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T-shirt news for February 15th

by Andy on February 15, 2012

doctor who t-shirt

Y’know, it’s been weird not writing about Doctor Who t-shirts every day, TeeFury have brought me right back into it with this great tee though.

Shirt.Woot have a rather interesting Zelda shirt.

Sons of Anarchy x He-Man at RIPT today.

Okay gang, time to play the “tell Andy what this shirt is referencing” game since I have no idea.

Nowhere Bad have a shirt for all those rage moments you get whilst gaming.

I can’t really take too much heat with my meals, but for those of you that do 24tee have a shirt that may be right up your alley.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Community’s paintball episode was one of the finest half hours of my life, thanks for the reminder TeeRaiders.

Mathiole gets some love with this colourful shirt at DBH today.

This shirt is $11 instead of $20 in BustedTees daily deal (which has 2 days to run… aka not daily).

Deadmau5 wore a t-shirt with Skrillex’s phone number on it to the Grammy’s, that little rascal.

RIPT have a great video (6:31 long) explaining every step in the process of creating one of their shirts, it’s a great walkthrough and worth a few minutes of your time. I didn’t realise that RIPT did their printing in-house, I’d always presumed that the daily sites outsourced their printing work.

Cottonable noticed that Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is running a design comepetition with MASScanvas.

IAMTHETREND have a great review of Capitl Clothing.

krudmart are holding an end of Winter sale.


Daily Tees & News for December 22nd

by Andy on December 22, 2011

zombie enforcement agency t-shirt

Things really are getting quiet in the tee world as people get ready for Christmas and the last order dates are passed for most brands, hopefully we’ll all be able to relax soon.

But, but, where’s the reference in this TeeFury design?!

How weird that there would be a 1% milk shirt at Snorg this week, and then Shirt.Woot have something similar.

RIPT must be fans of The Walking Dead too.
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There are several qualities that we look for when selecting blog posts for the blog roundup feature. In general we try to put the spotlight on creative, amusing, informative, original, or just downright cool posts from all over the t-shirt blogosphere. This roundup’s selection definitely fits that bill. Check them out:

Fur Face Boy Kick-Ass T-Shirt Book

Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand Book by Fur Face Boy

Major props to Fur Face Boy for bringing our attention to this awesome resource. “Launch a Kick-Ass t-shirt brand: An essential guide to building a t-shirt empire” is a terrific book packed full of great suggestions, success stories and other tips. Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy offers his own insights to the project as well.

Cottonable RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs via Cottonable

It has been a sad week for Apple fans everywhere with the recent passing of Apple’s iconic leader Steve Jobs. From the massively popular iPhone phenomenon to introducing a viable second PC platform with Macs, Steve Jobs had a tremendous impact on technology, business, society, and the world in general. He will be missed.

Grafitee Druks Paris

Druks Paris – Summer Breeze on Grafitee

Grafitee is a great French t-shirt blog that with the help of Google translation, I am able to read and enjoy. It’s only fair that we share the spotlight for Grafitee for their posting the cool news about Druks Paris’ Summer Breeze collection. They’ve got some really great designs and they’re definitely worth a look.

Tee Gazette New Wreckage

New Wreckage Clothing Hits The Online Shelve
by Tee Gazette

Tee Gazette brought us news of this nifty new fall/winter line by New Wreckage. New Wreckage has some slick designs in their collection as well as a provocative print benefiting the fight against breast cancer.

In My Short Sleeve Mighty Healthy

Mighty Healthy Fall 2011 Collection on In My Short Sleeve

I know, yet another featured blog about a fall collection. I can’t help it, early October brings the release of many great collections and Mighty Healthy’s is among those worth mentioning. In My Short Sleeve found a real winner with this one. They not only have some great streetwear in the t-shirt category but also in hats and hoodies. Check them out!

So there you have it, another week of top blogs and great designs. The t-shirt world is a rapidly changing place and thanks to the blogs and bloggers featured here they’ve helped us keep a finger on the t-shirt world pulse.

This t-shirt roundup delivered by guest blogger Blake at You Design It where you can design t shirts.


Another couple of weeks, another round of awesome t-shirt blogs to review. This week’s group is a varied bunch with interviews, videos and introductions to new brands. In fact it was tough to keep the list down to only five, but in the interest of staying brief and focused….here are the best of the best.

I Am The Trend Among Villains Interview
Interview with Jason Carne of Among Villains by I Am The Trend

I am a sucker for interviews because you get to peek into the mind of designers and creators to see what makes them good at what they do. This week I Am The Trend keeps the trend flowing by interviewing Jason Carne from Among Villains. Jason has an impressive body of work in design and he’s bringing all his creativity to the table for the Among Villains project.

WearingSocial™ Is (Express + Socialize) X Wear via Cottonable

Sometimes it’s tough to spot a good idea when it first develops; other times it’s obvious right away. The concept WearingSocial definitely looks like a case of the latter. Social networking has never been more popular and WearingSocial is gearing up to give users a whole new experience. Think “your online activity on a t-shirt”.

limited edition chez panisse t-shirts supporting edible schoolyard
Limited Edition Chez Panisse T-Shirts Supporting Edible Schoolyard at Tcritic

Tcritic is a pioneering t-shirt blog which helped kickstart the popularity of these types of blogs. It’s appropriate then that this week Tcritic brings us a post about another pioneer. Alice Waters founded a restaurant called Chez Panisse over 40 years ago. The cool thing is that this restaurant was one of the first ones on the scene of the local food movement. Their focus is on sustainability and they’re releasing a line of t-shirts called the edible schoolyard project to bring attention to the cause.

