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Bit of a mixed bag this one if you ask me, there’s a couple in there that I don’t like, but the grand prize winner at the top and that maze design are pretty damn great if you ask me.

Pick them up at


T-shirt news for April 5th

by Andy on April 5, 2012

doctor who biff phone box t-shirt

“Biff has the phone box” at TeeFury today.

Shirt.Woot are on the Big Bang Theory catchphrase train.

An understated Hunger Games shirt at RIPT today (FYI, the epic Hunger Games list has suffered recently after a lot more HG shirts were removed from RedBubble).
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tee madness 2012

Tee Madness will be entering it’s 3rd year and is now accepting signups for the competition. From the looks of things the annual popularity contest has grown once again, with an impressive prize pot and what is sure to be a lot of exposure for all the brand involved. Here’s the prizes:

Prize List for this Year

-1st place Grand Prize: $250 credit to Threadbird, $100 credit to Stickermule, $50 credit to Cheapest Buttons, a custom Storenvy theme (by Storenvy), and $50 cash from LaunchHype!

-2nd Place: $200 credit to Stickermule and a $50 credit to Cheapest Buttons!

-3rd & 4th Place: $100 credit to Stickermule and a $25 credit to Cheapest Buttons!

-5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Place: $25 cash from LaunchHype!

For the first time Adam (from IAMTHRETREND, and organiser of Tee Madness) has chosen to charge a submission fee of $20 for each brand in the contest. I can see why he has felt this is necessary since he does essentially spend a month promoting brands and getting them exposure when the contest probably doesn’t pass on a massive amount to IATT, and whilst he loves t-shirts he probably also loves not being hungry and enjoyed the modern conveniences of electricity and running water. Also, $150 of that cash will be going straight back to the winners anyway, so he definitely isn’t gouging entrants. It’ll be interesting to see who signs up and I will be following along with the event.

Matchups will be announced live on Friday, with the competition beginning on Monday March 19th, expect to see lots of tweets and Facebook updates about this as brands clamour for your votes.


T-shirt news for March 12th

by Andy on March 12, 2012

calvin & hobbes t-shirt

I’m not going to pretend that I know a lot about Calvin and Hobbes, but this shirt from TeeFury is fantastic.

This Shirt.Woot tees doesn’t make sense to most Brits because what you Americans call a ‘boot’ we call a ‘clamp’, both words are okay, but naturally I think that since we invented English our choice of term is superior.

Y’know, it’s actually been quite a while since we’ve seen a Doctor Who t-shirt, thanks RIPT.
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Hi Andy,
I thought you and your readers would be interested in hearing about the Design Comp we have going on here at Das Monk right now. It is open to all artists and designers, with the winner grabbing US$500 plus a spot in our Artist Collective (and a t-shirt no doubt!). Last year we had over 500 entries and we expect this year to be even bigger so we’d love you to spread the word via Hide Your Arms.
You can see all competition details here.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Andy: I love it when people treat the post submission page like sending me an e-mail, it feels so much more personal and as if they actually want to be involved with the site rather than just getting their publicity and never being in contact again.

This post was submitted by Brooke Hendrick.


scott pilgrim t-shirt design contest

I’ve been sitting on this contest for a bit too long, but you’ve got until March 28th to get your design in so I don’t feel too guilty. WeLoveFine have a knack for picking up big licenses and getting involved with big names and this is no different. They’re on the hunt for a t-shirt design to match up to the pop culture juggernaut that is Scott Pilgrim, and one of the people judging all the design submissions is Bryan Lee O’Malley, the guy that created the Scott Pilgrim series of comics. The minimum prize is $1000 to the winner, but that could go up to $2500 depending on now many total votes are cast in the competition. Here’s a run down of the prizes up for grabs:

Grand Prize: Up to $2,500! We will start the grand prize at $1,000. We will track the number of ratings in the contest; for every 100 new ratings after 100,000 ratings, the dollar value of the grand prize will go up $1. Be sure to tell ALL your friends, family and internet pals to rate every design! With enough rates, the prize could reach a maximum of $2,500 cash!

Guest Judge’s pick (2): Our guest judges will each select their personal favorite design, and those artists will win $400 cash!

