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Coupon Code for 50% off at No Love City

by Josh on February 9, 2013

Post image for Coupon Code for 50% off at No Love City

No Love City is offering 50% all orders place this weekend on their webstore.  Just enter discount code NLC50 during checkout at


Coupon code for 30% off at No Love City

by Josh on January 28, 2013

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To celebrate reaching 3,000 likes on Facebook, No Love City is offering 30% your entire order.  Enter discount code 3K during checkout on their online store.


motivate clothing coupon code

One way to catch my attention with a pitch is to let me know that you’ve already made a coupon code which will get all you lovely readers money off their order; another method is inflating my ego, I suggest a mix of the two, but the first option is definitely effective. Motivate Clothing Co, did just that and hooked us up with 15% off the tees in their store with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS. Their tees were a reasonable $20 before so it doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to work out that you’re looking at a $3 saving on each tee, nice!

Motivate aren’t just generous with tee lovers, each of their designs gives 10% of the proceeds to a charity related to the issue being discussed on the t-shirt you buy, which is a nice touch that there is a connection between what you buy and where the charity money goes.

As usual I’d like to see some pictures of the actual shirt being worn by people (or even laid flat on the floor), but other than that there’s a lot to like about what’s going on here.


Post image for BeastWreck Turned One, Which Means T-shirt Sales All Month Long!

BeastWreck Shirts & Stuff just had their one year anniversary and to celebrate, Jared (aka BeastPop), will have a sale on one tee each week in April! THIS week’s tee is GRRRILLA (modeled by the cutie above that also happens to be my sister!) All you have to do to get your 15% off of GRRRILLA is visit the BeastWreck shop and enter the discount code FIFTEENER if ordering a men’s tee or FIFTEENIE if ordering a women’s tee! The GRRRILLA tee sale lasts until midnight on April 9th, and then a new item will be on sale – so keep an eye out for that!

Another bonus for those of you who have Facebook (which probably means most of you) – if you visit the BeastWreck Facebook page and share one of the sale posts, you will be entered to win a free CLASSIC ARCADE shirt (pictured above), as well as a super nice collection of BeastWreck buttons and stickers (and they’re good ones, trust me!)

I own several tees from BeastWreck and I couldn’t be happier with the quality, print, and customer service – I wear those tees like there’s no tomorrow.



ugmonk mountains t-shirt

When Ugmonk released the simple-yet-brilliant ‘Mountains’ design on a t-shirt last year it went on to become one of their fastest selling items ever, and considering just about everyone loves Ugmonk that probably means something. So it’s no surprise that Jeff has decided to expand the range to include a hoodie, a print, and also to print the t-shirt version on a charcoal grey shirt instead of the previous black. They;re all available in the shop now and you can get 10% off with your order with the coupon code MOUNTAINS.


hollow clothing coupon code

Fresh on the heels of the release of Hollow Clothing‘s Winter Range (that I blogged about here), they’ve given HYA readers an exclusive coupon code that will get you 10% off in their store for the next three days. Use the code HYA to receive the discount.


bustedtees coupon code

20% off a $50+ spend isn’t too bad, IIRC you’ll need a minimum of 3 shirts in your basket to qualify for this coupon at BustedTees. Use the code OCTEES to receive the 20% discount, and as the code suggests, it will be expiring at the end of October.


the affair coupon code

With The Affair‘s tees usually coming with a bit of a premium price tag (and good reason for it, the one they sent me is gorgeous) getting their shirts at almost a third off is very welcome indeed, knocking £7.50 off the price of each shirt. Use the coupon code GOODBYESUMMER to receive the discount between now and next Wednesday.


hide your arms coupon code

I know that 3,000 isn’t a particularly poignant milestone, but I think that’s it’s pretty cool that there are so many people out there that are willing to click on a little box to say that they like this website I’ve been running (largely on my own) for the past five and a bit years. Thanks everyone, I truly do appreciate it.

To say thanks in a way that means something to you and not just me, I’ve set up the coupon code of AWWWYEAH that will get you 30% off in the HYA store. I’ve never publicly released a 30% off coupon code, and I can’t see myself ever releasing anything bigger than that, so now is a great opportunity to pick up Hide Your Arms goods at a their lowest prices ever. Clear me out, friends!

