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Post image for FrogFacedSouply closing down, all tees must go for £7

This is a real pity, I liked the design over at FrogFacedSouply and the guys running the brand were really nice too, but sometimes these things just don’t work out.

…and we kinda feel fine. Two years ago we started FrogFacedSouply because we
wanted something different, something that we would wear, something that we
couldn’t find out there already, something that was unique. Trying to achieve
this we’ve met some remarkable and talented people. We’ve had fun and
frustration in equal measures.
Was it worth it? HELL YEAH! Having people buy and like something you have made,
there’s no better feeling.
So it’s sad to say good-bye to it all.
Due to pressures from the other job (the one that really pays the bills)
FrogFacedSouply has had to take a back seat for the last 7-8 months or so. But
now we just don’t have enough time to give it the attention it deserves.
In the back of every FrogFacedSouply tee is a quote from Andy Warhol ‘They
always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them
yourself’ – for two years it felt like we did!

I think that at £7 you’re going to struggle to get a cheaper high-quality shirt in the UK, so head over there and help them clear the shelves.


imperfect articles closing down sale

Sad news, Imperfect Articles are going to be closing down in the next three weeks after being in the business for as long as I’ve been blogging (I still have their stickers all over my desk). I think they were one of the first people to take a chance on sending a sample tee my way, and it was good quality, so I’m assuming that things haven’t changed over the years and they’re still committed to quality.

To help clear out the rest of their inventory they’re offering a massive 50% off with the coupon code final, but be quick as sizes are very limited.


thread thirst closing

Elliot from Thread Thirst got in touch to let me know he’s decided to call time on his brand and that he’s hoping to pursue writing in the future. To try and clear out inventory and put a few more coins into his traveling fund he’s reduced the price of all his shirt to £6.50 with reduced international shipping as well. You’ve only got until Sunday to take advantage of this offer though, as Elliot will be turning off the website then.



Rarely do I contemplate companies that I’m not focusing on every day closing. I think about the longevity of a new daily t-shirt site when I see it arrive on the scene with youthful confidence, but a company like PopJunkie is like a rock, you don’t expect them to move or stop doing what they do. Unfortunately, PopJunkie are going to stop doing what they do, which is/was make very nice t-shirts hoodies and a few other things as well, and they’d been doing it for 10 years.

They need to clear the shelves before they move on, and they’re offering a massive 70% off your order with the coupon farewell, which I’m sure will be more than enough to tempt a lot of you to check the site out.


T-shirt News Roundup for January 16th

by Andy on January 16, 2012

mythbusters t-shirt

Dexter’s Laboratory meets Mythbusters in this shirt from Teefury.

Y’know, I’ve never seen Donnie Darko, judging by the amount of shirts about it, including this one from Qwertee, I probably should (lots of shirts usually = a good movie).

Shirt.Woot have a delightful 8-bit Ghostbusters design.

Strangely, RIPT also have a Ghostbusters shirt, though with a Muppets twist.

Glow in the dark shirt from The Yetee.

Nowhere Bad have a Portal inspired shirt.

OtherTees have a nice Sherlock design. Did anyone see the last episode of the current run last night? That show is so damn good.

24Tee are selling a familiar stormtrooper design.

TeeRaiders have a Firefly design that I didn’t need to Google to work out what it was.

Quite a pretty Twitter design from

GraphicLab have a Portal shirt on sale all this week.

Tee Mashups is closing, which is unfortunate, though at least they are being up front about things and are sending refunds to people that will not receive their shirts.

Star Wars comes to Shirt Punch today.

Not my kind of tee at DBH today, but interesting nevertheless.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling Greg Abbott’s lovely fox design again.

Glennz has turned five of his designs into iPhone wallpapers (may also work with other smartphones, I’m not sure).

Tony over at Wrongwroks has released a parka jacket in five different colours.

Perception Apparel have put three of their tees on sale for $10.

Halfcut Clothing have released a shirt to celebrate their involvement with the Blind Tiger Collective. Use coupon code hcc10 to get 10% off your order in their store.

The official press release for the Boston Tee Party has been released, it doesn’t cover much new ground but it’s nice to have it all be ‘official’.

Big Cartel let us know about some of their milestones in 2012, such as collective store sales of over $100,000,000 from their almost 200,000 stores.

Mighty Fine are running a competition with Marvel to find an amazing Avengers t-shirt design with the winner receiving up to $2,500.

Johnny Cupcakes has a couple of new tees, and a couple of new hats in his stores.

Here’s Rihanna wearing a Celine t-shirt that probably cost more than my whole outfit.


Goodbye, The Fat Seagull

by Andy on May 20, 2011

the fat seagull

Continuing what appears to be a trend in the indie clothing community of blogs and brands shutting down, The Fat Seagull has become too fat and will be put down for it’s own good. As is often the case with blogging, they’ve just got too much other stuff going on to find to update the site, and so decided to shut down rather than keep it in limbo being updated every so often. No word on whether their archives will remain online indefinitely or what will be happening to the site.

You shall be missed.


Burn It All Down_1257274287502

It’s always unfortunate when a company decides to shut it’s doors and stop selling tees, but in this case as District Cotton closes, Brett, the guy behind DC, is keeping in the tee business with a brand called Good Tee that will be providing socially responsible t-shirt printing. Of course, with District Cotton closing down, they’ve got some stock that needs to be disposed of, which means organic tees for less than $10, and a few of the tees are $5, so expect them to be snapped up fast!

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I got word through yesterday that Black Sea Apparel would be closing down soon and are holding a store-wide sale to clear out the shelves. Tees are priced as low as $13 (which they remind us is actually less than the price of a blank American Apparel shirt from one of AA’s hipster-fortresses stores), and hoodies can be bought for $25 a pop, which is a great deal.

It’s always sad when a store closes, but especially so in the case of Black Sea as they were advertisers here on HYA for a pretty long time last year, which means that the blame for their closure almost certainly lies on you readers that just sit back and read the content without checking out the advertisers. For shame!*

In reality, Justin has just decided that Black Sea has run its course and would now prefer to concentrate on freelance graphic design jobs and hopefully move into an interior design career, though Black Sea will continue doing merchandise fulfillment. Good luck buddy!

*I kid, I kid, you guys are great, no really… wait, where are you going?


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