Runners-Up (2): Two runners-up will receive a $150 gift certificate for

Honorable Mention (5): Five honorable mentions will receive a $50 gift certificate for

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from this contest since I was a big fan of the film so I’ll try and remember to keep up with it and relay the updates to you guys.


free custom stickers

Our friends at Sticker Mule want to give two winners $100 in free stickers. Sticker Mule is an awesome custom sticker printer, and good people to know if you’re a t-shirt shirt designer. They print very high quality vinyl stickers, I used them earlier this month when I wanted some Rigu stickers making and I was very impressed with what I received (and I paid for the service, this competition happening now is a complete coincidence). They make ordering as simple as possible, making your artwork print ready for free, provide a free online proof with every order, and responding quickly to support requests.

Here are some shots of their work:

The Prize: $100 each in store credit at Sticker Mule for two winners (one picked from each entry method). This can be used on any product in store (they offer several types of custom sticker, and also iphone/iPad/laptop/Kindle skins).

To Enter: There are two ways to enter, and two ways to win. Firstly, you can leave a comment on this blog post saying what you’d do with the store credit, or secondly, you can tweet the following message:

I want to win $100 of store credit from @stickermule & @hideyourarms. RT to enter

Contest Ends: 03/14/2012 (March 14th 2012)

Good luck to everyone!!


carrot t-shirt

According to Google translate ‘flucht’ means flight, but I think this this situation it’s more likely to mean escape or getaway. Whatever it means, it’s a pretty fun tee from A Better Tomorrow.

Costiness=22€ Buy it at A Better Tomorrow

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It’s not often that I feel the need to to add NSFW to the title, but since HYA is usually just pictures of tees, I thought that people might visit it at work and therefore I’d better be safe rather than sorry. So whilst the images aren’t NSFW in the boobs and bits sense, the pics on this post probably shouldn’t be looked at whilst you should be doing whatever it is you’re meant to be doing in your cubicle.

Those infographics are actually very informative as well as having attractive women in them. Telling you that the coupon code TWOYEAR will get your 30% off all product at CX.CITY from now until August 25th. They also tell you that if you follow CX.CITY on Twitter and tweet out the following message you’ll be entered into a contest to win two shirts of your choice. Here’s the message:

“Check out @CXCITY at – To win two shirts in their Anniversary Contest, just RT this & follow them”


Doctor Hazmat’s 1st Birthday Contest!

by Andy on June 10, 2011

doctor hazmat contest

It feels to me like Doctor Hazmat has been around for more than a year but I’m going to trust them on this one. Like a lot of brands they want to do something special to mark being in business for a year, and I think that giving away t-shirts is a pretty good way to do that. I’ll just copy/paste what Bryan told me so that I don’t get any of the details wrong, since competitions can often be rather confusing affairs:

I thought about doing this Facebook contest. I’m even extending it to international fans at no cost. I feel bad when people exclude them. The contest info is below.

“Like” the Doctor Hazmat Facebook page and post a link to the shirt you would like. Make sure to include the size you want in the post. Sizes must be currently available.

The post should read something like this.

“I want this shirt (Link to shirt here) in a (Guys or Girls) (size here)”

When I reach 300 “likes” I’ll give away 2 shirts. 400 “likes” 2 more shirts, and on and on and on.

It doesn’t end there. Everyone that participates will receive a coupon code for


smurf ice cream free t-shirt by kinkiking contest

I, along with three other bloggers, have teamed up to give away a shirt each from the collection that Kinkiking released recently. The shirt that I’ll be giving away to one lucky reader is “Smurf Ice Crime” that can be seen above. Here’s how Kinkiking describe the t-shirt:

Unemployed without prospects? Don’t worry, we provide you with a new business solution that will allow you to kick Mr. Häagen-Dazs in the ass.
Thanks to The Smurf Ice Crime Trucks, smurf ice cream is fashionable again. Our refrigerated truck fleet will let you extend the authentic feeling of this summer. Authentic smurf flavor, without additives or preservatives and perfectly boneless. We have the highest quality smurf individuals, brought up in the mountains amidst mushrooms and carefully kept by Mr. Gargamel.

I’m sure you cocked an eyebrow at that description and I did too, the idea of the shirt and the others in the collection is that of ‘imaginary industries'; companies and industries that could easily exist if we lived in a slightly warped universe. Usually priced at €21 I’m giving you two ways to enter the competition to stand a chance to win the free tee.

