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Daily t-shirt news releases for April 12th

by Andy on April 12, 2012

Cute Thundercats t-shirt

At least we can say this Thundercats t-shirt at TeeFury is cute, whether I’d want to wear it…

Very nice from Shirt.Woot. I had a friend that uttered this phrase once, we still mock him for it to this day (in that way groups of guys never forget anything embarrassing about each other.

Metroid meets Boba Fett at RIPT today and it looks mighty nice.

Five famous weapons at Qwertee.

Kong Barrel Co. makes an appearance at Shirt Punch.

I’m just going to presume that this design at TeeRaiders is to do with The Last Airbender (the film with no ending IIRC), and you can tell me I’m wrong in the comments.

Pretty nice from DBH today (oh, and get 25% off with the coupon code DBHSTAFF).

America is ready for Change at BustedTees.

Made in the Now point out that Disneyland Paris is in almost €2 billion of debt as it celebrates it’s 20th birthday.

Fibertopic react to the $1 billion sale of Instagram to Facebook.

Tee Busters have a shirt mashup of the two most famous Dexter’s on TV.

Among Villains have put all their shirts on sale for $15 this month. are running an Invader Zim design contest with a cash prize of up to $2,500.

Terratag‘s lucky dip mystery bags won’t be available forever.

Justin Bieber wore what looks like quite a cool t-shirt, from the side at least.


official avengers t-shirt

Very impressive lineup of winners from the collaborative contest with Marvel to celebrate the upcoming Avengers film. I watched Thor at the weekend and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected so I’m looking forward to what I presume to be the blockbuster ‘event’ of the Summer movie season.

There’s some really nice shirts amongst the winners here (with the grand prize winner being seen at the top of the post), there’s nothing particualrly outrageous or revolutionary but they all use the source material well and each shirt offers something different, which I’m sure isn’t a coincidence.

They’re all available now at

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To celebrate reaching over 200 followers on Twitter, Dodozero has decided to give away a free t-shirt to celebrate the love.

All you have to do is tweet your own doodle of a dodo, quoting ‘Check out my #dodoodle’ to @dodozer0 – how’s that sound?

Doodles can be simple or intricate, on pen and paper, no photoshopping! The best one will be chosen on Easter Sunday 8 April at 22.00 GMT so please get your entries in. Good luck and bonus points for retweeting this to your followers!

Andy: Pretty neat idea for a contest, thanks for the submission!

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T-shirt news for April 5th

by Andy on April 5, 2012

doctor who biff phone box t-shirt

“Biff has the phone box” at TeeFury today.

Shirt.Woot are on the Big Bang Theory catchphrase train.

An understated Hunger Games shirt at RIPT today (FYI, the epic Hunger Games list has suffered recently after a lot more HG shirts were removed from RedBubble).
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tee madness 2012

8-bit Zombie (who we will have an interview with soon) have been crowned as the champions of the TeeMadness 2012 competition after a very closely fought final round in which 8BZ won with 1448 votes compared to 1437 for La Muerta.

David over at Seibei claimed 3rd place whilst Capitl Clothing took 4th place. Well done to Adam at IATT for running the competition again, it must be a huge amount of work for him.

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dark knight rises competition

As far as t-shirt tie-ins with movies go it doesn’t really get much bigger than this. The Dark Knight Rises will likely be the biggest movie of the year (I doubt it will be better than the last Batman film, but I will gladly be proved wrong in July when it’s released), and Design By Humans have been tasked with finding official t-shirts for the movie. This is definitely something of a coup for DBH, especially as the final winners are going to be chosen by Christopher Nolan himself. Here’s a rundown of the prizes to be awarded to the top ten submissions:

1st Place: $3,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
2nd Place: $3,000 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
3rd Place: $2,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
4th Place: $2,000 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
5th Place: $1,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
6th – 10th Place: Option to sell artwork to DBH

Submissions are open now and will remain open until April 11th, the voting fun begins on April 22nd.

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T-shirt news for March 19th

by Andy on March 19, 2012

star wars t-shirt

So, I guess we could call this a Star Wars x Star Wars mashup at TeeFury?

Random shirts at Shirt.Woot for $6.66 today.

RIPT drop a Skyrim tee today.

Brilliant pirate typography shirt up at Qwertee.

Shirt Punch have a Sherlock Holmes tee that will make little sense to the vast majority of British viewers, which says a lot about the global popularity of the show.

There’s an alien invasion at Nowhere Bad.

Snake make an appearance at The Yetee.

I had to Google it, but this shirt at OtherTees references the high school attended by the Power Rangers.

When it comes to old school nerd tee designs it doesn’t get much older than this at 24tee.

TeeRaiders have a Supernatural referencing design for us.

Delightful shirt up at DBH today.

Lego gets some love at GraphicLab today.

Three fun new designs from Goodjoe.

Shirt Vegas have three new pop culture tees available this week as part of their pre-launch.

Made in the Now salute the thai billionaire who invented Red Bull who died at the weekend.

I’m fairly sure that this was the first ever tee that Tilteed offered and it’s back for another day.

Wrongwroks have released a military style shirt.

Miles To Go will release their Spring collection on Wednesday, and I’ll probably forget to mention it.

Speaking of MTG, here’s a speed run video of one of the new designs.

The Mancunianist is a new street-style blog focusing on Manchester.

TTG are running a big giveaway with Branded Baron.


T-shirt News for March 15th

by Andy on March 15, 2012

blade runner t-shirt

Blade Runner shirt at TeeFury. It’s my favourite movie and I’m glad to see it get some attention.

Adorable D&D x apocalyptic asteroid x dinosaurs t-shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

Very nice Zelda shirt hits RIPT today.
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T-shirt news for March 12th

by Andy on March 12, 2012

calvin & hobbes t-shirt

I’m not going to pretend that I know a lot about Calvin and Hobbes, but this shirt from TeeFury is fantastic.

