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Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 4th

by Andy on November 4, 2011

pacman mario t-shirt

I like the concept but I’m not too into the style of the artwork in this Pcamn x Mario mashup tee at TeeFury today. It looks more like a comic (and a well illustrated one, let me be clear) than a t-shirt design.

Oooooh, political shirt from Qwertee today, very cool, very timely.

Another old shirt from Tilteed, I’d love to know when they’ll be dropping some new designs.

Nice colourway on today’s robot t-shirt.

It’ll never last, they’re from two different worlds! Shirt.Woot.

I’m glad this has the word ‘Firefly’ written on it otherwise I’d have had to hunt out the reference on this RIPT tee.

I love Zoidberg, so I think that this Futurama tee at TeeMinus24 is pretty nifty.

I love lunch, it’s one of the few times in the day that I’m not staring at a screen. This shirt is referring to the film Wall Street, so I can only assume that 24tee are hoping to pick up sales from the 1%!

Another oldie from Loviu, cool though.

Aren’t we all always at the corner of time and space? Catch of the Day Tee.

Not getting the reference on today’s Shirt Punch design, is it something to do with Portal?

Time to add TeeBlitz to the daily roster. This $10 tee shop has got that fantastic astronaut-based design on sale for the weekend.

Urban Industry are offering free shipping on orders until November 18th to try and encourage early shoppers.As you can tell from the infographic, they’re also offering extended returns and reminding you that gift vouchers are a thing.

Use the coupon code SEPT to get 20% off your order at Enclothe until 11/11/11, who have just introduced a new hoodie and had a few restocks too.

BustedTees are bringing in daily deals, starting with their Honey Badger shirt being $12 until midnight (EST).

PLNDR have got some ridiculous deals going on, probably on stuff that you’ll regret buying, but still. Oh, and if you manage to spend $100 or more, use the coupon code 20BUCKZ to get $20 off your order.

Karmaloop‘s latest offer is: “This Week:Spend $75 get *free shipping, Spend $125 get 15% off + *free shipping, Spend $200 get 20% off + *free shipping, Spend $350 get 25% OFF+ *free shipping,
USE CODE: LEVEL25 *$8 off international shipping” I wonder if anyone has ever bought anything for full price at Karmaloop.

Buy 4 shirts and get 1 free at Spreadshirt this month.

Dephect are offering a free card wallet with all orders, and the cool part is that you get to choose which wallet you receive depending on the coupon code you use. From right to left in the picture, these are the coupons to use: CITYWALLET ODWALLET ICECREAM BUYRECORDS.

Concrete Rocket have expanded their product range with a couple of jackets.

New shirt from A Better Tomorrow.

Mental Floss have got shirts as low as $9.99 for people that like their funny tees with some smarts to go with them.

Storenvy have a guide to taking photos of small items for your store, which will be of limited use to people with just t-shirts in their store, but it’s a decent tutorial and I felt it was worth adding to the news roundup today.


concrete rocket t-shirts

Last time I wrote about Concrete Rocket I asked you guys to pick which one you thought was the best, and I’m going to do the same again, but let’s be honest, one of these shirts is far more interesting than the other, so it’s pretty obvious which I’m going to pick. Both shirts are $22.90 (I’m presuming that to be American rather than Singaporean dollars) and are available in guy and girly fit sizes.

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concrete rocket t-shirts

Really nice from the Concrete Rocket team as usual, that shirt on the left in particular is piquing my interest.


“Love in Idleness” by Concrete Rocket

by Andy on April 27, 2011

concrete rocket love grenade t-shirt

Concrete Rocket have one of the best names in the business, and the name of this tee is pretty cool too, but I find this design to be pretty generic compared to the rest of their offerings. There tends to be a theme of graffiti art running through their line, something which is really evident in this piece, and whilst I still think it’s quite wearable, it’s definitely not their best work.

Cosiness=$21.90 Buy it at Concrete Rocket

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25% off at Concrete Rocket until Sunday

by Andy on February 12, 2011

concrete rocket coupon code

Concrete Rocket has turned a year old, so they’re celebrating by offering 25% off all orders with the coupon code ONEYEAR from now until 13/2. The infographic there says that it’s in Singapore time, but they’ve neglected to mention what time in Singapore, midday? Midnight? Three twenty-seven?

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2 new designs from Concrete Rocket

by Andy on February 1, 2011

concrete rocket t-shirts

Tee on the left, I like, tee on the right, not so much. That practically guarantees that the squirrel writing a tank is going to be a hit, right?

Costiness=$22.90 “Science is Art” & “Onward”


Barbed Flower t-shirt by Concrete Rocket

by Andy on July 26, 2010

barbed flower t-shirt by concrete rocket

Concrete Rocket remains one of my favourite names for a clothing brand, but a name alone does not justify posting their tees, having cool designs justifies posting their tees.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at Concrete Rocket


Partly Cloudy by Concrete Rocket

by Andy on June 12, 2010

concrete rocket t-shirt

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Concrete Rocket


Balloonman T-Shirt by Concrete Rocket

by Andy on May 17, 2010

balloonman t-shirt by concrete rocket

Let’s be quite clear, Concrete Rocket is one hell of a name for a tee company, sure, it’s no “Hide Your Arms” (I genuinely don’t know where that came from, btw), but it’s pretty sweet. I’ve been meaning to write about these guys for ages, but I just kept forgetting, and with the ever-increasing size of my inbox it is very easy for people to go un-noticed, and I feel bad about it, but I feel like I should spend more of my time writing than e-mailing people I’ve never spoken to before, getting content onto the blog comes first, and dealing with business stuff should come second. Basically, new brands, wait your turn, I promise I will write about you eventually if you sell clothing that I think is cool.

Costiness=$19.50 Buy it at Concrete Rocket

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