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concrete hermit sale

We haven’t heard from Concrete Hermit for quite some time, which is a bit of a pity as I like those guys and always enjoy seeing their latest items. However, I also enjoy a good deal so it’s nice to check out what they’ve got in their sale too. Not just tees but other clothing and prints too. There’s also free shipping if you spend more than £40, which is quite easy to do there.

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concrete hermit sale

Last few days is probably a little over the top, you have got until June 30th, but at 50% off I’d expect sizes to be getting limited now on popular items.

Concrete Hermit 50% off sale

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concrete hermit sale

When you look at the calibre of designer that Concrete Hermit can attract it’s pretty ridiculous that you can pick up these shirts (the ones above and many more) for a mere £12.50 a piece, a price that might prove tempting to American readers, especially as the exchange rate seems to have swung your way a little bit recently. Check out all the sale t-shirts here.


concrete hermit spring summer 2011 t-shirts

I randomly went on the Concrete Hermit website today to see if they had anything new going on, and yes, they do! I don’t know how long the S/S 2011 shirt collection has been available, but it looks mighty fine to me and if you haven’t seen it before then it’s probably well worth a couple of minutes of your time to check out one of my favourite British labels.


concrete hermit kingly court store

I forgot to mention that when I was in London a couple of weeks ago I passed by the new Concrete Hermit shop in Kingly Court (a boutique shopping arcade just off Carnaby Street). The shop is in the unit that Lazy Oaf used to occupy (I don’t know if they’ve moved or decided not to have a shop anymore), and I think the people behind Lazy Oaf and the people behind Concrete Hermit know each other, so it might be more than just a coincidence that CH now find themselves with this corner of Kingly Court. As it was about 8pm the store was obviously closed, but it looked good as I peered through the window and got some stares from passers-by as I took pictures of the shop front. If you’d like to see what it’s like inside, Creative-Idle has a few shots of the interior, I especially like the shopping basket bookshelves, and the arms as racks for the tees to be hung on, they’re creepy and fun, just how I like it!

If you happen to be in the area check it out, they’re on the first floor. By first floor I of course mean the ground floor, sorry.


concrete hermit kingly court

Obviously I’m not going to be there (10% off everything in store and free drinks sounds nice, but I’m not going to travel more than 300 miles for it), but I’m pretty excited about Concrete Hermit opening up their store on Thursday in the fashionable Kingly Court boutique shopping centre just-off Carnaby Strret in London.

The picture above suggests that they haven’t quite finished with the shop fitting (which comes as no surprised to someone whose been involved with shop fits in the past), as you’d usually see some kind of a sneak peek (or maybe they’re just really keeping it under wraps), but I’m sure it will look great on Thursday, especially since it will be filled with all their lovely goodies. If any HYAers pop by on Thursday and snap a picture or two of the new shop feel free to let me know, or file your own report!


cpncrete hermit kingly court

I really like Concrete Hermit, they’re the kind of people I’m glad to have in Britain bridging the scene between art and t-shirts, and the last couple of times I’ve been to London I’ve always tried to visit their shop/gallery off Brick Lane, but it’s a bit out of the way for a tourist like me, so them opening a new store just off one of the most famous shopping streets in the world is a pretty exciting development. The new shop is going to be in Kingly Court, which is like a mini-shopping centre for cool brands (and bars/restaurants/clubs) that aren’t quite big enough to be on Carnaby Street, but definitely deserve a share of the spotlight, and I’m sure that Concrete Hermit will fit right in. There’s no official date fore the opening, though it is promised to be ‘very soon’, so naturally I’ll let you know when the doors swing open.

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Sale time at Concrete Hermit

by Andy on July 30, 2010

anthony burrill mouth t-shirt

Not sure how long this sale will be going on but as long as it includes half-price books and other goodies then it’s definitely worth checking out. The e-mail I’ve got telling me about it is dated July 14th (my holiday really did come at a time when the whole world decided to e-mail me) so I’d suspect that they’re on the tail end of things now, so stock levels may be disappointing. Remember, there’s also free shipping if you spend £30 (for UK folks, £70 spend for the rest of the world).

Concrete Hermit Summer Sale


Newton by Concrete Hermit

by Andy on June 30, 2010

newton t-shirt by concrete hermit

This tee is a re-issue of a design that Concrete Hermit first released in 2007. Back then it was only available on a black tee (as it also is today), but I think that the white version is a lot fresher and wearable, not to say that the balck version sucks, but it’s sunny out, so I’m in a lighter mood.

Costiness=£19.99 Buy it at Concrete Hermit


concrete hermit free shipping

People never seem to get excited about free shipping offers.* I’ts understandable because it’s just shipping, but think about it, free shipping is actually a good discount, and shipping price can often be 10-20% of your total order cost, so it’s a damn good saving. Concrete Hermit are running free shipping on orders over £30 until the end of the month, and unusually this offer is extended to everyone in the entire world. These offers tend to be domestic, so if you’re a non-Brit that is pro-CH, this is a good time to make a purchase.

* How involved am I with the indie clothing world that I’m annoyed people don’t get excited by free shipping offers?

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Post image for Latest Artist Series T-Shirt from Concrete Hermit now available

When you hear that Concrete Hermit are releasing some tees you just know they’re going to be good, and that the artists who designed them are going to impress your arty friends, and this latest series release is no exception. However, if you take a look through the gallery, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it would be nice if their model could close his mouth for the product shots, it’s ungentlemanly, Sir!

