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The Cotton Filter – 100906

by Andy on September 10, 2006

Haven’t done one of these for a while:

  • I was away for the weekend at a wedding (2 in 2 weeks after none for years and years), and refused to pay £12 at the hotel for wifi to give you the daily dose of goodness. You’re probably not concerned, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving no explanation when I go off my usual posting rhythm.
  • A guy called Matt informed me about a fairly new tee site called, complete with brown themed site. So, I guess that Shirt Stain want to associate their brand with….. poop? Or maybe I’m just a bit puerile and its just “oh look, your shirt has a stain, buy a new one from shirtstain.” No matter what the name is they do have some good looking shirts, including this one by the aforementioned Matt. SS source their designs by scouring the net for designers they like, and then contact their favourites to see if they can work together. Tees are reasonable $15 a piece and are printed onto AA stock.
  • A guy called Bobby Manzo (<– awesome name!) got in touch about Monstar Clothing. I’ve been following Monstar for a while, and changes seem to be afoot on an almost daily basis. They’re now selling a few items under a Big Cartel storefront, but I remember them selling things through eBay a little bit ago. If you add them as a friend on MySpace (after you’ve added me, of course!), you’ll get links to the various sample sales they conduct on eBay (which is a lot more varied than the store). I really like their logo and design style, so it will be interesting to see how they develop over the coming months. Tees are $20 (not sure what stock), and hats are $15.

    The Cotton Filter – 310506

    by Andy on May 31, 2006

    I started writing this a week ago, so some of it may well be old news:

    Cat and Girl: He’s managed to take something quite surreal and turn it into something really sweet and cute, the facial expression of the bike-receiving-fish (yeah, now you’re gonna click that link!) is simply perfection.

    Divine Clothing: Bill has done his final printing of the second season of shirts, so this is your last chance to pick up one up, I particularly like “those who live are those who love“, all tees $16.

    Crowded Teeth
    : The sale started last week, but it deserves a mention because I’m sure you don’t spend all day looking at tee blogs, Michelle’s tee are down to $15 from $24, and the hoodies (including the one I recommended a while back) are down to $25 from $40.

    Secret Handshake: Some cool tees here, via C12

    No Star Clothing: Their new site is up, it’s just as clean and smooth as it used to be, and there’s a few cool new additions to the line up, expect me to be recommending this hoodie soon, and making tenuous claims that the birds are ‘blue tits’ just so I can make some weak jokes.


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