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star wars asteroids t-shirt

Being the tee geek that I am the thing which I find extra interesting about these three Star Wars t-shirts from Super7 is that they’re produced in conjunction with Mighty Fine, which means that you need have no guilty qualms, these are an officially licensed garment. Very cool designs, and all original concepts as far as I’m aware. They will first be on sale to the hordes at Comic Con this weekend (at booth #4729), but I presume that they’ll make their way online soon enough.



I’m sure that when most of you look at this tee from ThinkGeek you’ll probably be reminded of The Big Bang Theory (I may be overestimating the popularity of that show a bit)*, but this addition to rock, paper, scissors can actually be traced back to this dude.

Costiness=$15.99 Available from ThinkGeek [Flickr photo by Earthdog]

*Actually, a lot of people are probably thinking “what? Girls go to Comic Con? Awesome!”


gallery_enlarged-0726_olivia_munn_comiccon_03 gallery_enlarged-0726_olivia_munn_comiccon_07

Here’s the only person that geeks like more than Megan Fox, Olivia Munn, wearing a Wonder Woman tee whilst at Comic Con in San Diego at the weekend. My question is this, anyone know where it’s on sale? Obviously it’s been cut up/sexified by her/her stylist, but presumably the original can be found… somewhere.


Capcom’s totally badass zombie tee

by Andy on July 20, 2009

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You’ve probably seen this on a zillion other blogs before this one, but I was a tad busy last week going overboard on the Star Wars tees (btw, there will be no more 202 item lists, it’s just too much), which is why it had to wait until now. Of course, you’d never catch me wearing this tee as I don’t have the rippling abs of a Greek God.

Capcom are apparently going to be giving them out for free at Comic Con, if you want one may I recommend you get to their booth early?

Capcom Blog

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Flickr Finds: Kiss Troopers

by Andy on August 28, 2008

I know that everyone is going gaga over the new Star Wars x Marc Ecko line that is doing the rounds at the moment, but I found another collaboration (presumably not quite as official) on Flickr that I thought was really cool. Oh, and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find that this photo was taken at Comic Con.

Usual caveat: this picture is listed as ‘all rights reserved,’ but hopefully the photographer (earthdog) won’t mind me showing this awesome tee to a few more people.


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