you’re out cycling on the road. Neato!

Costiness=$40 Buy it at Dargelos [via ATB]

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dutch federation world cup t-shirt

… but it isn’t for sale. [via The Cool Hunter]


The Big Bang Theory may not be a high-class comedy, it’s basically a normal sitcom except with jokes that are made a bit cleverer*because they’re based on science, but I would call myself a fan, and I rarely miss an episode. I’m sure that Thinker Clothing never miss an episode, becuase they probably tune in to see if they’re on the show that week, seeing as Sheldon (or at least Sheldon’s stylist) seems to have bought their entire range of tees.

*yes, I said ‘cleverer’.

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They’re only $25 a pop for kids, and adult sizes are in the works too!

Oh, and the company that makes them was founded by an original member of Journey!

Mouthman [via BoingBoing]



This hoodie is very cool, and has that typical Paul Frank cheekiness about it. You know how you want to listen to music when you’re wandering around, but you have to mess around with the cable from the headphones so that it isn’t dangling around, well this hoodies solves those issues by having a headphone jack in the pocket and earbuds at the end of the drawstrings. My first thought when I saw this was “how do you wash it?” It says on the product page that the hoodie is ‘machine washable’ so clearly that’s been taken into consideration. I doubt that you’ll be getting the same sound quality out of these earbuds as with a pair of badass Skullcandy ones like mine, but come on, the headphones are in the drawstrings, how cool is that!?

Coatiness=$36 Available from


Monster hoodies by Wrongwroks

by Andy on September 28, 2009

monster-1 monster-2 monster-3 monster-4

I know that these hoodies have been featured way back, but these are new colourways, and the model is really cute, so quit your complaining (which none of you have ever done)!



Earth Rise by Public Domain Clothing

by Andy on September 24, 2009


I know that there’s a name for this type of illusion, but I just can’t think what it is, help!

Costiness=$25 Available from Public Domain Clothing


Where can I buy that awesome Fedex T-Shirt?

by Andy on September 23, 2009


A reader from Germany wrote in to ask where they could buy this tee, I remember it doing the rounds on blogs a few years ago, but even on old blog posts no one seemed to know where to buy it, so I presumed that someone would have stepped into the breach and made a design available, but from my hunting around, it would appear not. So, anyone have any ideas?


ZOMG Put Your Legos on a T-Shirt!

by Andy on September 18, 2009


Please don’t give me bother about whether it’s spelled Legos or not, I don’t know what the official term is, and really, is it that important when there is such a ridiculous t-shirt to be talked about?

Yes, I think ridiculous is most certainly the word. If this was a t-shirt for kids then I think I could let it slide, but they don’t even sell kids sizes, this tee is intended for adults, well, people old enough that they should be adults by now. Still, Halloween is coming up, so there’s a decent real-world, non-ironic-hipster use for this tee. I guess I’m going a little bit overboard, it is quite a clever concept from Think Geek, but I just can’t imagine anyone actually wearing this.

Costiness=$19.99 Available from Think Geek


French hoodie by Commune at Need Supply Co.

by Andy on September 9, 2009


Is it a little sad that it’s almost a shock when I post a hoodie nowadays? Hopefully that will be changing when the days start getting shorter, the nights colder, and companies start releasig their Autumn/Winter lines (which should have some sleeved goods if they know what’s good for them).

I found this hoodie on NOTCouture, so I expected the pricetag to be heart-attack inducingly high, but in reality it’s actually very reasonable, especially considering that it’s clearly no ordinary hoodie.

Costiness=$72 Available from Need Supply Co.

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Front Zip Middle Sleeve One-Piece by Graniph

by Andy on September 8, 2009

Front Zip Middle Sleeve One-Piece(Heather Gray) LADIES ITEM - Design Tshirts Store graniph_1252337656989

Clever item of clothing alert!

It’s probably quite hard to see what’s going with this piece (and I’m calling it a piece because I have no idea what it should be called, and judging by the title neither do Graniph) from the pic, but the yellow piece of material is actually sewn onto the grey part, and you can have it unzipped, fully zipped, or mess around with having it partially zipped low, high, or in the middle as shown. I think it’s quite cool, but I’m a guy and they don’t make a male version, so I don’t have to think about whether I’d actually wear it, ladies, what do you think?

Costiness= JPY 3,500 Available from Graniph


Sloth by Squidfire

by Andy on August 13, 2009


How cute is this!

Costiness=$25 Available from Squidfire [via OMG Tees, look at the comments, how ironic that I took 9 months to post this]


Sheet of Paper by The Quiet Life

by Andy on August 5, 2009

sheet of paper t-shirt by the quiet life

Costiness=$25 Available from The Quiet Life [via Rumplo]


Fake Knapsack T-shirt by Graniph

by Andy on July 29, 2009

13854-0 13854-1

I’m such a sucker for ‘fake’ tees, not fake as in ‘Kalvin Clein’ or ‘Louis Vitton’ of ‘Hyde Your Arms’, but tees that make you do a double-take and question what you’re seeing for a just a second. This tee does a pretty good job of that, it raises a smile, and if that isn’t a good enough reason for wearing a tee then I don’t know what is.

Costiness=JPY 2,500 (about $23.75) Available from Graniph [via Rumplo]


org_hand_31948 org_leathel_36655 org_colorize_55041

My apologies for the page of pics before getting down to the text (because I know you hang off my every word… right? Guys? Hello? Is anyone reading?), but I wanted to show you a few designs so that the effect was clear. Basically, as the tee gets hotter, presumably from body heat, parts of the design change colour, changing the tone of the entire design. As you can probably guess from the title, this is an idea that I really like, I’d like to see it in reality rather than in mock-ups, but Ink Fruit are clearly trying something really interesting. I’d probably be just as excited about the designs as the special ink if they hadn’t put the text on the tree & suitcase designs, but I guess I can’t have everything. I should probably point out that I can’t find the above tees in their catalogue, which is disappointing (I’d written the rest of the post before noticing), so I would expect that these tees are currently being produced, sorry to get you all excited.

Also make sure you check out Ink Fruit‘s other tees, they’re a(nother) design contest that have some great tees in their catalogue. [via Shirtlog]


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