1. Leave a comment or ‘like’ on this Facebook status update on the Hide Your Arms Facebook Page.

2. Send out the following tweet to your followers (or any similar tweet with @hideyourarms & #kinkikingcontest in it): I want to win a free @kinkiking tee thanks to @hideyourarms. RT to enter! #kinkikingcontest

Here’s a few rules that should cover things and explain how it will work, any further questions please ask them in the comments of this post. Entering via Facebook & Twitter will give you two entres to the competition, but no more than that, multiple tweets will not result in multiple entires, though you are welcome to tweet more than once if you want to help spread the word. The competition is open from now until June 19th. The winner will be picked at random from all the entrants within a couple of days of the competition closing for entries. I will contact you for your e-mail address and request the size of t-shirt required and also your shipping address. No information will be saved or stored for future marketing purposes, I will never spam you, ever. To my knowledge this competition is not restricted to any geographical location, people all over the globe are welcome to enter.

As I said earlier, I’m not the only one giving away a tee over the next couple of weeks, if your Spanish, German and French are up to scratch then you can also enter competitions for different tees at Viste Adecuadamente, Shirthunters, and Grafitee.


Win 3 t-shirts from Ban Tshirts!

by Andy on January 21, 2011

ban t-shirts competition

How to comment and win: Just visit Ban T-shirts, browse the shirts and leave a comment under any of the shirts. The person who makes the funniest, cleverest or most unusual comment will win 3 T-shirts of their choice. There will also be 2 runner up prizes of 1 T-shirt each.

You can comment on as many shirts as you want.

Winner will be announced January 31st.

Click here to visit Ban T-shirts.

Ahhh, a quote post, you know it’s Friday!

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itself. competition

Last week’s competition with Threadless went well, with more than 200 tweets mentioning the giveaway, so the clever folks over at itself. thought that it would be good to keep the festive cheer rolling at HYA by offering another prize to be given away to HYA’s Twitter followers, of which there are now more than 2000!

itself. are being really generous and will give two winners a t-shirt of their choosing from their catalogue of designs. There’s some really classy designs in their store, and I can vouch for the quality because they’ve sent me a tee quite recently that left me pretty impressed. All you have to do to enter the competition is follow @hideyourarms on Twitter (winners will be notified by DM, so you have to be following me to win), and tweet the following message:

Win a t-shirt from @hereitself! Follow @hideyourarms and RT to enter the competition! #hyaitself

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each time to tweet the above message you will receive one entry into the giveaway, but please do not spam your followers, we all know how annoying that is, I suggest that you don’t tweet the message more than once a day.
  • The competition is open from now until Friday December 26th at 23:59 (GMT), tweets after that time and date will not be counted.
  • The winner MUST be following @hideyourarms, I will be notifying the winner by DM, and if you aren’t following I can’t message you.
  • Following notification by DM, the winner has 3 days to reply, otherwise a new winner will be selected and the initial winner will have forfeited their prize.
  • The competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world that itself. will ship a package to, and that’s quite a lot of places!
  • I will randomly pick a winner from all the tweets using the service. Each entry/tweet will be assigned a number, and I will randomly generate a number to find the winner.
  • Each winner can choose one t-shirt from the itself. catalogue, no cash alternative will be provided.
  • I know I said last week “if you don’t tweet then wait for next week”, but I promise next week I’ll do a competition that doesn’t involve Twitter.


    threadless book review

    I didn’t really know what to expect from the Threadless book, before the release I’d thought it was cool that they were putting something together for the 10th year, but I hadn’t paid much attention to what was going to be in the tome of ten years of Threadless dominating the ‘indie’ t-shirt landscape. Frankly, I’d expected there to be lots of pretty pictures, and the same stories trotted out as we’ve been hearing for years about their airstream office, and how ‘different’ they are from a regular company. Well, you do get that, there are lots of pictures, and and lots of stuff that we’ve heard before from Threadless about the company, but there’s a lot more than that going on here.

    One of the interesting things about Threadless is how their business model has had a much wider impact on the industry than just within their company, I’m not going to exaggerate and say they’ve changed the world, but their business practises, have made a lot of people sit up and take note (they aren’t a case study at Harvard Business School for no reason), and that is reflected in the book quite a lot, with mini-essays from people outside of Threadless such as Seth Godin talking about them and how they’re different to the norm. As someone that has studied Threadless closely over the past 5 years I really enjoyed those aspects of the book, getting a fresh insight from people outside the company (that other tee companies could probably learn from). That said, it was interesting for me to read about the earlier days of Threadless, since I first heard about them in late ’04 and other than the ‘creation’ story about the Dreamless forum, there were a few years I had no knowledge of that this book fills in quite nicely.

    Of course, t-shirts are a visual medium and so is this book, there are hundreds of pictures of their tees, not all of them (I presume), but all the iconic designs are included along with interviews with their designers. It’s great seeing the designs printed onto paper rather than my LCD screen, digital is great and all, but print has a certain special something about it, and since Threadless clearly haven’t cheaped out on the printing it really is a treat for the eyes.