To keep things interesting, I’m letting you guys decide how long this coupon code will be active for. Go over to this Facebook post and give it a like, for every like that it gets I will keep the coupon alive for another day, so seven likes would give you a week to get your order in using the coupon code.


paper root coupon code

Paper Root have been consistently impressive for years now, so when they say they’ve released new products and that I should check them out, I check them out. Surprise, surprise, the new shirts are cool, so now I’m telling you to head on over and give them a look. Whilst you’re there you might want to get 30% off your order with the coupon code GETCLASS, but be quick the coupon expires tomorrow night.


branded baron coupon code

Not sure when this coupon will expire, but since the coupon code that will get you 30% off your order at Branded Baron is FOURTH it’s a fair bet that it won’t be working on Tuesday.


30% off at HoodieBuddie until June 5th

by Andy on June 2, 2011

hoodiebuddie coupon code

I’m not entirely sold on the idea of hoodies that have earbuds in the drawstrings so you attach your MP3 player directly into your clothing, but I’m definitely on board with the idea of paying less for something than normal. In the e-mail I received it said that you need to like their Facebook page to get the 30% off select styles and 10% off everything at HoodieBuddie, but they put the code on an image on the e-mail, so I guess you don’t have to.


20% off at Dephect for the rest of May

by Andy on May 23, 2011

If you spend more than £40 at Dephect in the rest of May (not too hard since their tees are £25, basically buy 2 items and you’re set) then you can receive 20% off your order with the coupon code MAY11. The coupon code expires at the end of the month.


thriving ink coupon code

Thriving Ink went a bit quiet over the past few months whilst the business went from being run by the whole Dronkers family to resting firmly on the shoulders of Matt, who is now running the business by himself. Taking a look at the shirts available in the relaunch, the future of Thriving ink is very much safe, he’s curated a great line. To celebrate the relaunch he’s running a buy two get one free offer, which you can look at as 33% off if you want, and that’s a pretty hefty percentage. If it’s not hefty enough for you, or you don’t want to buy 3 shirts at a time, Matt has kindly made a code just for HYA that will give you 15% off your order. That magical code is HIDEYOURARMS, enjoy!


palmercash coupon code

I was getting all annoyed about the coupon code for this sale at PalmerCash, ENGLANDLOST, I was going to start ranting about how it was definitely a goal, and hey, the US lost in the same round too… and then I realised that they’re actually referring to when we gave back the colony, and a fine job you guys have done with it.


dephect coupon code

This is a nice offer from the Dephect crew. Spend £50 or more and you can receive a discount of £15 on your order by using the coupon code 15£OFF. Offer valid from now until 31.07.10.

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15% off at PalmerCash this week

by Andy on June 3, 2010

palmer cash coupon code

Saying ‘this week’ in an e-mail sent on a Thursday is annoying, because it suggests a week of saving, but the e-mail said that it would be until ‘probably Monday’, which doesn’t fit with any definition of a week that I like.

Palmer Cash


fistful apparel

I wrote about Fistful Apparel just last week, and they’ve informed me that with the coupon code fistfulfriend10 you can get 10% off your order, sweet!


Get 40% off at RYZ by filling in a survey

by Andy on April 29, 2010

ryz discount code

They do cool crowdsource-designed sneakers, they do cool tees, and now they’re doing 40% discount codes when you fill in their survey, seems like a good deal to me.


Johnny Cupcakes Coupon Code

by Andy on March 11, 2010

johnny cupcakes coupon code

That title represents one of the things that I see popping up in my Google Analytics quite a lot, but Johnny Cupcakes rarely releases coupon codes, especially not long lasting ones and this unfortunately is not different. My one issue with JC is that the tees are quite expensive, $35 for a tee seems like a hard sell to me when I could get 2 or more for that price from Threadless, but his price points are his choice and lots of people seem happy to pay $35 for a tee so I can hardly blame him.

The coupon code BAKE will get you 15% off everything that is currently in the bake sale section of the store, but be quick-ish because that coupon will expire on the 23rd if my calculations are correct. Savings on savings? Oh my!


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