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cat t-shirts

I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t seen an epic tee list from anyone for a while, and then I open Google Reader and Coty has gone and compiled a quite amazing list of 101 t-shirts all about our feline friends!


T-shirt News for February 22nd

by Andy on February 22, 2012

hellboy elmo t-shirt

I get the feeling that this Hellboy x Elmo mashup is going to do quite well at TeeFury.

What a delightfully cute cooking shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

Awesome Mario shirt at RIPT today.
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T-shirt News for January 31st

by Andy on January 31, 2012

cookie monster t-shirt

Again with the Muppets at TeeFury!

Not for me at Shirt.Woot today, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

Not sure if I’d wear this shirt just because it’s on white, but I certainly to like this Walking Dead design at RIPT.
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T-shirt News for January 30th

by Andy on January 30, 2012

muppets alien t-shirt

The Muppets are everywhere right now, including TeeFury!

Shirt.Woot believe that ‘love conquers all.’

Finally, RIPT has seen fit to bring together Star Wars and Top Gun.

Sherlock Holmes makes an appearance at Qwertee.

Shirt Punch feature a t-shirt with two people on it who cannot tell lies.

Nowhere Bad choose to quote Star Wars.

Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters gets a run out at The Yetee.

OtherTees indulge their Doctor Who habit. like seahorses.

TeeMinus24 add to the Star Wars tees coming at us today.

24tee mix Doctor Who and Snoopy.

TeeRaiders drop a Hunger Games related design.

DBH are all about wolves today.

I know that this is a Life Aquatic t-shirt at Graphic Lab, but I think I fell asleep during the movie so I don’t really understand this shirt.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling that hungry caterpillar design again.

Coty has a great post about Ai WeiWei t-shirts.

Apparently], this is Jake Nickell’s favourite ever Threadless design.

I added this pencil sharpener that look like a camera to the Rigu store.

BustedTees have released a couple of tees in time for the Super Bowl.

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Daily T-shirt Roundup for January 9th

by Andy on January 9, 2012

sloth goonies t-shirt

I’m not too excited by the Sloth & Crossbones Goonies shirt at TeeFury today, you?

Very cute illustration style on this Shirt.Woot tee, maybe this shirt will perk you up to stick with your New Year’s resolutions?

Not the kind of Star Wars t-shirt that I’d wear, but a pretty cool concept from RIPT nonetheless.

Can anyone explain to me why The Yetee are describing this felines as pizzacats?

Very cool Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired t-shirt at Shirt Punch today.

GraphicLab have a shirt that is a little lost on me, it’s a mashup of The Impossible Man from the Marvel universe and Magnitude from Community.

Star Trek inspired visual pun from TeeMinus24 today.

I’m fairly sure that this TeeRaiders design is the first Warehouse 13 shirt that I’ve seen. give this well worn phrase another run out.

OtherTees have a Doctor Who shirt that I’m sure I’ve seen before.

Qwertee make a connection between Portal and zombies.

We don’t have Fresca over here in the UK, so this 24tee shirt is wasted on me.

Cool new shirt at DBH today.

There’s a couple of new shirts up on pre-order at Goodjoe.

Loviu reiterate their ‘barbie is a slut’ stance.

Tilteed have their boomerang-based design up again.

Catch of the Day Tee have nothing for us, again.

Tee Gazette has an update on the Boston Tee Party event being held in the summer.

I saw this t-shirt on Flickr months ago and it’s taken me until now to remember to post it.

Co-Tee TV Episode 88: Moustardche, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs from Coty Gonzales on Vimeo.

Coty has a new episode of Co-Tee TV up, featuring Moustardache, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs.

The selection process may have been unscientific, but it’s nice to see HYA at the top (the position may or may not mean anything) of this list of the “21 Most Important t-shirt blogs of 2011.”

Tee Hunter take a look at the A Bathing Ape x Star Wars collection.

Fuel Your Creativity have an article about starting a clothing line with no money. It does make it all seems a little easy in my eyes, but there are worse stepping off points.

Here’s another t-shirt from PalmerCash I bookmarked ages ago but never got around to posting about.

2sickbastards have got up to 50% off their art prints until January 13th.

Snapback hats are now in store at Glamour Kills.

Did you know that howies was part of Timberland? I say was because as of the start of this year they bought themselves out and are now an independent business again.

Terratag‘s up to 50% off sale has hit it’s final week, ends on Friday.


Daily Tees & News for December 7th

by Andy on December 7, 2011

cheap t-shirts at Teefury

Looks like you’ve got another day to pick up random shirts for $6 at TeeFury.

RIPT have a Doctor Who t-shirt.

Qwertee keep things nice and British with a tea-based Call of Duty pun.

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Daily Tees and News Roundup for November 16th

by Andy on November 16, 2011

dalek snowman t-shirt

I think that this Doctor Who t-shirt thing may be getting a bit out of hand now. TeeFury.

