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rihanna nike t-shirt complex photoshoot

It’s fairly frustrating that some of the more popular articles on this site are for celebrities wearing t-shirts, because HYA is an indie blog at heart, but I have to recognise that there is a fascination with celebrities (that I’m guilty of as much as anyone else) and what they wear. This is the kind of thing which will keep HYA popular and ensure the sites long-term survival, so celebrities in t-shirts is something you’ll be seeing more of on the site. Also, Rihanna is pretty hot, so any excuse really (also, some of the pictures in the gallery may be NSFW depending on how cool your boss is).

I’ve had a bit of a hunt around and it would appear that this tee is vintage, and genuinely vintage at that as in it’s actually from the 80s, so you don’t seem to be able to buy it new anywhere. There was an exact match on sale here at Etsy but that sold in April back in 2011, and I did a similar shirt at Rokit, but the print colour is light blue so it’s not quite the same and that appears to have been sold too.

Know where you can buy this shirt? Let us know in the comments!

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