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I imagine that there will be a lot of punk Dads that would love this t-shirt.

Costiness=$16 Buy it at Cotton Factory


The Cotton Factory has some monstrous new tees for All Hallow’s Eve. Your evil savings coupon code: FRANK

[Andy: What saving does it get you? Who knows! It’s an evil coupon code, I guess it’ll make it’s own mind up.]

This post was submitted by Leslie Fleisher.


cotton factory coupon code

Use the coupon code HOT10 to get 15% off at Cotton Factory from now until July 14th at Cotton Factory.


Jay: [on the couch] So then I said to Woody Allen, “Well, Camus can
do, but Sartre is smartre!”
[Patty laughs] Selma: So original.
Marge: How droll!
Homer: Yeah, well, “Scooby Doo can doo-doo, but Jimmy Carter is smarter.”

[via Improvident Lackwit, a blog about Simpsons references]

I like the style of this tee but I know I’d feel like the most overused-word-of-2009 (‘douche’) if I wore it, know what I mean, as if I were only wearing it so people would think I was intelligent? What is clever is getting money off your prchase, and that’s where I can help you, use the coupon code XXTEN to get 15% off this and any other tee at Cotton Factory.

Costiness=$13.00 (before the coupon code) Available from Cotton Factory


109 I love NY style t-shirts for you to love

by Andy on December 14, 2009


After the success and popularity of my previous list posts such at the 202 Star Wars t-shirts and robot lists (and of course the ridiculously meta list of t-shirt lists), I started saving up links of tees that fit into various categories, but there’s no point me just saving them up indefinitely, so it’s about time I started posting all these lists, most of them don’t quite breach the lofty barrier of more than 100 items in a list, but as they say, it’s not the size, it’s the amount of time Andy spent thinking up the metaphor.

As fasr as t-shirts go, few are more iconic than the design Milton Glaser created to help promote New York (the state, not just the city) back in the 70s. That design has gone on to be used in hundreds of different ways and become part of American pop culture, so it’s hardly surprising that the style has found it’s way onto more than a few t-shirts.

As ever with my list posts, THEY ARE NOT IN ANY RANKED ORDER, the numbers are merely there to keep track of the amount of tees in the list. I say this every time and no one seems to listen, it’s as if you skip the intro and move straight on to all the tees! Also, there are some affiliate linked shirts in there, so it’s possible I will earn money from people buying certain t-shirts on this list, but as I’ve listed just about as many as I could find, it’s hardly surprising that some of the companies have affiliate programmes. Some of the tees in the list are sold out already, and depending upon the success of this post some of them could become sold out in the future, but they could also be reprinted, so in many ways these tees are like Schroedinger’s cat before you click on the link. The list has been split into two pages to make things a little bit easier on my server, but please click through to the second page, because some of my favourites are on there and I think the list finishes pretty strongly, so they’re all worth checking out.

As ever, any exposure you can give to the list (stumble, tweet, delicious bookmark, blog post, digg, ill-considered full-back tattoo) will be greatly appreciated, and I’ll write up a thank you post with links back to everyone that helped in a couple of weeks. Now let’s go love some t-shirts!

I heart Something by The Tee Party – From $15.99

I heart Google by NerdyShirts – $19.97

I have never seen Star Wars by Reece Ward at RedBubble – $24.34

I Bike SF by Super7 – currently unavailable

I cannot remember much about the weekend by Regal Clothing – £17.50

New York Loves Me by Local Celebrity – $28

I heart TPM by The Printed Mind – $19.99

I heart LDN by Clothing For Culture – £25 (various colours available)

I heart New Year by ha-wear at Etsy – $20.99

I really just want to have sex with you by DeezTeez – $14.99

I Texas NY by Saltlick NYC – $58 (yeah, I know)

I Square Pixels by Bytelove – €22

I bomb NY by The Originators – $25 (I assume ‘bomb’ is a graffiti term?)

