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You’ll have to get your order in quick, but as far as ugly Christmas jumpers go I think that this might be my favourite of the year!

Costiness=$35 Buy it at Enclothe

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Just a couple of designs from famed street artist David Flores in this little collection but Akomplice have certainly managed to make quite a lot from it. Stormtroopers and a topless Kate Moss, what more could you want?

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I usually find it quite boring when Johnny Cupcakes takes one of his old designs and just adds a new colour or pattern to it, but this actually does look pretty cool.

Costiness=$55 Buy it from JC


akomplice magic plant collection

Akomplice do seem to put out a lot of stuff, don’t the? Just last week we were talking about their hat and tees for Valentine’s and now here they are with a whole new collection featuring plants & patterns. There’s a lot of really wearable designs here, it’s not exactly the subject matter that you’d usually associate with a streetwear label but it works really well.

For their latest capsule collection, Akomplice takes a scientific field study approach with a botany twist in the form of the Magic Plant Series. Each item within the collection is individually hang-tagged with the botany handbook, illustrating the genus and species of each of these plants. The collection is comprised of t-shirts, crewneck pullovers, floral field jackets, 5-panel hats and even a skate deck. Each item is listed as either a stimulant, psychoactive, opiate or euphoria. The collection sports the same distinct floral print Akomplice used for their Holiday collaboration with X-Large, in a new, nice contrasting colorway. The floral print ranges from subtle accents on the contrast pocket tees to an all-over print on the field jacket, shorts and 5-panel cap. While floral print may be en vogue, Akomplice takes a novel approach to it as each of the flowers in the Magic Plant Series possess special chemical compounds. Akomplice constantly seeks to traverse the trail less traveled both literally and figuratively, a trait communicated thoughtfully through this distinct collection which could be described as hippy inspired street wear. All photographs were composed by British bred Farmer Dobbs.


Post image for Bide and Fecht impress, and everything’s on sale, nice!

Joey over at Bide and Fecht got in touch to introduce his brand and I was impressed by the classy designs that you can see above. You’ll have to be quick if you want to pick any of them up though as Joey is having a big clearout (with 45% off everything in store) to make room for new designs. Hearing their name you may be forgiven for thinking that they’re German, but B&F is actually a UK-based brand with some impressive eco-credentials, stating that they “print on only 100% ‘low impact’ organic cotton, which is distributed through carbon neutral warehouses and offices in London that use only renewable green electricity.” I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with next because I do like the clean look of their designs.


Impressive new collection from Vaughn de Heart

by Andy on February 10, 2013

Post image for Impressive new collection from Vaughn de Heart

This collection was actually released over at Vaughn de Heart more than a week ago, but if you haveb’t seen it yet it might as well have been released just yesterday!

As you can tell from the pictures, we’re looking at a hoodie, a crew neck and a couple of tees. None of them are too crazy but that’s RoyLyn’s style, he liked to keep it clean with bold graphics and I think he’s pulled it off, with designs that can appeal to both fans and newcomers to the brand.


Post image for Coffee & Cigarettes release a hoodie & crew neck, and do some charity work

If I were to be completely honest, and I might as well be because this is my site, I don’t really care for the C&CCC crew neck. If you’re closer to the brand and a supporter of Coffee & Cigarettes then you’re probably going to like it, but there’s not enough there for a casual fan like me since it’s just a circle and a bit of text. The hoodie on the other hand is a different matter altogether, it’s still a circle and text but it’s just so much more interesting. It’s $40 for the hoodie, and the same for the crew neck.

Apart from releasing clothes C&CCC have also been doing their bit for charity by releasing a compilation of punk, hardcore and indie brands to benefit a hunger charity called Action Against Hunger, which I wholeheartedly recommend you check out here: http://www. coffeeandcigarettesclothingco.


Post image for Glow in the dark crew neck jumpers fresh in at Dopefruit

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a glow in the dark crew neck before, so this is really cool from Dopefruit, even if they haven’t actually included a picture of the sweatshirt glowing on their product page… and they probably could have ironed the item before taking the model photos!

Costiness=$68 Buy it at Dopefruit


Twin Serpents – T-shirt Review

by Mr Four Fingers on January 14, 2013

TWIN SERPENTS Iridescent messenger

Not too long ago clothing brand Twin Serpents posted an image on their Facebook page of some Black Mamba’s asking what makes snakes so scary. Before you answer let it be known that a black mamba has a reputation for being aggressive. Oh and they are highly venomous and the fastest snakes in the world.

Those who left a comment had their names entered into a random raffle and hey presto I got myself an awesome t-shirt. What made it even better for me was that a couple of weeks previously I let the guys at Twin Serpents know about a small post I created for them on Skull Appreciation Society about this very t-shirt.