Interview with Nathan W Pyle
Interview with Nathan W. Pyle at The Shirt List

The Shirt List wants to bring readers the best t-shirts in the world. When they’re not spotlighting awesome t-shirts, they also focus on awesome t-shirt designers. One such designer is Nathan W. Pyle who has long been a fixture at Threadless and who continues to crank out the hits.

I’m Giving Away 14 Threadless Gift Certificates Over 14 Days–Birthday Bonanza! by T Roundup

I’m happy to make TRoundUp a part of my own tee round up. Especially since Colin is doing such a cool promotion. In celebration of his 21st birthday he’s giving away fourteen Threadless gift certificates over the next fourteen days. What a great way to help him celebrate and rack up some cool shirts in the process. [Andy: I know I posted this news earlier, but it’s a big giveaway so it’s good to have it up here again to make sure everyone sees it]

So there you have it, some highlights in the t-shirt blogging world from the last week. Unfortunately though, there are probably many others that we might have missed. Please hit me up at @youdesignit on Twitter to let me know if your blog post deserves being featured.

Brought to you by guest blogger Blake at You Design It where they have a passion for t shirt design.


What’s up HYA readers? I’m Blake and I’ll be routinely putting together a short list of t-shirt related links on the web for you to check out. It will hopefully introduce you to some cool t-shirts, great content and t-shirt related news that you might have missed on the web. Here are the first five shoutouts in what hopes to be many more to come:

I Am The Trend Shark Week T-Shirt Sale
The 24 Hour Shirt Attack by IAMTHETREND
Another year, another Shark Week….and it appears Shark Week and t-shirt sales go hand in hand. Adam from IATT brings you a monster list of Shark Week related sales for you to take advantage of.

Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
The Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
Olly Moss designs like a boss at Threadless and that is why he gets his own collection. Definitely worth a look or two. Thanks to Rude Retro for bringing this one to our attention.

Tee Addicts Review of Acropolis Apparel
Tee Review of Acropolis Apparel Ft. Yema Yema, La Muerta, DTA at TeeAddicts
T-shirt reviews are getting popular with the t-shirt bloggers and for very good reason. It is great exposure for a t-shirt line to send their wears to these guys so people can see them move in real life and get an expert’s attention.

Coty Gonzales' Huge List of Superhero Tees
101 Superhero T-Shirts for the Comic Book Fan by Coty Gonzales
This is Coty being typical Coty. And by typical I mean awesome. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took to procure a 101 piece list of Superhero t-shirts but Coty did it! As always, he put it together in an easy to digest format for you to enjoy.

Captain Canada at Cottonable
Captain Canada Does Exist by Cottonable
With all the hype of Captain America in the movie theaters, it is easy to forget about Captain Canada. He does exist and you can find him on Cottonable. :)

This t-shirt shoutout was a guest blog written by Blake from You Design It where you can get custom t-shirt printing.

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Got Bulgogi? by Funky Koreatown

by Andy on September 15, 2009


I’m fairly sure that writing about a ‘got milk?’-esque t-shirt is a crime in the unwritten lawbook of t-shirt blogging, but that cow makes me laugh, and I like Korean food, so it works out nicely. Korean food is non-existent where I live, I imagine that there might be a Korean restaurant somewhere in Manchester, but that’s still 2-hours drive away from me, looks like I might have to start getting it delivered (like I already do for Japanese & Chinese food) if I want to eat it again.

Costiness=$18.69 Available from Funky Koreatown [via Cottonable]


Some bloggy goings on

by Andy on June 26, 2008


[Picture unrelated to anything, I just think that Ames Rooms are cool]
  • T-shirt Island has changed its name to Cottonable, which doesn’t really change anything in terms of the blog, but it is a pretty cool name.
  • Shirtlog, who had their first birthday recently (huzzah!), held an interview with Filip from Allmightys recently, check it out here.
  • Subtraction, which is a very nicely designed blog, has posted a great description of Rumplo, in case you don’t know what it is yet.
  • Atticus (the brand founded by Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge of Blink 182, though Hoppus doesn’t have anything to do with it now) and Ebtm (a British clothing site) have launched a fashion blog that I imagine British emo and scene kids might like.
  • Continuing the music theme, Ian Watkins, who is the singer/frontman of the Lostprophets, a band who are big in the UK (I’ve seen ‘em twice), has moved on from designing the bands album covers and merch, and released his own line of t-shirts with the brand name of Made In Hell, which are actually pretty good, and to prove that he’s keeping it indie and not selling out to ‘the man’ the store is powered by Big Cartel. If you’re wondering how I’m shoehorning this piece of news into a post about blogs… ummm… here’s an interview he did with Punktastic.
  • You The Designer wrote up a great tutorial last year (and I just re-found it in my bookmarks) that they’ve called “The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts“, that’s a pretty lofty claim, but it is a pretty good guide to be fair to them.

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