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Wordans Custom T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on November 19, 2012


I’ve been asked to do Custom Reviews before and really enjoyed myself since I got to try out the companies website and custom design process and design my own shirt.  Not that I don’t already design my own shirts for a living but it’s always fun to try out other ways to go about it.  This most recent Custom Review was for a company called Wordans.  I had never heard of them prior to this so I was eager to check out their website and design center online.

Wordans logo

Their website is clean and designed well making it very simple to find the “Create Your Own” custom t-shirt section in the top left corner on the front home page.  They give you a drop down menu which sometimes I personally find annoying if there’s too much clutter happening in there or too many options, but they give you a reasonable amount of items/products to select from to custom design yourself.  I think it’s great that they’ve given you so many different items to custom design because there are so many creative people in the world that could just sit there for hours designing things which will in turn become lots of orders for them.

Wordans website


Let’s get right to it so I can start showing you my custom shirt.  I obviously clicked on custom T-shirt and while that page is loading they give you a brief 1-2-3 step process of how the website will work.  Once the design center loads they give you a slew of t-shirt styles and brands to choose from on the right hand side and color options for each shirt underneath plus sizing and quantity and all that good stuff.

design center screen shot

Wordans gave me a lot of options which I liked but disliked at the same time.  Let me explain; I’ve done custom t-shirt websites that give me 4 shirts to choose from and I hated it.  But too many options, especially options that are very similar where a normal consumer (not a clothing company owner/designer such as myself) would know the difference between the brands and fits and styles.  I’m not sure if they get a lot of every day people shopping for a few custom shirts or more so clothing companies or business’s purchasing in bulk since they have that option as well.  If it’s more consumer-related then I think you should limit the brands and styles of the clothing.  What do I mean by that?  I mean don’t give me the same style shirt in a Gildan and an American Apparel because a normal person isn’t going to know the difference they are only going to look at color, fit and price.

Amy-Wordans-Custom-Tshirt The Gildan-Women’s vneck fits perfect!

I chose a Gildan Women’s fit v-neck t-shirt in white though the color options were endless I was in a simple mood.  The next part is simple, simply choose your text or image to place on the shirt.  They give you a much broader range to place your design on the shirt than most other custom design websites do.  They basically give you the entire front or entire back to maneuver your text or image around.  This was great because I got really frustrated on other websites with the small limited area they allowed me to play around with.  Now you have the option of typing your own text and playing around with styles, fronts, colors, etc. which could be an all day process.  Or you could upload your own image for the t-shirt or even better CHOOSE from one of the MANY selections they give you.

Amys-Custom-Tshirt-Design I actually overlapped two separate designs together to create MY custom t-shirt design at Wordans!

Now here’s where the fun began because they gave me a lot of different categories of images to choose from from “Funny” to “Love”, “Music”, “Animals”, “Sports”, their Top 25 image selections and a ton more.  Plus, every category had sub-categories which killed me because there were even MORE options to choose from.  Again, something that could be good or bad.  Here’s why I say that; because I love options but with more options comes perhaps me making more shirts = good for Wordans.  With more options comes me sitting on their website longer = good for Wordans.  Here’s why it’s bad.  More options could mean I get frustrated and don’t want to deal with it and just give up on the designing thus Wordans loses a sale.  Too many options can give one a headache and drive them up a wall.  This is sort of what happened and I ended up having to stop searching for more images, rethinking the design and starting over.

Amys-Custom-Tshirt I am so excited with the final result of my custom t-shirt!

I have to give it to Wordans though because overall they were the best custom t-shirt website I’ve tried out in my short 28 years on earth.  Their pricing was stellar starting t-shirts at $9.95 before the design.  If you recall I did a review for Zazzle and their pricing was outrageously high before the design amongst a lot of other poor qualities about their website and custom t-shirt center (ie: limited design area on the t-shirt, poor blank t-shirt selection, etc.).  Wordans made me happy and pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of their website, design center and product.


Thank you Wordans for allowing me the privilege of reviewing your custom design feature.  I had a lot of fun and am thrilled with the final product I created on your website.  Next time I need a custom product made I will be heading your way!

FUN FACT: Wordans hails all the way from Montreal, Canada!


Review of Digisin Apparel

by Mr Four Fingers on May 14, 2012

Digisin - Mr Four Fingers

Finding a decent online company that does affordable Direct to Garment printing can be time consuming and tricky. I have used various DTG companie in the past but now I have officially found the one I will be sticking with.

Welcome to Digisin Apparel. When I initially found their online website it was more by chance while looking through a t-shirt directory as they were posted showing designs of their resident artists. These artists  pretty good and having caught my attention, I investigated Digisin further. It was then that I realised that they print DTG t-shirts as a custom print option.

My initial thoughts were, yeah ok probably transfer printed. Nope. Ok so must be expensive. Nope.Ok so let’s give Digisin a go. As a tester I asked them to print a large scale lined version of my Mr Four Fingers logo onto a black T. It was either black or white as they don’t have other colour options. Before the design was printed Senj from Digisin e-mailed me a JPG showing the design placement on chest of T-shirt and to see if I was happy with it before they printed. I liked that, I mean I have the capabilities to do this, but it’s good for those who don’t.

I received my t-shirts individually packaged in these great rigid boxes and a slick Digisin sticker slapped on the top. The box contained not only my well printed t-shirt but also a curious pack. This pack contained, much to my delight,  a sticker, badge, a flyer with company ethos (also discount code for next purchase) and limited edition Roger the Rabbit card pack with gum! This is over 20 years old.