I Love Coffee by Kirksey Wells for Threadless – $12 (currently sold out)

I dyslexia heart by Busted Tees – $20

I Steel Pittsburgh by Peoples Cartel – $28

I heart my nerd by – $22.95 (available in many colours and as a hoodie)

I love Beatport by Beatport – $24

I love Apple Pi by Adam de la Mare at RedBubble – $25.94

I Used To Love Her by UNDRCRWN – $28 (currently sold out)

I Love To Cook by Pyknic Clothing – $26.98

I love toxic waste by Found Item Clothing – $21.95 (as seen in the film ‘Real Genius’)

I USB Geeks by Lola Camisetas – €11

I love zombies by Mike Friedrich for Scribtee – £15.40

I Uzi LA (I don’t know where to buy this but I’d like too)

I love love love polygamy by Busted Tees – $20

I Love Love by Blend Apparel – $29.99 (printed on a bamboo tee)

I Disco NY by fauxsure at Etsy – $23

I’m apparently not too happy with LA by Rogue Status at Karmaloop – $18

I love Electric Zombie by Electric Zombie – $10 (on it’s last printing and only available in large)

I rock out to Metal by Ex-Boyfriend – $24.99

I heart nerds at Zazzle – $32.60

I Love Pixels by zerotees at Skreened – $23.99

I F LA by Lipstick Prohpets – $26

holly madison 190909
Holly Madison loves Candy (and publicity) and I have no idea where to buy her top from.

I heart NY (with gold foil) by Christopher – $34

I heart LA (with gold foil) by Christopher – $34

I love shoes bags and boys by House of Mental at MoreTVicar – £22

I love Mushrooms by Tee and Toast – £20

I can Street Art by Cotton Factory – $15.99

I bike LA by Local Celebrity – $28

I Sample Favela Funk by PalmerCash – $22.97

I love New York Girls by Monsieur Steve – €19

I Love/Stake Buffy by ThinkGeek – $18.99

I love the Poker Room, no clue where you can buy this, I just like the photo.

I Love Lamp by snorgtees – $16.11 (currently on sale)

I Love Boxed Wine by NoiseBot – $22.95

I Bike Bike by Cotton Factory – $15.99

I Miss NY by Lipstick Prophets – $32

I bread clip bread clips (& I don’t get it?) bySport Coat Clothing – $13

Click here to visit the second page of this list, there’s some really great tees coming up, I promise!



Free shipping at Chateau Roux throughout December. Roux are another of those shops I want to check out when I’m in London next week, so I should be able to give you guys a good London shop guide soon.


Sturban Clothing‘s Pre-Christmas 40% off sale is still going strong.

- sehubabe – the graphic t-shirt - Xmas specials - 1260450416166

Well, how charming of Sehubabe, and it’s not a rebate, it’s a sale. - Home_1260451640958

15% off everything at Cotton Factory.


They may only have three designs in store, but they’re all pretty nice and you certainly can’t argue with that price.

urban clothing, hiphop clothing from the uchi clothing co_1260451035650

Get 20% off your order at Uchi with the coupon code 31CEDuchi20.

project a apparel_1260451229545

Tees from €5 with €3 flat fee shipping, not bad considering how expensive it must be for Project A Apparel to live in Dublin.

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10% off at Cotton Factory until Cyber Monday

by Andy on November 26, 2009 - Home_1259084732003

Is it just me or is ‘cyber Monday’ the kind of phrase that makes your mouth tastes funny and not in a good way?

(If anyone comments on this post I expect it to be with bemusement)


Do It Yourself by Cotton Factory

by Andy on August 19, 2009

do it yourself DIY t-shirt by cotton factory

Costiness=$18.99 Available from Cotton Factory


Kim Jonghol-il by The Cotton Factory

by Andy on July 29, 2009


If this guy was dead (if he isn’t already, conspiracy!) the world would be a better place. Probable fact!

Costiness=$13.99 Available from The Cotton Factory


Coupon for 35% off at Cotton Factory

by Andy on July 1, 2009


No word on how long this coupon will be active for, so it’d probably be better to use it sooner rather than later. Input BIGFNSALE at the checkout to receive the 35% discount at Cotton Factory.