Very nice Portal shirt from Qwertee, pity that the text isn’t legible though.

That is one majestic looking unicorn, Tilted.

Soooo, is that owl drunk?

Pretty nice tee from Shirt.Woot today.

There is a surprising lack of Transformers shirts around, something RIPT appear to be looking to address, I’d probably prefer to see more of a Megan Fox-esque woman standing next to the car though.

This TeeMinus24 shirt is in honour of it being 37 years since Wolverine’s first appearance in a full issue of a comic book.

More rage face action from 24tee.

I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 last night so this shirt from Loviu is pretty attractive to me right now.

I was going to have a solid Gears of War session on Sunday night, and then my Xbox died again, it’s 6 years old so it’s had a decent run, but no one likes it when their hardware fails and you have to get a new one, that’s £170 I would have rather not spent. Shirt available at Catch of the Day Tee.

Pretty cool Mario concept from Shirt Punch today.

Very nice from DBH, though I think I’d rather have it as a poster than a t-shirt.

604Republic are running a ‘buy 2 get a 3rd shirt free’ sale, which is pretty nice.

Johnny Cupcakes has dropped 3 new shirts.

Wrongwroks have restocked their Monster hoodies.

IAMTHETREND have an interview with 11:11 Apparel.

Karmaloop are giving 30% off and free shipping ($8 off shipping for international users) with the coupon code TEE30, but only on shirts in the ‘dressed to a tee’ section of the sale page.

Retreat have put all their shirts on sale for £10.

Scifen have teamed up with a hip hop artist that I’ve never heard of (which has no reflection upon how well known they are) called eLZhi to create the garments you can see above.

Coty has declared his love for Instagram (I’m a member too, feel free to follow me, my username is hideyourarms, of course.

No Guts No Glory have released a limited edition Christmas jumper that is far more attractive than the ironic one you bought last year.

February Son have a storewide shirt sale going on until the end of the year, all tee are $16. I don’t know what they were before that, but presumably $16 is less.

I will be launching a new website today that will be taking up a lot of my time for the foreseeable future, please be assured that this is actually a good thing for HYA, becuase it means that I can continue to write here and not get a soul crushing job I don’t love.


Daily Tees and News for November 5th

by Andy on November 5, 2011

coffee-aid t-shirt

Oh yeah! TeeFury

Were Tilteed not selling this design just a couple of weeks ago?

Nice Zelda shirt (right reference?) at Shirt.Woot today.

RIPT bring us a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure mashup today.

It always amazes me how few Simpsons t-shirts there are out there. The Yetee.

Was someone else selling this Buffy the Vampire Slayer t-shirt recently? No matter, it’s available at OtherTees now.

I don’t know what or if there is a reference on this 24tee shirt, but it’s a pretty cool design either way.

A quick Google tells me that this TeeRaiders ‘Miranda Reavers’ design is something to do with Firefly.

At first I was like, “oh, that’s nice” then I looked at this Loviu design a little closer.

Oh man, I’d just written a whole thing about not getting the reference on this Shirt Punch tee, then it hit me, Marty McFly from Back To The Future?

Coty of fame has a new-ish site called Exploration Hawaii all about hiking around Hawaii. We have some stunning walks around where I live (it may be called the Lake District, but there are hills around all those lakes), but the places he’s going look amazing. He’s running a little competition to win a $25 gift certificate from Threadless that I’m sure you’ll want to enter before November 10th.

Kissmetrics have a viral marketing cheat sheet that brand owners may want to check out.

Cuppa-T have put up their Christmas shipping dates.

PalmerCash are doing their bit for Movember.

Urban Outfitters (in the UK/Europe at least) are offering free shipping this weekend.

Hot Topic have updated their monthly coupon code, you can get 20% off with HTA20NOV providing you spend at least $60. Coupon expires December 2nd.

HYA blogger Sleepy Dan has added some snap back hats to his store, expect a behind the scenes look at how they were printed here in the next day or so.

Threadless have added some gorgeous (and massive) graphics to their partnership with Blik.

Make Believe have released a short but delightful video that really captures the spirit of their brand.

Terratag have got a grab bag offer going on that I think gives really good value. They’re mystery tees or sweats/hoodies, so you’ll have to be a big fan of Terratag, but since they have a fairly cohesive range, I think if you like one of their shirts you’ll probably like most of them.

Shirt designers always need more textures right? Apparently this free texture pack at Mintees is mighty fine.

Looks like Mintees are going to be opening a marketplace, which is going to be another nail in the coffin of ShirtHive (another idea I had but couldn’t find the time for).

There’s a really funny interview with former HYA blogger Randyotter at TheShirtList.


