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Winter Collection released at Glamour Kills

by Andy on October 26, 2012

Post image for Winter Collection released at Glamour Kills

This latest collection from Glamour Kills is pretty understated, surprisingly so, but Winter isn’t exactly a time for bright patterns unless you’re on a ski slope, and even then it’s pretty questionable.


diamond supply co. UK stockist

I’ve heard the name of Diamond Supply Co. around quite a lot recently so they must be quite a big deal even if I don’t see what the fuss is about based on these three tees. Different strokes for different folks though, and my British chums can pick up these goods from Street Casuals.


Icebreaker F/W 2010 Collection

by Andy on September 1, 2010

icebreaker jacket

I know this post is off the beaten path for HYA (though philosophically it shouldn’t be), but I am a really, really big fan of Icebreaker, a company that make amazing products using merino wool, shawn from sheep in New Zealand (each item actually comes with a ‘baacode’ you can use to find the farm origin of the wool in your garment). It’s so incredible in fact, that when my brother spent a couple of weeks climbing mountains in Kyrgyzstan last month, when he came back the Icebreaker top he took with him didn’t stink, even though by his own admission their opportunities to wash (other than in glacial water) were pretty limited.

The problem with Icebreaker was that whilst I really liked the tops, they weren’t astoundingly fashionable, something appears to have changed for the better in this Fall/Winter release. Sure, it’s not that cheap, but you really get what you pay for with Icebreaker, and now you can look cool wearing it. [via Josh Spear]


Applebum Tiny Dots Zip Up Parka

by Andy on March 24, 2010

doot parka by applebum

Before you get all excited, this parka is unfortunately sold out at Japanese label Applebum, but I liked it so much that I couldn’t resist posting it. [via HighSnobiety]


Autumns over in Australia!

by Andy on September 16, 2008

I’d really like to pat myself on the back for such a great post title, bravo me, bravo Andy, you devilishly handsome man.

See, the reason why that title is so awesome is because Autumns is the name of a web store in Australia that sell great brands like Beautiful/Decay, Obey, People Like Us, and Tank Theory. Autumn is also a season (you Americans call it ‘Fall’ for what I presume is a dumb reason… oh), and since its actually Spring in Australia, clearly Autumn is over in Australia. I guess you could also say that Autumn hasn’t been yet, but that would make my post title seem less awesome, so stop ruining my fun you over-thinker!

Autumns have only been around since early August, so if any of you Aussies haven’t checked them out yet, head on over, because I’ve heard that you can sometimes struggle to get stuff shipped over to you with some online stores in the US and hopefully Autumns can help you with that problem.


*In the comments Cameron from Autumns has generously offered us a coupon code that will get you 10% off your order. The coupon code is hideyourcoupon.

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