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This is the info sent to me by RedBubble.

Oh yes, it’s here… International Bacon Day (yes thats a real thing)! Redbubble wanted to celebrate this meaty holiday with some delicious savings for you and your shoppers to enjoy! Get 15% off T-Shirts from August 31st through September 2nd! Check out the details below!

Offer: 15% off T-Shirts
Starts: August 31st, 2013
Ends: September 2nd, 2013

Something tells me that it’s not actually a ‘real thing’, it’s just part of the Internet’s obsession with bacon, but that could just me being cynical. Then again, I don’t care what reason RedBubble need to find to justify having a coupon code that works on all their tees, maybe they just didn’t want to go with the crowd by calling it a Labor Day sale.


Pretty much all the info you need is in the graphic above, so all I need to do is give you a link to blu-boy.


Philly-based brand PANYC State have been rather nice and offered you lovely readers a coupon code for 15% off their shirts. I hadn’t heard of them before they got in touch with the code, so that’s always a nice way for a brand to introduce themselves. The magic code is PSxHYA2013 and yes, it is case sensitive.

I like a lot of the shirts in their latest collection (above), especially the robot head design, and they’re priced right at with options from $16-$30 a piece so I’ll be interested to see what else these guys come up with in the future.


I must admit that I don’t understand quite a few of the references here, but I do like all of the designs, so sometimes at BustedTees ignorance is bliss… or they just happened to make some designs that look good whether you’re in on the joke or not.

To get that magical 35% discount you need to use the coupon code FRANCISSCOTTTEE, and it applies to all their tees, not just the new ones.


Cheap international shipping is one of those things that only I seem to get excited about, probably because it feels as if I spend half my life waiting for packages coming from China and the US, crossing my fingers that they might scrape through customs without a charges, so when us international guys get a break with shipping charges it’s a real relief. DBH are currently offering $4 to post a shirt, which is actually less than I can pay to send one to a HYA shop customer in the UK, so it’s quite the deal. Of course you’ll still have to worry about import taxes, but it could be worse.

If you’re a big spender you can make a saving too, getting 20% off a $100+ spend with the coupon code SUMMER20, and there’s no noted expiry on that so I would assume it’s live until the leaves start to turn. Shoppers picking up a smaller order can still save 10% with the coupon code DBH10 so at least they haven’t forgotten about the little guys.


I’ve not got a precise time that this code is going to expire, but I reckon it’s got about 23 hours left. Just to be safe, if you’re going to buy anything from RedBubble with this 15% off coupon code do it sooner (aka before the end of Wednesday) rather than later.

Use the coupon code CHEERSTOYOU to get 15% off site-wide at RedBubble.


Get 30% off everything at krudmart from now until June 29th with the coupon code Heat, yay!


POD site RedBubble have created a coupon code for 10% off t-shirts that is supposedly for nerdy and retro shirts to be worn at Comic-Con, but in reality it will work on any shirt design and you don’t need to be going to the giant nerd gathering to enjoy the savings.

Use the coupon code COMICTEES13 from now until June 13th at 11pm (PT) to receive your 10% discount.


Our lady Amy has just launched a massive sale/coupon code for her brand Winky Boo, givign everyone a whopping 50% off with no minimum purchase needed!

Use the coupon code FUNINTHESUN to get 50% off your order at Winky Boo from now until June 12th.


We first took a look at Trucker Deluxe on Wednesday night and they have been kind enough to offer HYA readers 20% off everything in their store (except for sale items, which is understandable). I’ve included a few pictures above to show the kind of stuff they have in the store but it’s quite hard to impress upon you just how wide the range of brands that they stock is, name just about any streetwear company and they’ll stock something by them. Definitely worth checking out, especially since we’ve got such a good discount from them.

The coupon code is HYA20 and I don’t think that it has an expiry date, but I can’t guarantee that so if you see something you like, pick it up!


30% off at DBH is a pretty big discount, knocking shirts down from their normal price of $22 to $15.49, nice!

Use the coupon code DBHFREEDOM to receive the discount until May 28th.


RedBubble coupon codes that apply to clothes can be a bit of a rarity, so this is a great opportunity to pick up designs you’ve been holding out on for a while. Apparently the coupon is to celebrate the definitely-not-a-marketing-invented ‘Geek Pride Day’, I couldn’t give a damn why they have it, I’m just happy that you can get 10% off tees and hoodies.

Use the coupon code FORTHEGEEKS13 to save 10% on all RedBubble apparel items from now until May 26th. I don’t know what time zone they work in, so better play it safe and order early guys.


Use the coupon code DBHfreedom to get 30% off everything in store at DBH (not just the collective artists, I’m using the image above to show that our very own Mr. Four Fingers are now part of the collective), which amounts to more than 1500 graphic tees, so if you can’t find something that you like in there, well… you must have exceptionally high standards. The code will be live until May 28th, presumably midnight PST. DBH won’t be announcing this code until tomorrow on their site but it is live now (or at least very soon) so you can get a jump start on the hordes.

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This isn’t a submitted post but Lucas over at The Circus has done a good job with his blurb so why should I spend time re-writing it?

We are a new circus-themed brand based out of Pasadena, California. The designs put a fun circus twist on things such current events, pop culture and much more. A circus is colorful, diverse, inspiring, & lively. At a circus, onlookers want adventure, fun, & entertainment. So, our mission is to deliver important messages to the public using the welcoming, fun-loving, and appeal of a circus. As an upcoming apparel company, our goal is to differentiate ourselves from other online apparel shops. So sit tight, we are going to bring you a great show. Don’t forget, we only make a select amount of merchandise — once it sells out we will never make the same product. Check the site often or you may miss out. Use code “HYA” and receive 15% off your entire purchase.

I like their designs and the concept is solid, priced well too with tees between $20 and $13. We should have a hands-on review coming up with these guys soon so be on the look out for that.


I’m a little bit late in posting this one, so disregard the three days mentioned in the image, I think that you have until Sunday night to get 20% off at Split Reason with the coupon code MAYDAY.


Use the coupon code #DBHplus21 (yes, including the hash symbol) to get 21% off at DBH until May 7th, pretty nice discount.


They say that this sale will last “a few days” so you’d better take advantage sooner rather than later.

Sneaky Studios


FOUREYE Designs have a bit of a treat for us, not only are they giving HYA readers 10% off their order, they’re also going to include a logo t-shirt in your order absolutely free, pretty neat, huh?

This is a special promo when you consider that they don’t even sell logo shirts, so you’ll be getting something money can’t buy. Their shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks and they hand print and sew every item in-house with environmentally friendly inks, it’s nice to see that they cover as much of the production as they can.

That all important coupon code is FOURHYALOVE and it will be good for the first 50 uses.


Spring Sale now on at More T Vicar

by Andy on April 26, 2013

From now until midnight you can get 30% off everything at More T Vicar with the coupon code SPRING30. Why are you still here? Go!


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