    Clearly, I’m pretty impressed by this book, I was hoping to receive something pretty that I could leaf through when I was bored, and I got that, along with something that was occasionally more thought-provoking than I hoped. If you’d like to get a copy of the book, I have most excellent news, the publishers (Harris & Wilson) have offered to give away 2 copies of the book to HYA readers. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me what is your favourite Threadless design of all time, and you will be entered into the giveaway. Entries are open from now for 1 week (until Friday 22nd October), when I will pick two random entries. Please note that this competition is only open to people from the UK as it is the UK publisher offering the books to be given away.

    If you would like to buy the book, if is available for $15 on the Threadless site (down from $22), for $15.30 on, and £8 on



    JackThreads Competition

    Competition time! Usually when I run a competition I get someone to throw t-shirts at me or make you guys answer something stupid, but with a prize of $100 in credit at JackThreads I’m playing it straight and serious. All you have to do is sign up at JackThreads, the daily sale site that offers top streetwear brands at big dscounts, though this link, and you will be entered into the competition. It really is that easy, and as if that wasn’t enough, merely by signing up through this link you will receive a $5 credit on your account that you can spend on anything you want whenever you want, so even if you don’t win the $100 grand prize, you’ll feel like a winner anyway.

    The competition will be kept open for two weeks from today, meaning you’ve got 14 days to enter by signing up to JackThreads.


    sutsu world cup t-shirt competition

    This week marks the end of group games in the World Cup, and a huge game that I’m sure everyone has been anticipating since day 1; North Korea taking on Didier Drogba and his Ivory Coast team. Sutsu, who I covered last week, have kindly offered one of their logo tees, and a sticker pack, to someone that can correctly predict the final score in the North Korea vs Ivory Coast World Cup group match. Just leave a comment on this post saying what you think the score will be, making sure to use a working e-mail address otherwise I won’t be able to contact you in the event that you are a winner. When leaving your comment please use the format “North Korea 1 – Ivory Coast 0″ so that I know which team you are assigning each number.

    If more than one person leaves the same answer, and that turns out to be the winner, I will use to pick a winner, as I think that is the most fair way to do it.

    Thanks a lot to Sutsu for offering the prize competition, please check them out because they definitely deserve a look.

    *Yes, that is an astoundingly colourful graphic, but it is the rainbow nation, remember!


    HYA x Eraser Tees Competition: Tee Stacking from Andrew Bowness on Vimeo.

    That was a pretty fun video to make, and this time around instead of it taking 52 takes, I got it on the first try. Well, obvious I was only going to do the stacking once, but I got done the intro first time.

    I’m a little disappointed with the amount of tees that I managed to stack, perhaps I should have practised a bit before trying it out for the competition, but I wanted it to be ‘real’ and if I’d had lots of practise then the people on the low end would not have had much of a chance. Looking at the vid, it’s clear where I went wrong, but when you’re looking at it top down and even from the side it’s hard to know what to do to straighten things up. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll attempt to do it again, except maybe fold them in a different way so that I can make a bigger stack, because in the stacking world, bigger is better! Also, hopefully Vimeo won’t take down my video for using Justice’s “Stress”.

    Okay, enough tee stacking nonsensity! If you watched the vid and thought something was wrong, you’d be right. In all the excitement I lost count, and so the nuimber that I say is correct in the video is actually 11 higher than the real number (I’ve gone through the vid a couple of times and I think I have it right now) of tees that were stacked before the stack falls, remember, the last tee placed on the stack doesn’t count because it is the one that causes the fall. I’m not going to tell you the winning number in writing, because then you wouldn’t watch the vid, and I went out in the cold wearing the experimental yellow HYA tee and awesome hat from my girlfriend to film that for you guys. I’ll be sending the winning e-mail addresses to Eraser Tees soon, and they’ll get your details for the prizes.

    Thanks a lot to everyone that left a comment, and thanks to those of you that shared my optimism that I could reach 100, your belief in my abilities warms my heart! Want to sponsor a comeptition? Have a cool idea for a competition? Contact me and let’s have some fun!

    *Update* Judging by the first few comments I didn’t make it clear enough; the number mentioned in the video is incorrect, I DID NOT stack 56 t-shirts. I only managed 45, terrible, I know, so I’m sorry if you were one of the people who got excited because your answer was near 56 and you thought you’d won a t-shirt. There were 3 people who guess the correct answer, 2 that guessed 46, and 1 that guessed 44. Yes, that means we have 6 people and 5 prizes, I’ll think of a way to fairly decide which of the 45s/46s win a prize.

