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I am really digging these latest designs from CX.City, the use of strong, iconic symbols and images really helps to create a very wearable collection. You’re looking at $26.95 for tees or tank tops.


CX.City Winter 2012 Collection Out Now

by Andy on November 13, 2012

Post image for CX.City Winter 2012 Collection Out Now

This collection actually went live towards the end of last week, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me for taking the weekend off.

Impressive release from CX.CITY with a lovely lookbook to match. Twenty-seven new items makes up the release so it’s pretty obvious that not all the colourways (or even all the items) involved have made it into the shots above, but you can get a good feel for the new range. Tees are $25.95, crewnecks $39.95, hoodies around $50, beanies $19.95 and they also have a 5-panel cap for $31.95.


CX.CITY Fall 2012 is mighty impressive

by Andy on October 5, 2012

Post image for CX.CITY Fall 2012 is mighty impressive

CX.CITY present their latest offering for Fall 2012, ‘Death Will Tremble To Take Us, Pt. I’. Balancing bold graphics within a season color palette, this release continues within the simple, vintage aesthetic that the brand has become known for.

Very impressive release from CX.CITY with a really well taken lookbook to accompany it. hoodies are $48.95, sweatshirts $39.95 and you can pick up a tee for $25.95.

{ 0 comments } summer 2012 collection

Tank tops, tees, and a snapback hat in this Summer release from CX.City, really nice stuff as usual and a lovely lookbook photoshoot to go with it. Tees and tanks are on pricing parity here, with both being $24.95 each.

{ 0 comments } spring release

Blurb time!

Definitive menswear brand CX.CITY present their latest offering for Spring 2012, ‘Lost In You Like Saturday Nights’. Tapping international model Bradley Soileau as the focal point of their lookbook, the collection makes use of heavy imagery while conveying a very distinct mood. Balancing bold graphics with Spring colors, this release continues within the simple, vintage aesthetic that the brand has become known for. The collection is now available direct through their online shop, as well as in some select Los Angeles area retailers.

I’m probably being swayed somewhat by the lovely lookbook photos, but there’s nothing in this collection from CX.CITY that I wouldn’t wear, and that’s always a good sign.

{ 0 comments } CX.City are going to be dropping their latest collection today (it may even already available on their site already, it’s 6am here and I will be asleep as this post goes live). As usual they’re gone with strong and bold designs and I think that it has paid off, there’s plenty of stuff in this collection that I’d be happy to wear.


Daily Tee & News Roundup for November 2nd

by Andy on November 2, 2011

teefury mario dinosaur t-shirt

It took me reading the description to realise, but this TeeFury shirt is actually about Mario, not just a dinosaur wearing boots.

Well, that song is in your head now, thanks Qwertee.

Tilteed may not be releasing new designs at the moment but their back-catalgoue has a lot of really good shirts so I can handle it for a while.

Nice concept behind this Shirt.Woot design, and adorably style.

I don’t really understand why the Nyan cat became popular, but that’s usually the case with memes,but I do like this Doctor Who shirt at RIPT.

I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, but I can see how this crossover Star Wars shirt works very well at The Yetee.

Ahhh, one of those rare “Mexican folk art x He-Man” mashups at TeeMinus24

It’s 8-bit and I like it, good work 24tee.

I can’t help but feel there’s a reference that I’m missing in this shirt from Tee Raiders.

That area of empty space is still bothering me about this Loviu shirt.

Fair to say that this Catch of the Day Tee shirt is not for me.

A Better Tomorrow have still got loads of their shirts on sale for 19€

12 new shirts on sale at NoiseBot.

Poketo have released some fall items like ponchos, scarves and hats that look like bears.

I think that the infographic tells you everything you need to know about this CX.CITY sale.

Daily reading time store owners, enjoy 20+ Essential Resources for Improving Your SEO Skills!

Spend over $55 and get 20% off an free shipping ($8 off shipping for international folks) with the coupon code KNOWME at Karmaloop.

{ 3 comments } two year anniversary sale

It’s not often that I feel the need to to add NSFW to the title, but since HYA is usually just pictures of tees, I thought that people might visit it at work and therefore I’d better be safe rather than sorry. So whilst the images aren’t NSFW in the boobs and bits sense, the pics on this post probably shouldn’t be looked at whilst you should be doing whatever it is you’re meant to be doing in your cubicle.