As mentioned above, the t-shirt is has been printed Direct to Garment, so no set up costs and the quality is rather good. Ok my design may only be white lines on black, so not pushing any boundaries but I have no doubt an image or illustration will turn out just as good. They are printed on Gildan Softstyle and they are just that. The black fabric is not a dense black but more like a dark charcoal. I have been speaking to Senj from Digisin and they are also in the process of creating bespoke labels to replace the Gildan ones. This was the only thing I felt was remiss.

I have washed and worn and it’s even travelled to a South African shooting range (There are of course the obvious gangster posing photo’s around). The t-shirt is fine after a wash and fits as you would expect.

One of the main things that has impressed me above all is Disigin / Senj’s customer service. They did not know I was going to post a review (they follow HYA of course) so there was no ‘special’ treatment. I can tell you it was great, I mean that kinda great that is unexpected.

As I mentioned before, Digisin have a range of artists with t-shirts on sale from £14-£18  the online shop and you can grab a custom DTG printed t-shirt for only £14. They are based in Scotland.

Thank you Digisin for such great service and I will no doubt,as you know, be using and recommending your services to others.



wrongwroks hoody worn by cute asian woman

Some of you may remember the Wrongwroks monster hoodies that were released about a year ago. They’re back, and in an interesting format. First, you choose the color of hoody that you would like, then you pick the color that you want the spikes on the hood to be (and the scratches across the chest) from a choice of 15 patterns and colours, then you put your name on it (or whatever you want, I presume). I know it’s a not a particularly new idea (hell, it’s called Monster iD for a reason), but I like that a smaller brand such as Wrongwroks are doing it. With this being Wrongwroks I was expecting the cost to be around $200, because they’re a streetwear label and that’s just how things are, but the customised hoodies are $115 which isn’t half bad really.

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Deckpeck, like Cafepress, but cool

by Andy on November 17, 2008

The guys behind Popdeck, the skateboard design competition, opened up Deckpeck a while ago. Deckpeck allowed people to sell their own board designs, and quite a few recognisable artists signed up and uploaded some great looking decks to their shops. A few days ago they expanded their product range, but its doesn’t include the usual gubbins that you’d expect from a print-on-demand company, there’s snowboards, longboards, skate wheels, t-shirts (of course), journals and Vans slip-on shoes. I think its really cool that Popdeck are making it easy for people to make custom versions of unusual items when I’d assume that in the past people’s only options would have probably been either very expensive or very DIY.



Six Foot Owl: Custom Hand Painted Clothing

by Andy on October 13, 2008

I’ve got a bit of a thing for hand-painted clothing, you always know that you’re buying a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing, which is always pretty special. Here’s their blurb:

We create one of a kind works of art using every day garments and apparel as our canvas. Our goal is to put original images onto the bodies of original people. Not only do we make original garments, but we also customize people’s existing favorite items of clothing. We believe that clothing is one of the most expressive forms of self-representation a person can use. Clothes should display the unique set of preferences of what each of us find to be beautiful, or funny, or sexy, or sophisticated…

…As we started painting on clothing, we received a ton of support and requests for custom products. We started to realize that other people were just as tired at seeing the same old mass-produced clothes around as we were. Everyone we came into contact with became excited at the idea of wearing something that was made specifically for them to wear. And, in that, Six Foot Owl clothing was born.

Six Foot Owl


Ok, so you’ve got Cafepress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, ShirtCity and a whole host of others that I’m forgetting, but you know what Wordans has that the others don’t? They’re Canadian!

I guess I’m being a bit flippant, Wordans do appear to offer a good service, plenty of high quality products, direct to garment printing for regular orders, screen printing for orders of more than 35 tees and the usual ‘design it yourself’ features that you’ve come to expect from the print-on-demand industry. Oh, and their blog is pretty cool too, its not all ‘look at us, look at us, look at us’, its more like ‘look at us, look at our competitors, look what our community did’.



Halterneck Hoodies from Dressed By Danni

by Andy on July 28, 2008

It has a hoodie, but it doesn’t Hide Your Arms (or even your back), I’m so confused!

My lady friends asked me last night what I do when I’m blogging about women’s clothing since I don’t really know much about it. I told them that being able to understand sizings (note to self/men everywhere: never attempt to guess a woman’s tee size when giving them a sample tee) isn’t really that important, if I like the look of something I’ll write about it. I certainly do like the look of these halterneck hoodies, and since the handmade garments one size fits all (between 8-14) I couldn’t possibly embarrass myself when giving gifts to my girls.

I must admit that I don’t think all of the styles work as well as others, this ‘beach bum‘ one is a bit too much of a hippy-ish look for me, and I’m generally not a fan of leopard print, but otherwise I’m impressed by Danni’s patern choices, and there’s always the option of having a custom one done if nothing tickles your fancy.

Dressed By Danni



by Andy on January 23, 2006

Ewww, I feel dirty writing that title without a ‘u’ in it…

Anywho, it seems a bit redundant writing about Neighborhoodies, if you’re reading a blog about hoodies (et al) you probably already know about them. I just love their idea, style, and cutesy website. In their world, everyone deserves their own clothing line, luckily I already do (but am too moral to pimp it here, yay!), so they let you design what you wear, but in a cool way rather than a cafepress way. It isn’t that expensive either, with prices being comparable to regular non-custom schwag.

Come to think of it, aren’t their design team just being lazy?

Picture credit: My Own Clothing Line
Originally uploaded by capndesign.

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