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Review: Squatch by Badd Habit

by Andy on December 23, 2009

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I first wrote about this tee a bit over a month ago, so you guys know that I’m already a bit of a fan of the design, and receiving the tee in the mail has not changed my opinion of it one bit. I still think that it looks like some creey dude hanging out in a forest rather than a sasquatch, but as I’ve never seen a sasquatch (and I doubt the Badd Habit team thave either) I don’t really think that I’m in a position to be judging whether an intentionally mysterious silhouette is a mythical beast or not.

When I check out a clothing company and say “hey, that tee is cool” I only really take a superficial look at the site and just focus on the shirts. I’ll always maintain that the clothes are the most important part of any brand, any of the ‘extras’ are just a bonus, and should never be a replacement for good design. However, I do have a soft spot for clothing companies that attempt to give something back beyond just selling tees, and whilst I was checking them out in greater depth for this review I found out something cool, they give the majority of their profits to a charity called the 4806 Foundation that help young people recover from substance abuse and addiction. Beyond that, some of the people that work for Badd Habit are young men from the Gray Wolf Ranch, which is a place dedicated to getting people sober, and working at Badd Habit is part of that recovery process. It’s very admirable, and it makes me like them more as a brand because it truly means that buying a t-shirt can make a real difference.


The design is a real winner for me. The large print really helps to reinforce the appearance of it being more like art on a t-shirt rather than a design that is just placed onto the shirt. The fact that the tee colour itself looks a lot like canvas probably has something to do with me forming that opinion, but even if that was just an unintentional side-effect of the color palette I think that it works really well. Something I like about this design is that taken on their own, most of these elements don’t look like the things they’re meant to look like (come on, does that really look like a tree on the left?), but taken as a whole the scene really comes together, even if it does have that slight ambiguity that I mentioned earlier.


In my first post about the tee I said it was a black and white colour palette, but in reality the shirt is actually creme with a brown print, both colourways would work in my opinion, but creme/brown is good for evoking a vintage photo look. The tee itself is from the American Apparel organic range, so I assume that just about everyone reading this will know that fit, the organic shirts fit the same as the regular Earth-hating ones in my experience. Print quality is top notch too, soft and thin so that even though there’s a lot of print area, it isn’t at all heavy.

Costiness=$24.95 Squatch is available from Badd Habit

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Teach the Controversy have got a few new tees up in their store that continue to point out how stupid a lot of things are, such as the earth being 6000 years old… which it isn’t. They’re also running a ‘Buy More Save More’ sale/coupon code, in which if you buy two tees, you can get 20% off using the coupon code BUYMORE6, but if you buy three or more items you can get 25% off with the coupon code BUYMORE7. That offer runs until Sunday, and is also available on Amorphia Apparel, and Wear Science!, I’m not sure if you can order a tee from each site and combine them to use the coupon though.

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Zzzzap Zzzzap, its Raygun Robyn

by Andy on July 10, 2008


I’m a little bit confused by Raygun Robyn, the tagline of the store is “from the closet of the future, to the future of your closet”, but the designs don’t actually involve robots or stuff from the future very often, although in a lot of cases the designs are about things that aren’t real… or are they?King Kong, Bigfoot, Zombies, and Nessie all get starring role’s in Robyn’s hand-made, bleach printed tees. I really like the bleach technique, its not used all that often, but I like the way that the ‘print’ blends seamlessly into the cotton of the tee. I guess it makes it quite hard to create a really detailed image, but it certainly does create an interesting look, and ensures that you’ll receive a unique design.

Usually, I’d pick a robot tee over anything else, but I really love the placement of the Empire State Building and subtle use of colour in this King Kong design.

Here’s the Raygun Robyn blog, and here’s the Etsy store.


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