    For stat fans, the median of all the guesses was 48.5, the average was 54.13, and the mode was 45, all of which I find to be surprisingly close to the real answer, good job gang!


    Enter the HYA x Eraser Tees Competition!

    by Andy on February 26, 2010

    I'm with stupid t-shirt

    Wanna win a t-shirt from Eraser Tees? Go here now, watch the video, leave a comment. It’s just that easy.

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    Stack ‘Em Up with HYA and Eraser Tees! from Andrew Bowness on Vimeo.

    [RSS subscribers may not be able to view the video through their RSS reader of choice, if that’s the case, click through to the post and see it in all it’s glory]

    Wow, how comfortable am I on camera? And that was the best one after 52 takes! Well, the more I do video the better I’ll get, so yes, expect to hear me talking more in the future, hopefully looking less tired, and without a sore throat, and in the correct aspect ratio, and possibly having done my hair…

    I’ve teamed up with Eraser Tees to give away 5 shirts, and I think that the competition is pretty fun. Next Tuesday I’m going to take some of my t-shirt collection, fold them so they’re the same size, and then try and stack them up as high as I can and when the pile falls over, that amound of tees will be the winning number. Basically, how many t-shirts can I stack on top of each other?

    Just leave a comment on this post telling me how many t-shirts there will be in the stack before it falls over (so if I’m at 50 tees, and the 51st is when it falls over, the winning number will be 50 because that was the last point at which the stack was stable), and you’ll be eligible to win a free t-shirt. Please note that I ‘only’ have around 300 shirts, so whilst the chances of my stacking anywhere near that amount are very low, any guess above that number would be pointless. The 5 closest guesses will be the winners. Please remember to use a real e-mail address that I can contact you at when you’re leaving your guess, because if you win and I can’t contact you, I’ll have to go the tee to someone else.

    You have until midnight GMT next Monday (that’s March 1st) to leave your entry. I’ll close the comments at that point and then stack the t-shirts on the Tuesday, make up another video (possibly with some stop-motion goodness) and announce the winners on Tuesday.

    *Update* It’s been pointed out to me that I haven’t covered that usual issue of people making the same guess. I think that with 5 people receiving a tee this should be less of a problem than usual, if at all, but in the event that there are too many winners, I will use a random number generator to determine the t-shirt winners, and the people that miss out on a tee will receive a Hide Your Arms badge pack. Oh, and if you were wondering about my stacking skills, here are a few examples. Also, if you’re wondering about the stacking, all the tees will be folded the same using a Wonderfold, as the tee in the video had been, and stacked in a single pile.

    Good luck!



    I’m going to start trying something different with all these deals that are coming in at the moment, instead of posting them all individually I’ll do a roundup. This will mean less posts per day on the site so that content is on the front page for a bit longer, and keep things a bit neater too hopefully.

    From 10am CT Threadless will be having another 24hrs of $9 tee madness, so you’ll probably want to get on that. If $9 isn’t cheap enough for you, remember that I’m selling Threadless gift certificates, which would make a good deal better, and I’ve teamed up with Adam Fletcher of The Tee Directory fame, meaning that there are even more Threadless Gift Certificates available (I’d been running pretty low, especially after taking advantage of the sales myself). The price is $17 for a $25 GC, $35 for a $50 GC, and $70 for a $100 GC, and yes, we have done the math on those numbers.

    myFavHoodieContest are running a contest from now until December 21st wherein all you have to do is send them a picture of you in your favourite hoodie and tell them why it’s your favourite, and you might win a $100 or $50 gift certificate for their site, which is enough for a hoodie there, so not a bad prize at all.


    Jeff from Ugmonk has very kindly offered us a coupon code that will get you 15% off your order from now until December 18th. Enter the coupon code HYA15 at the coupon code to apply the discount. Thanks Jeff!


    Like Star Wars? Like the Virgin Mary? Like tattoo artists Jesus Monier? Well then the above tee might be for you, and you can get 20% off it (making the tee $16 rather than $20) by using the coupon code DarthMary2009 at Always Urban.


    There’s 25% off loads of stuff at Your Eyes Lie, so enjoy that. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys a review of their bricks & mortar store when I head down to London in a couple of weeks.

    No deal here, but this popular tee has come back into stock at Cuppa T-Shirts and I couldn’t be bothered making a post just for it.


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