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On my trip to London before Christmas I did make it to the Concrete Hermit store, but unfortunately I didn’t make it in the door, as they’re closed on Sundays and I hadn’t checked the opening times, however there’s loads of cool graffiti around their store and the market on Brick Lane on a Sunday, so my excursion to the East End of London wasn’t a total bust. I was quite excited to see some CH items in the shop at the Tate Modern though (we went there for lunch, on the top floor, great food and a great view), including the poster version of this Anthony Burrill design shown here in t-shirt form.

In the e-mail I got about this sale it said there was loads of tees at 40% off, but I can only see 2 in the store, perhaps a few more will be added to the sale between me writing this post and it going live (what? you thought I clicked ‘publish’ every three hours?). *Update: yep, I missed it, here’s the sale page… and I’ll just give myself a quick slap… and now all is right in the world again.

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10% off at Concrete Hermit

by Andy on December 2, 2009 — Home_1259751666401

Concrete Hermit are one of my favourite UK-based brands and when I head down to London in a couple of weeks time with Mrs. HYA I hope I get a chance to check out their store again. However, for those of you that can’t make it to their shop/gallery (and those that can but want to save money, I suppose) if you use the coupon code HERMITCHRISTMAS at the checkout you will receive 10% off your order. I don’t have any official word on when the coupon will expire, but as it mentions Christmas I wouldn’t expect it to last much past the 25th.

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I certainly do seem to be posting a lot of British tees and deals at the moment, I hope the Americans (which is the vast majority of the HYA readership) aren’t feeling left out in the cold, it wasn’t intentional, I promise!

The ever-wonderful Concrete Hermit need to clear out some space in CH HQ and have decided that th best way to do that is by selling mystery grab bags of tees at a severely reduced price. Their tees are usually around the £25-£30 point, so to get 3 tees (even if they’re older ones) for £20 is a fantastic bargain. Unfortunately for us larger fellows, only sizes S,M,L are available.


Kid Acne x Concrete Hermit

by Andy on August 26, 2009


I have no idea who Kid Acne is (a rapper/street artists/illustrator, apparently), can they draw a cool tee? Yes. Is that all I care about? Yes.

Costiness=£25 Available from Concrete Hermit

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Concrete Hermit are in Tate Modern

by Andy on August 6, 2009


Whenever I visit the Tate Modern (I like walking along the South Bank when I’m in London, so I do pop in when I can), it reminds me that I know pretty much nothing about art. But then I get annoyed when people just trash the stuff in there because they don’t understand it, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it bad. I guess that’s the problem that can’t be avoided when an art gallery has a great position with a killer view and it’s free to enter, everyone’s going to go in whether they actually enjoy art or not. Still, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I’m just some guy on the internet who just said he knows nothing about art…

… so check out this awesome art that Concrete Hermit have got in Tate Modern! I haven’t mentioned Concrete Hermit for far too long, but this lack of HYA-exposure has somehow not stopped them from being noticed by the Tate Modern development team, who saw what Chris Knight (CH founder) was doing with artist collaborations and wanted to showcase that to a wider audience. It’s a good opportunity for CH and the artists that they work with, which in this case is the recognisable names of Anthony Burrill, Ian Stevenson and Andrew Rae.

Concrete Hermit

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concrete hermit logo t-shirt

Whenever you’re looking at British brands you expect them to be a bit more expensive, and when I’ve actually heard of the artists designing the tees I expect the price to go up even more, to the point where they’re a normal price for on the British high-street, but when you can get a great shirt sent across the pond from American for about $20 it’s hard to justify paying more than £20 for a tee here in the UK. Thankfully, British shops have sales too, so you can pick up a number of Concrete Hermit‘s designs for below £20, including their fantastic logo tee (pictured above), a tee that pretty much defines the tag logoteesthatdontsuck.

Concrete Hermit t-shirt section



Grab bags can be a perplexing beast, you may be getting a good deal, but is it really a good deal if you don’t like what the postman (or woman, it is the 21st century) brings to your door?

Fortunately Concrete Hermit make good tees, by good artists, and whilst I’ve never perused one of their books, it’s safe to presume they’re pretty cool too, and £15 for a tee AND a book is a good deal considering their tees usually run around £25. I’ll warn you though, your tee may not necessarily be one that can be bought on the site, which could mean that it’s old stock from their previous releases, or possibly that it’s a super limited edition rare tee by a ‘name’ artist, who knows?

Just name your size here and CH will do the rest.


Concrete Hermit’s Christmas Bonanza

by Andy on December 3, 2008

Here’s the details:

Just to let you know we’ve got a Christmas Bonanza here on Sunday December 7th from 11-6pm where we will also have Lazy Oaf, Peep Show and Garudio Studiage selling prints, jewellery and other gifts as well as mulled wine and special offers on some of our products, as well as a Print Sale this coming Thursday December 4th 6-9pm to coincide with the First Thursdays event. We’ll have our entire print collection out of the drawers and up for grabs, with work by Ian Stevenson, Jon Burgerman, Anthony Burrill and lots more.

Please note that this is an instore event, I don’t believe it will be replicated online, especially the part about mulled wine.

Concrete Hermit


Keeping things in the UK for a second post in a row (up next, a t-shirt with black pudding on it!… sorry, that isn’t true) here’s the latest tee from one of my favourite UK labels/art galleries/publishers, Concrete Hermit.

You know a tee must be funny when it makes Concrete Hermit’s usually straight-faced sweatband-wearing model laugh, and I do think that it’s a really fun looking tee. I liked the tee when I saw the front, but when I saw that the print went through to the back it went from being a good t-shirt to a great t-shirt.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Concrete Hermit


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