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Mr Four Fingers Has Some New Tees

by Mr Four Fingers on December 9, 2013

Over at Mr Four Fingers we have had our hands on a new set of studio photographs of our current t-shirts as well as some new ones for a good few months and I figured it’s about time I shared with you guys.

Instead of us photographing the t-shirts ourselves in alleys out in the cold where the nearby lure of beer and soft-glow pub warmth often proved too strong; we decided to enlist the help of The Blackout Studio and some friends to get some proper photos for a change. We thankfully had some camera friendly mates to help out with modeling (none existent budget) though we did somehow pack the incorrect size for the ladies tee hence why they may seem a little toight.

Logo_T_Mens_MFF_1 Faceted_Skull_Navy_Mens_MFF_1 Chaos_Rules_Mens_MFF_1 Faceted_Skull_Grey_Mens_MFF_1 Tiger!Tiger!_Mens_MFF_1

Our current range is a mixture of screen print and direct to garment printed designs and all are printed on Continental Clothing t-shirts. The ladies tees are slim fit and the men’s are regular fit (more fitted than regular, if you know what I mean). Ladies tees are £18 a pop while men’s come in at £20 though the logo tee is £18. I once bumped into a crazy drunk Italian who stared so hard at the lines of my MFF logo tee that he said it was like “looking into the future”.

Logo_T_Ladies_MFF_1c Visions_Mens_MFF_1 Own_The_Night_Mens_MFF_1 Logo_T_Mens_MFF_1

Like with all emerging brands we are learning as we go and having reviewed a good many tees for various brands through Hide Your Arms I have garnered a few tips along the way. Along with these tees we also sell a variety of fancy prints and originals from ink works to paintings (often featured in Curious Duke Gallery). So drop by and check them out at our online store and if you fancy it you can use this promo code: HYAROCKS20 for a walloping 20% discount on final order (ends 01/01/2014).

Get in.




mustard_no3.jpg fancy_mustachio2.jpg peoples_condiment1.jpg

The FB crew have gone condiment crazy in their latest release of three designs, and also got in on the latest tee meme of putting mustaches in places where they wouldn’t usually be found (apparently they’ve been putting mustaches on bears for ages). I take exception to their anti-mustard stance though, as I have only really come to love the yellow stuff over the past few months (its revolutionised my breakfast pastrami bagel!), but other than that I’m pretty darned impressed with these designs. I really like how they’re pushing themselves by using ‘fuzzy suede ink’ and metallic ink on the bear design tee, you all know I love it when people use different printing methods and whilst I’m always a fan of metallic ink, I’m particularly impressed by the fuzzy suede being used because it makes sense and fits with the design rather than just because they could.

The three tees are on preorder now for $20 rather than the usual $24 until June 1st, and the tees will ship on June 16th. If that’s a bit much for you, how does 15% off sound? Good, right? Well, just input the coupon code HYA into the appropriate box at the bottom of the first page of the checkout and press ‘recalculate’ and the discount will be applied. You might not actually have to press recalculate, but that was how I checked it so maybe that’s how you should do it too. Oh, and this code works on any shirts in their shop, not just the pre-order ones.

Fantastic Bonanza



Every so often I get reminded by people just how much water and chemicals it takes to make a t-shirt, I’m pretty sure that they’re just jealous because my t-shirt collection is so awesome, but they are making a good point about how I’m destroying the planet by having tees in my closet that only get worn every few months.


I know I’m being flippant in the above paragraph, but seriously,
Continental Clothing are attempting to do their part in the global war on climate change with their new Earth Positive range. Over the past couple of years Continental have been trying to make the company more environmentally friendly, they’ve managed to reduce the carbon emissions of the entire production and shipping process for a basic white tee (size large) by a massive 89% to just 671 grams. It should be noted that this isn’t done by carbon offsetting, they’ve physically reduced the amount of gases that are being emitted from production, in part by only using green energy suppliers that use wind and solar power, using biodegradable packaging, no airfreighting, . This particular tee is also 100% organic (are you surprised?), as certified by the Soil Association, and produced under the Global Organic Textile Standard from Indian Cotton.

These steps have led to the Carbon Trust (a UK governmental organisation) asking for Continental Clothing to serve as a case study for the clothing industry so that others can benefit from their research and development, so they’ve clearly done some impressive work here improving their products.


Its quite hard to review a t-shirt like this, because even though you know it is much better for the environment, it still just feels like a normal (albeit high-quality) t-shirt. Obivously, that’s a good thing, if a t-shirt sucks, people probably wouldn’t buy it just because it wasn’t bad for the environment, so creating something that is either better than the original, or of equal quality whilst resulting in about a tenth of the emissions is a great step for them to make. I had noticed Continental Clothing becoming popular with more and more brands (including perennial HYA supporter Turtlehead) over the past few months, and I would imagine that a tee like this would be popular with people that usually look towards American Apparel when they’re picking a stock tee to print their tees on.I can’t find any information about pricing in the literature, or on the websites, but I would imagine that it would be pretty comparable to most similar offerings from other organic and ethical producers.

You can see the whole range (more than just t-shirts) at the dedicated Earth Positive Online site, and there’s also some info on the range and everything else CC at the main Continental Clothing site.

Yes, I managed to take extra pictures of a blank shirt.

42.jpg 52.jpg


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