Birdshot by Cotton Factory

by Andy on June 17, 2009


A few days ago I was sat in our living room when I heard a thud against the big bay window. It’s not unusual for birds to smack into the window, but they usually get straight up and fly away seemingly unharmed. This occasion was different, the bird (judging by its fluffiness this may well have been the chicks first foray out of the nest) just lay there, twitching every so often, it’s little heart beating at a furious pace. Whilst I’m no vet, I presumed that it had hit head first, cracked its skull and was now going through a rather nasty hemorrhaging ordeal, but I left it alone because I couldn’t do anything and didn’t want to scare it, so I turned back to the TV. About 20 minutes later I glanced out the window and found the little bird to now be stood up, slowly moving it’s head around, but still not particularly active. Ten minutes or so went by when I took another look to see how my new feathery chum was doing, and it’s head was darting around now, it gave it’s wings a couple of stretches and took off as if nothing had happened. It was weird how emotionally invested I got into the life of this little bird just because it crashed next to the window, or maybe I just really didn’t want to pick up a dead bird to throw in the trash.

Costiness=$12.99 Buy it at Cotton Factory



It’s weird just how big of a day St. Patrick’s Day is here in America, when I went grocery shopping on Saturday at around 5ish there were loads of people on the street (drunk) wearing green, and drinking, which made me think that I’d somehow missed St. Patrick’s Day, but apparently this is merely some kind of emerald tinged warm-up act, so I guess it’s safe to assume that come March 17th I’ll either not be able to sleep because I’m pretending to like Guiness, or because I’m tucked up in bed but there’s more drunken shouting going on than usual in the square outside my building.

You know why I told you that story? Because there’s not really much more that I can say about Cotton Factory selling all their green t-shirts for $12.99 for St. Patrick’s Day.


What’s new at Cotton Factory

by Andy on October 6, 2008

All that up there is what’s new at Cotton Factory, quite a few fun and funny tees, with subjects running from Lincoln, Planet of the Apes, and Pee Wee Herman to what I would consider as more typical Cotton Factory fare in the from of a tee with a picture of a Yugo car on it and the slogan “Yugo Girl” written underneath, now that’s punnery!

Cotton Factory


Terrorist Fist-Jab by Cotton Factory

by Andy on July 2, 2008


Again, I don’t want to enforce my personal politics/hatred of Fox News on you guys, but seriously, who the hell decided that they could make a news story out of calling that teensy-tiny fist bump a terrorist fist-jab?

And yes, I know that I’m way behind the actual event on this one, but sometimes it takes a little while for the tee world to catch up with the news world.

Costiness=$15.99 Link


Bargains to be had at Cotton Factory

by Andy on June 10, 2008

Bargains bargains bargains

Cotton Factory


Cotton Factory’s Tokyo Pack

by Andy on March 11, 2008

4 tees for $32? Bargainous!

Like Godzilla? Like Mothra? Like Ghidrah? Like Gigan? Got $32 spare?

Good, you can get 4 tees with those monsters on for just $32 (… $8 per tee) as part of Cotton Factory’s Tokyo Pack. Personal I think that Tokyo Destruction Pack would have been slightly more accurate, but I don’t argue with bargains!

Costiness=$32 Link


New tees from Cotton Factory

by Andy on February 19, 2008

Remember those protests last week when people put Guy Fawkes masks on and had funny signs protesting Scientology (ha, as if you need that link)? Yeah, it was kinda weird, but I did think it was about damn time that someone finally took a stand… and copied V for Vendetta when protesting, seriously, how did it take this long?
Costiness=$9.99 Link
daydream harvester tee by Cotton Factory

This tee has no political or religious statement to make, as far as I can tell, its ‘just’ a well designed and executed tee with a slightly trippy concept behind it. I know which of the two I’d rather have in my wardrobe, but they’ve both got their attractive qualities.
Costiness=$9.99 Link


Mighty-Morphin’ Emo Boy

by Andy on January 24, 2006

Broken Heart Hoody

I may be treading on dangerous ground with this, perhaps showing my true emo colours (I’m about to go and see The Junior Varsity, Panic! At The Disco and The Academy Is… in about 20 minutes), but you can’t deny the simple style of placing a broken heart, in blue (for when you’re feeling down), on the left breast.

Then again, the blue they use, is baby blue! Sunshine and lollipops for all!

Now I know there’s plenty of broken heart merchandise out there, but this is slightly different, it’s cheap as hell, costiness=$16.99, I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure you earn money by buying this hoody. Yah, pretty sure…

Check it out, y’all.
*Extra money saving tip* You get $5 off your first order if you join the mailing list.


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