As regular readers will be aware, periodically we like to recap some of the recent highlights in the world of t-shirt blogging. This last week brought more interesting news, cool shirts, and terrific posts by hardworking bloggers. It would be impossible to list all the greats but here’s a short list of some of the best and brightest.

The Blot Says
Johnny Cupcakes X Nickelodeon by The Blot Says

This post certainly brings some interesting news. Johnny Cupcakes will be partnering with Nickelodeon to bring some limited edition clothing and accessories. Naturally these items will feature some of Nickelodeon’s most popular characters. A lot of buzz on the interwebs about this collaboration so check it out.

Coty Gonzales
LazerShirts not Just Another Shirt by Coty Gonzales

LazerShirts is a company with a really cool concept. For starters their shirts are printed using glow in the dark ink, which is pretty cool to begin with, but the kicker is that by using the LazerShirts “ultraviolet lazer” you can actually etch your own new design on top of the existing one. Sounds like a great gift for kids or adults looking for a conversation starter.

I Am The Trend
Miles To Go Drops 30 New Items by I Am The Trend

More cool t-shirt brand news from I Am The Trend. The company Miles To Go has released a massive new fall line as well as restocking some of their older prints. For those who are unfamiliar with Miles To Go’s concept, all the ideas and inspiration for their designs are drawn from various literary works. This new batch features some really great selections from some of the best known classics.

In My Short Sleeve
Ironsea Fall 2011 via In My Short Sleeve

Fall lines are dropping everywhere right now and In My Short Sleeve featured a pretty cool one recently from IronSea Co. This is IronSea’s 2nd offering after their debut line last spring. They have continued doing what they do right and even branched out slightly in some new directions including offering tote bags. Definitely worth a look.

Pop Culture Tees
Dpcted T-Shirts – Funny Text Only Designs by Pop Culture Tees

As Kevin from Pop Culture Tees points out in this post, success in the online t-shirt selling world often depends on having a good niche. Dpcted’s niche is selling amusing, text only designs. The words speak for themselves without other graphics. It’s a cool concept and as long as the t-shirts are witty and original there’s no reason why it shouldn’t take off. [Andy: Please note that there have been numerous reports of people not receiving their orders from DPCTED, I have been in touch with the previous owner of the brand and he says the new owners will be rectifying the situation, but still, buyer beware]

So there you have it, some highlights in the t-shirt blogging world from the last week. I hope you have seen at least a couple of new brands that you find interesting or at least a good handful of amazing new shirts. Please hit me up at @youdesignit on Twitter to let me know if your blog post deserves being featured.

This tee blog roundup was brought to you by Blake from You Design It where they focus on t-shirt design.

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“The Fuschia is Now” t-shirt by PopBooth

by Andy on September 8, 2011

the fuchsia is now

PopBooth is an iOS photobooth app rather than a clothing company, but it just so happens that they also have a really cool tee on sale.

Costiness=$16 Buy it at PopBooth’s Storenvy store [via Coty Gonzales]


As you may well have guess I’ve decided to start posting videos whenever Iamthetrend and Coty Gonzales release them, they put a lot of effort into their videos and I want to recognise that by hopefully bringing them to a wider audience. Also, isn’t it nice to have some video content on the site?

In this episode Coty takes a look at a brand called The Good Child, and reviews a messenger bag sent to him by Evozip.


What’s up HYA readers? I’m Blake and I’ll be routinely putting together a short list of t-shirt related links on the web for you to check out. It will hopefully introduce you to some cool t-shirts, great content and t-shirt related news that you might have missed on the web. Here are the first five shoutouts in what hopes to be many more to come:

I Am The Trend Shark Week T-Shirt Sale
The 24 Hour Shirt Attack by IAMTHETREND
Another year, another Shark Week….and it appears Shark Week and t-shirt sales go hand in hand. Adam from IATT brings you a monster list of Shark Week related sales for you to take advantage of.

Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
The Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
Olly Moss designs like a boss at Threadless and that is why he gets his own collection. Definitely worth a look or two. Thanks to Rude Retro for bringing this one to our attention.

Tee Addicts Review of Acropolis Apparel
Tee Review of Acropolis Apparel Ft. Yema Yema, La Muerta, DTA at TeeAddicts
T-shirt reviews are getting popular with the t-shirt bloggers and for very good reason. It is great exposure for a t-shirt line to send their wears to these guys so people can see them move in real life and get an expert’s attention.

Coty Gonzales' Huge List of Superhero Tees
101 Superhero T-Shirts for the Comic Book Fan by Coty Gonzales
This is Coty being typical Coty. And by typical I mean awesome. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took to procure a 101 piece list of Superhero t-shirts but Coty did it! As always, he put it together in an easy to digest format for you to enjoy.

Captain Canada at Cottonable
Captain Canada Does Exist by Cottonable
With all the hype of Captain America in the movie theaters, it is easy to forget about Captain Canada. He does exist and you can find him on Cottonable. :)

This t-shirt shoutout was a guest blog written by Blake from You Design It where you can get custom t-shirt printing.