This Shirt.Woot tees doesn’t make sense to most Brits because what you Americans call a ‘boot’ we call a ‘clamp’, both words are okay, but naturally I think that since we invented English our choice of term is superior.

Y’know, it’s actually been quite a while since we’ve seen a Doctor Who t-shirt, thanks RIPT.
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Hi Andy,
I thought you and your readers would be interested in hearing about the Design Comp we have going on here at Das Monk right now. It is open to all artists and designers, with the winner grabbing US$500 plus a spot in our Artist Collective (and a t-shirt no doubt!). Last year we had over 500 entries and we expect this year to be even bigger so we’d love you to spread the word via Hide Your Arms.
You can see all competition details here.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Andy: I love it when people treat the post submission page like sending me an e-mail, it feels so much more personal and as if they actually want to be involved with the site rather than just getting their publicity and never being in contact again.

This post was submitted by Brooke Hendrick.


xbox and kinect giveaway

As far as giveaways go this one is fairly impressive. Boulevard (or BLVD, I’m not sure which they prefer) are going to give an Xbox and a Kinect to someone that makes a purchase in their store between now and April 30th. Each order counts as one entry up to a maximum of 3 entries. It’s posts like this that remind me I really need to work on my swing on Kinect golf, and that if I really want to get fit I shouldn’t be going to the pool 3 nights a week I should be doing an hour of Dance Central (the sweat, oh my word the sweat!).


scott pilgrim t-shirt design contest

I’ve been sitting on this contest for a bit too long, but you’ve got until March 28th to get your design in so I don’t feel too guilty. WeLoveFine have a knack for picking up big licenses and getting involved with big names and this is no different. They’re on the hunt for a t-shirt design to match up to the pop culture juggernaut that is Scott Pilgrim, and one of the people judging all the design submissions is Bryan Lee O’Malley, the guy that created the Scott Pilgrim series of comics. The minimum prize is $1000 to the winner, but that could go up to $2500 depending on now many total votes are cast in the competition. Here’s a run down of the prizes up for grabs:

Grand Prize: Up to $2,500! We will start the grand prize at $1,000. We will track the number of ratings in the contest; for every 100 new ratings after 100,000 ratings, the dollar value of the grand prize will go up $1. Be sure to tell ALL your friends, family and internet pals to rate every design! With enough rates, the prize could reach a maximum of $2,500 cash!

Guest Judge’s pick (2): Our guest judges will each select their personal favorite design, and those artists will win $400 cash!

Runners-Up (2): Two runners-up will receive a $150 gift certificate for

Honorable Mention (5): Five honorable mentions will receive a $50 gift certificate for

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from this contest since I was a big fan of the film so I’ll try and remember to keep up with it and relay the updates to you guys.


T-shirt News for March 6th

by Andy on March 6, 2012

pee wee herman t-shirt

Pee Wee Herman gets an interesting shirt at TeeFury.

Nicely executed design at Shirt.Woot.

Apparently this is a Final Fantasy shirt at RIPT today.
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free custom stickers

Our friends at Sticker Mule want to give two winners $100 in free stickers. Sticker Mule is an awesome custom sticker printer, and good people to know if you’re a t-shirt shirt designer. They print very high quality vinyl stickers, I used them earlier this month when I wanted some Rigu stickers making and I was very impressed with what I received (and I paid for the service, this competition happening now is a complete coincidence). They make ordering as simple as possible, making your artwork print ready for free, provide a free online proof with every order, and responding quickly to support requests.

Here are some shots of their work:

The Prize: $100 each in store credit at Sticker Mule for two winners (one picked from each entry method). This can be used on any product in store (they offer several types of custom sticker, and also iphone/iPad/laptop/Kindle skins).

To Enter: There are two ways to enter, and two ways to win. Firstly, you can leave a comment on this blog post saying what you’d do with the store credit, or secondly, you can tweet the following message:

I want to win $100 of store credit from @stickermule & @hideyourarms. RT to enter

Contest Ends: 03/14/2012 (March 14th 2012)

Good luck to everyone!!


jem design contest

As a 27 year old guy I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that I’m not really up on my “80s cartoons aimed at girls that only lasted for 3 seasons” but apparently I am on the wrong side of pop culture in this case, because Mighty Fine/ (I don’t really know what I’m meant to call them) are running a JEM t-shirt design competition with a prize of up to $2500 and that suggests to me that quite a lot of people are/were quite excited about the show. One cool aspect of this competition is that they have brought in the original voice of Jem to be a judge. You’ve got until March 23rd to get your entries in and I’ve included all the details after the break.
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T-shirt News for February 27th

by Andy on February 27, 2012

doctor who t-shirt

This is definitely one of the better Doctor Who designs that I’ve seen for a while from TeeFury, very nice work indeed.

Ninja chameleon from Shirt.Woot, ha!

Zelda gets a new mashup at RIPT.
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springleap t-shirt

This tee went on sale at Springleap before I started paying closer attention to their releases, so this is actually the first time that I’ve seen “Longing to Breathe”, but I think that it’s pretty cool and I can see why it has been voted as their top tee of 2011 over at South Africa’s premiere (only?) design contest. I’m not sure if there was a prize attached with being voted top or if it was just bragging rights, but congratulations to designer kookylove nevertheless.


mental-floss t-shirts

I have a couple of issues of the Mental Floss magazine (not available in the UK, but I am famous Andy from the Internet so these things just happen to me sometime), and it’s a really good read filled with smart and funny articles. That coveted smart and funny combo follows through into their tees as well, and if you fancy the chance of winning 12 of those shirts (one per month presumably) all you have to do is submit your details here.


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