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As you may be able to tell from the picture above, I went to Washington DC at the weekend, what you can’t tell is that I went with my brother who came over to America for a couple of weeks, and during that time tourism took precedence over blogging, as I’m sure you’ll be able to understand. I am having a great time here in Philly, but when you don’t see your friends or family for a couple of months you feel rather justified taking a few days off writing about t-shirts when someone flies across an ocean to visit you.

However, as I write this my brother is on a plane back to jolly old England, so that means I can re-commence writing silly posts that I’m still kind of amazed that anyone reads. What better way to start things off than with another blogger telling me I’m cool?

Color Overload, which is now being run by a fellow called Darren, has written a list of his favourite tee bloggers, and I’m very happy to be included on it, especially with the extremely accurate description of me being ‘an original t-shirt blogging gangsta’… straight outta the Lake District, yo!


So you want to start a clothing line, huh?

by Andy on January 14, 2009


I’ve never started a clothing line, so coming to me for advice on the nuts and bolts of everything would be, to be frank, risky. So instead of writing up some pointers for you that might not necessarily make any sense, I’m going to point you towards a few links, that may be of help.

How To Start A Clothing Line is a blog about European literature in the early 19th century, well, if you can’t work out what that blog is about then I’m amazed you were able to get on the internet. It is written by Jon Kruse, the guy behind Mediocore Clothing, who happened to turn 25 yesterday (Happy Birthday Jon!), and features pretty much every aspect of starting your own line, from boring admin stuff to designing and printing tees, as well as marketing so that you can actually sell the tees after putting so much time and effort into them. There’s also interviews with other people in the industry.

Fuel For Design is an ebook by Gino from Color Overload. If you can get over the excited(!) marketing speak on the website, I have it on good authority that it’s worth the $37, I’m sure I read other reviews saying it was good, but I can’t remember where they are now, although Rude Retro questions whether Gino has the experience to write such a book.

The Art of Apparel. This blog is like a regular tee blog, but with more of a focus on the industry side of things, recently got caught up in major drama for posting an interview in which someone said what they thought.

Emptees. Sometimes you’ll get absolutely nailed by forum members that would rather make a joke than help you (they’re mostly harmless though), but if you want to know pretty much anything about the tee biz then the answer can be found here. Make sure you use the search function before asking a question though.

T-Shirt Forums. Like Emptees, except without the Lolcats.

That should probably get you started, if anyone can think of any more wonderful resources please let me know in the comments.

Update: I happened to come across a couple more resources you may find interesting/helpful:

47 Essential Resources for T-Shirt Designers at GoMediaZine

23 Great Apparel Related Design Articles at My Ink Blog [via… someone, I can’t remember who, if you’re a tee blogger that posted this please let me know and I’ll link you up]


Thunderfrogs 1st birthday competition

by Andy on November 19, 2008

Thuderfrogs, the British-based blog that seems to be increasing neglecting the horse-y part of its “t-shirts and horse racing niche”, is one year old, and what do you do on your birthday? Give away presents, of couse! Wait, what?

All you have to do to stand a chance of winning a tee of your choice from both Color Overload and Found Item Clothing is go over to the competition page on Thunderfrogs to find out what the almost insultingly easy question is and e-mail in your answer before the competition closes on November 28th. There will be two winners, so your odd of winning just got doubled!

Photo credit: Jessica Driver


Cotton Filter: 080908

by Andy on September 8, 2008

victoriabay (Large)

[Picture unrelated to anything in this post, I just like it] Ha, the Cotton Filter is back, I didn’t think I’d ever write another of these again once I started posting a lot more articles (8 posts a days sometimes), but here’s a few little bits of news that I didn’t feel warranted a whole post of their own:

  • Preshrunk is back! I’m sure I’ve written those words before, but I think Jason is serious this time, last time he resumed blogging I think it lasted for a week, this time its almost been a month! Also, in a shameless grab for followers on Twitter, he’s randomly offering Threadless gift certificates to people that follow the Preshrunk Twitter account (and you can always follow me as well if you want).
  • Color Overload has started a forum, and whilst it doesn’t yet have the membership of emptees of T-Shirt Forums, there does seem to be a lot of good discussion going on.
  • I’m moving to Philadelphia! If I were a smart man I’d probably not mention this since all the details and logistics haven’t been worked out yet, but I have accepted an internship in Philly that will hopefully be starting in a few months. This isn’t a permanent move, but I am very excited about living in America for a short while and eating loads of cheesesteaks. If you’re worried about what will happen to HYA whilst I’m there, the internship isn’t full-time so I don’t expect there to be too much impact upon post frequency.
  • I’ve also started blogging for a company that I wrote about month or so ago called Pop Vulture. I’d like to point out that I wrote that review before they contacted me about writing for them, so there was no conflict of interest. I’m not writing about tees, its political/social commentary (I don’t promote their clothing directly), which is quite refreshing and enjoyable for me to write. We’re aiming for an article a day over there, so please subscribe to the RSS feed if you haven’t got enough Andy over here at HYA!
  • The galleries are now Lightbox enabled! This means that when you click on one of the thumbnails on a post with a gallery on it a pretty Ajax box will pop up showing you the picture in full size and by clicking on the left or the right of the picture you can see the next one in the gallery, saving you from clicking on the picture, looking at it, clicking ‘back’ in your browser, then repeating the process, I’m saving you a whole click! That’s 25% more efficient! One problem with it that I’ve found is that if you click on a gallery whilst not on a single post (like the front page) it will allow you to see all the gallery pictures that are on that page, rather than the related gallery, but I don’t think its too big of an issue.
  •! Surprisingly enough, this is a site where you can trade tees. Obviously, a site like this is only as strong as its users (you get a few scammers in there and it could fall apart pretty easily), but there are some cool looking tees up for trade, so if you’re a tee producer that wants to get some swapping done, or you’ve got some tees in your closet that you’re never going to wear, TeeTrade might be worth a look.

    10 Bad Ass Big Cartel Stores

    by Andy on June 11, 2008

    I know I’ve already linked to another of my tee blogging brethren today, but since I haven’t got much time to dedicate to blogging this week it seems like a good idea to highlight other good work being done by tee bloggers.

    Color Overload have written up a list of 10 bad ass stores that have their store powered by the Big Cartel service, we’ve taken a look at most of them on HYA in the past, but its worth a minute or two of your time. Check out the article here.


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