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Duck Hunt and more at BustedTees this week

by Andy on April 11, 2012

NES duck hunt t-shirt

If it’s in the title you guys can probably guess that my favourite of the week’s new releases from BustedTees is the Duck Hunt design, but they’re all pretty wearable.


T-shirt news for February 15th

by Andy on February 15, 2012

doctor who t-shirt

Y’know, it’s been weird not writing about Doctor Who t-shirts every day, TeeFury have brought me right back into it with this great tee though.

Shirt.Woot have a rather interesting Zelda shirt.

Sons of Anarchy x He-Man at RIPT today.

Okay gang, time to play the “tell Andy what this shirt is referencing” game since I have no idea.

Nowhere Bad have a shirt for all those rage moments you get whilst gaming.

I can’t really take too much heat with my meals, but for those of you that do 24tee have a shirt that may be right up your alley.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Community’s paintball episode was one of the finest half hours of my life, thanks for the reminder TeeRaiders.

Mathiole gets some love with this colourful shirt at DBH today.

This shirt is $11 instead of $20 in BustedTees daily deal (which has 2 days to run… aka not daily).

Deadmau5 wore a t-shirt with Skrillex’s phone number on it to the Grammy’s, that little rascal.

RIPT have a great video (6:31 long) explaining every step in the process of creating one of their shirts, it’s a great walkthrough and worth a few minutes of your time. I didn’t realise that RIPT did their printing in-house, I’d always presumed that the daily sites outsourced their printing work.

Cottonable noticed that Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is running a design comepetition with MASScanvas.

IAMTHETREND have a great review of Capitl Clothing.

krudmart are holding an end of Winter sale.


Three new t-shirts at Snorgtees

by Andy on January 26, 2012

funny t-shirt s at snorgtees

That pig shirt is sooo cute (and delicious!), solid week from Snorg.


i hate clowns

I know that I Hate Clowns aren’t really the kind of style that usually frequents HYA (other than this Experimental Jetset tee) , but they went to the trouble of making up a coupon code, so it would be remiss not to mention it. Use the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS to receive a 17% discount on your order.


I Hate Experimental Jetset Clowns

by Andy on June 9, 2010

I hate clowns experimental jetset t-shirt

This tee is a bit late for my list of Experimental Jetset t-shirts, but if you hate clowns (and they usually are pretty creepy creatures), this tee has arrived just in time!

UPDATE: Get 17% off with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at I Hate Clowns

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