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Congratulations Dr. Gonzales!

by Andy on June 15, 2011

coty gonzales dissertation

Dedicated followers of the t-shirt blogging world will no doubt have noticed that Coty Gonzales has been a bit quiet recently. Apparently, for some people there are things in the world that are sometimes more important than t-shirts, and that had been the case for Coty over the past couple of months as he was completing his dissertation. Coty is now Dr. Coty (I once considered buying one of those pointless degrees so I could call myself a doctor, that would have been a lot easier, Coty), and will soon be back to blogging. Well done, Coty!


threadless iphone app

I was going to put together a review of the Official Threadless iPhone app, but to be honest it probably wouldn’t be as good as this review by Coty Gonzales. He has provided a really well balanced and thorough review of the app pointing out the flaws/limitations he’s found and well as the really well implemented aspects of the app.


Coty’s 365 days of t-shirts

by Andy on January 7, 2011

coty 365 t-shirts

The Hawaiian t-shirt posting tornado, Coty Gonzales, has set himself an almighty task for 2011, “365 days of t-shirts.” I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes, “but Andy, ya handsome devil, loads of people have worn a different t-shirt every day for a year, what makes Coty so special, and by the way, I like you new jumper.” Thanks imaginary person, it IS a nice jumper, but let’s focus here, Coty isn’t wearing a different t-shirt every day in 2011, he’s providing craft projects, tutorials, and other cool t-shirt related things every day for the whole year (though I think he may have already failed as he’s only holiday at the moment, hopefully he’ll be able to catch up). With the project he is hoping that at the end of the year he might be able to produce a book, wouldn’t that be cool!

Day 1 was the t-shirt journal you can see above that was inspired by Moleskine notebooks, day two was an Experimental Jetset parody wallpaper, on the third & fourth day Coty turned a t-shirt into a throw pillow (it was reposted exactly the same on day 3), and on the fifth he discussed categorizing on the blog.

Clearly, he’s not quite keeping up with the 365 element, but there is some cool stuff, and you can follow it all with the Project365 tag.


love your work. work your love t-shirt

I see a lot in this phrase, I think it sums up HYA quite nicely, because I’m certainly not doing this job for the money!

Holiday Matinee, is that another case of t-shirt brands sounding like an indie band?

Costiness=$22 Buy it Holiday Matinee’s Supermarket Shop [via Josh Spear, Coty]


minimalist street fighter t-shirt

I like this, it feels as if someone inputted Ryu and Ken into the iPhone Pantone app and this is what spilled out. Actually, in my experience, the Pantone palette result wouldn’t look much like the reality, but it’s still a cool app. Solid concept, well executed, good work AshRB, and good work to Coty for finding it.

Costiness=$19.98 Buy it at MySoti

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bo from loving this tee can screenprint!

You may or may have heard of Bo/dunz0 from Loving This Tee, a t-shirt blogger who in her own words just “blogs when she feels like it.” Well, she recently took on an internship at Tilteed, one of the better design competitions to arrive on the scene in the past year, and is now doing a weekly column documenting her experiences. Is she blogging about it on her own site? Heck no! The C-unit, as no one calls him, or Coty Gonzales to humans, has recruited her to his blog, and she’ll be writing a weekly column there. It’s an interesting read to people like me that are obsessed with tees like I am, and probably interesting to normal folks too!

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gama go store

Coty actually visited the Gama-Go store back in April as part of his trip around the US, but for some reason it’s taken me until now to point it out to you guys. Coty doesn’t go into too many details about the store (though really, how much could he write?), but it sounds good, and there’s plenty of pictures for those of us that wish they could make a trip there, if only there wasn’t an ocean between us.

Check out Coty’s post here, and if you missed it, here’s my interview with Greg Long, one of the GG founders.

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The Coty Gonzales Interview

by Andy on March 12, 2010

coty gonzales in portland

If you read Hide Your Arms you probably know who Coty Gonzales is. If not, he’s another tee blogger, a good one, who has been writing about shirts (and more) for the past couple of years, and is quite a lot more comfortable in videos than I am. I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I’dlike to get into doing more interviews on HYA, and I thought that Coty would be interesting since us tee bloggers are usually pretty sociable but people don’t really know much about us because you don’t really need much of a backstory to be a tee blogger, you just have to like t-shirts. I can’t lie, this isn’t a short interview, it’s 13 questions, but I get bored of reading the same questions and answers on other blogs, so I’ve tried to change things up a bit so I asked Coty questions that focused on him and what he does rather than general questions I could ask to anyone in the street. Coty is a damn good blogger, so if you’re a tee blogger wondering why you aren’t getting the traffic you want I suggest that you give this a read and learn from it.

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