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Post image for There’s 20% off in Concrete Coasts Valentine’s Day Sale

It would appear that today has inadvertently turned into ‘sales day’ on HYA, which just goes to show how little I plan things, news comes in and news goes out.

Get 20% off everything at Concrete Coast with the coupon code Valentine from now until February 20th.


End of the World sale at Concrete Coast

by Andy on December 21, 2012

Post image for End of the World sale at Concrete Coast

Concrete Coast


not a walking billboard t-shirt

I suppose the irony here is that they do still have their logo on the shirt.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Concrete Coast in Black / White


Post image for “Space” is new in for the ladies at Concrete Coast

I think I prefer this weeks new tee at Concrete Coast in black, not that there’s anything wrong with the white version.

Costiness=$26 Buy it in Black / White


Concrete Coast latest tee is a bit DFFRNT

by Andy on December 5, 2012

Post image for Concrete Coast latest tee is a bit DFFRNT

Concrete Coast continue their recent run of adding a shirt to their site every week. I don’t like this one as much as the others but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Concrete Coast


Post image for “SunBirds” the latest weekly tee from Concrete Coast

Concrete Coast have set themselves a challenge of dropping a new shirt each week in the run up to Christmas, the latest design is called SunBirds and I think that it is pretty neat.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at CC Guys / Girls


Post image for Concrete Coast launch their first women’s shirt

It’s going to be interesting seeing what Concrete Coast do with their weekly tees releases, this week they have introduced their first ever t-shirt in a women’s cut. It’s a simple design but I think it will appeal to the surfer types out there.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Concrete Coast


Post image for Concrete Coast release their first weekly shirt, ‘Concrete Swell’

Concrete Coast are a brand that like to mix the skating and surfing lifestyle, so I think it’s pretty apparent where the inspiration came from with this design. The design is the first in a series of shirts as part of their ambitious schedule of releasing a new shirt every week up until Christmas. This shirt was actually released at the end of last week, so you’ll propably be seeing two new items from Concrete Coast on HYA this week. Each shirt costs $26 (including free US shipping) and is available now.


Post image for Just Launched: Concrete Coast Clothing [Submitted]

Concrete Coast Clothing is a brand new company that I just started over the summer. I created the brand after realizing how many t-shirt companies “designs” were basically just the logo repeated over and over in different colors and patterns. The idea behind Concrete Coast is to create clothing that doesn’t make it’s wearer a walking billboard. I print on American Apparel shirts that are very soft and made in the USA, because I believe it makes the most sense to save resources by having clothes printed where they are going to be sold. All prints are made using environmentally friendly water based inks because they don’t have a feeling on the shirt and are the most comfortable.

Currently Concrete Coast is having a $10 sale where most shirts are just $10! Thank you for checking out my brand and I can’t wait to start producing the next new batch of shirts!

Andy: With this being HYA the ‘just launched’ bit doesn’t apply that much anymore with this submission being about a week old, but they’re still having the $10 sale so do head on over and check them out.

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