Twin Serpents t-shirt review

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Post image for Frederik Garcia has a weird collection of tees and sweatshirts, I like ‘em

There’s no denying that the above tees (and the rest of the collection) from Barcelona’s Frederik Garcia are a bit odd, but they are all interesting and wearable too. To celebrate the new release Frederik is offering 10% off with the coupon code NEWCOLLECTION, which is most welcome with the tees being €29 and the sweaters €44 which is a touch above the usual prices HYA deals with.


Vapour Clothing have a lookbook video

by Andy on November 13, 2012

Vapour Autumn/Winter Lookbook from AnotherRobot on Vimeo.

I like it when brands put out lookbook videos, here’s one from Vapour Clothing showing off their Winter collection.


CX.City Winter 2012 Collection Out Now

by Andy on November 13, 2012

Post image for CX.City Winter 2012 Collection Out Now

This collection actually went live towards the end of last week, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me for taking the weekend off.

Impressive release from CX.CITY with a lovely lookbook to match. Twenty-seven new items makes up the release so it’s pretty obvious that not all the colourways (or even all the items) involved have made it into the shots above, but you can get a good feel for the new range. Tees are $25.95, crewnecks $39.95, hoodies around $50, beanies $19.95 and they also have a 5-panel cap for $31.95.


Post image for Darth Vader hits Dr. UEEE as a tee and sweatshirt

I like Dr. UEEE, but their latest design is just too close for me to be comfortable with in terms of copyright, I know I can be hypocritical when it comes to intellectual property on HYA (posting things I know I shouldn’t simply because I like them) but that was the first thing I thought when I saw this shirt (also, available as a sweatshirt, which I believe is a first for them).


Fall 2012 out now at The Quiet Life

by Andy on October 16, 2012

Post image for Fall 2012 out now at The Quiet Life

They’ve got new hats, t-shirts, cut & sew items and accessories, and it’s all looking pretty neat to me. That camera bag looks nice, wouldn’t mind stocking that in the Rigu store.


Post image for “Forza Italia” crew neck goes on pre-order at Vaughn de Heart

I rather like this design currently up for pre-order at Vaughn de Heart with 20% off until Friday (with free US shipping too), I imagine it will look pretty cool when it’s actually printed, but I am curious why they’re producing a sweatshirt with ‘Forza Italia’ on it when I don’t know if they have any real connection to Italy, though I should say this isn’t the first time they’ve released Italian-themed designs.


seventyseven t-shirts

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to photo tees, but this latest collection from Seventyseven is a very fine example of the genre indeed. Each tee is priced at £25, and a few of the designs are also available as crew neck sweatshirts for £45, because Seventyseven clearly have as much faith in the British Summer as I do.

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home is where your heart is

There’s three new designs up at Home is Where Your Heat Is, but it’s the variety of colourways available and that the designs are printed on more than one medium that is really impressive, they’ve even got some tote bags and belts in this release. They’re all priced pretty nicely considering that they’re a German brand and we’re used to seeing higher prices from our bratwurst loving friends (seriously, Germans love sausage, and they’re really good at making it!).


Premium Line Released by Ugmonk

by Andy on April 26, 2012

ugmonk premium line

When I saw the word ‘premium’ associated with this latest Ugmonk release I expected the prices to be sky high, but it’s actually all pretty reasonable, with the crewneck coming in at $62, the henley $38 and the tee at $32. Sure, $32 is a bit more than we’re used to paying for a t-shirt, but it’s not the sticker shock I feared, it’s not your standard American Apparel shirt, and it does come boxed. They’re all really nice looking pieces, and I trust Jeff that he has added value to go along with the increase in price.


“Cheeky Monkey” t-shirt by Paul Smith

by Amy_F on April 16, 2012

paul smith cheeky monkey t-shirt

I met a monkey once in Florida on Spring Break.  He wore a diaper and was a pickpocket.  He tried to steal my watch right off my wrist.  He never gave me the finger though (true story).  I love surfing and I love me some monkeys, so combined it’s a winner in my book.  The only thing that stops me from purchasing besides the fact that it’s only sold in a men’s cut is the price because it’s so ridiculously high, but that’s to be expected with a Paul Smith. The original is $110.00 on his own website.  Otherwise this definitely makes me giggle.

Cost = £53.00 Buy it at Good Hood Store

Andy’s note: I didn’t know you had such expensive tastes, Amy!

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Project A Apparel release SS2012

by Andy on March 23, 2012

project a apparel

Introducing the Spring Summer 2012 drop from Dublins longest serving streetwear company Project A Apparel. Inspired by 80’s Hong Kong action flicks and heist movies this collection features the companies first forays into photographic prints and clothing outside tshirts. The collection features, 5 tshirts, 2 pocket tees, 1 crewneck, 2 bags and a five panel hat.

I’ve noticed that more and more brands seem to be bringing out pocket tees at the moment, I’m not sure what has brought them back into trend but I can see the appeal of adding that bit of contrast with a pocket. Solid release from PAA.
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