Those infographics are actually very informative as well as having attractive women in them. Telling you that the coupon code TWOYEAR will get your 30% off all product at CX.CITY from now until August 25th. They also tell you that if you follow CX.CITY on Twitter and tweet out the following message you’ll be entered into a contest to win two shirts of your choice. Here’s the message:

“Check out @CXCITY at – To win two shirts in their Anniversary Contest, just RT this & follow them”


This is a pretty impressive new line from Los Angeles-based CX.CITY, here’s what they have to say about it:

This Spring and Summer season LAX area based brand CX.CITY present their latest offering entitled ‘The Lost Youth’. The collection features a range of graphic tees and tank tops which capture the brand’s lifestyle inspired character by referencing its surroundings, ambition and roots. Additionally, warm seasonal tones and a theme of youthful rebellion can be found throughout the designs and imagery of this line.

Clearly, there is some marketing speak in there, by which I mean they can’t just say “this stuff is awesome” so they have to pad it out a bit more, but it does provide a decent bit of context to the pieces. Check out the look book, check out the website, and if you really like what you see, check out the shop.


Strictly speaking HYA is still on holiday, but there’s only so much Kinect that you can play before your arms are so sore you can barely hold them above your head. As you’d expect, there are some post Christmas sales going on around the internet at the moment and I thought I’d point you in their direction. Naturally, if I’ve missed something (I’ve been writing this whilst I wait for Half Life 2 to download, thanks Steam sale!), feel free to add your own sale in the comments for this post.

They’re calling it a clearance, but to be honest there aren’t a huge amount of tees in this Threadless sale, I think we’ve probably been treated too well over the year though with all the massive 10th anniversary sales. Still, it’s worth checking just in case there’s a shirt on sale that you’d been coveting for a while.

Now this is a proper sale from Design By Humans, everything in store is $12 until January 9th, get on it! (If you like them cheaper than $12, I’ll be having a DBH competition soon)

Seventh.Ink are having a massive 50% off sale for one day only (New Year’s Day) to thanks fans for liking them on Facebook. They recently held a challenge on Facebook, that if they got 3,000 people to like their page then they would hold a big sale, they got 3,000 and are sticking to their word. I’m not sure if the HYA coupon code (that you can find just underneath this post) will work on top of this sale, but it’s got to be worth trying.

Coty has done the thing I’m too lazy to do and put together a great roundup of T-shirt top 10s of the year, with some damn fine choices and a pretty good overview of the year in the world of t-shirts.

There’s 30% off at Miles to Go from now until New Years with the coupon code miles, which will take most of the tees down to $16 and lower.

Coupon code YEAREND will see a 20% discount applied to your order at CX.CITY from now until the day will all the ones in it.

My man Bobby over at Monstar dropped me a note to say that they’ve got 25% off their slip on shoes that are kinda like Toms and handmade in Argentina. They’re usually $30, but if you use the coupon code BRINGIT2011 you’ll pick them up for $22.50 a pair. The coupon is live until January 7th, and hopefully by then they’ll have added a few new items to the store as it is looking a bit bare with just one item in it.


What’s CX City’s Black Friday Offering?

by Andy on November 26, 2010

cx city black friday

No two ways about it, CX City make some sexy looking tees, and you know what’s even sexier? Frugality.

I know that having previous seasons tees on sale rather than the whole store is a little disappointing, but whaddya gonna do, beggars can’t be choosers. Just for clarity’s sake, the $12.95 shirts are available all weekend, and today (Black Friday) only, the coupon code BLACKIT will get you an additional 15% off everything in store, not just the already discounted shirts.

{ 0 comments } t-shirts

Ahhhh, the name of this line is “Midnight Movers” so they had to shoot the lookbook at night, of course!

I don’t know a huge amount about CX.CITY, so everything they do I just take at face value without trying to take any meaning from it, and from what I’ve seen I’m really impressed, they seem to just put out quality work and this latest collection is no different.

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CX City One Year Anniversary Sale

by Andy on August 3, 2010

cx city one year anniversary sale

No idea when this sale will be over, but they make good designs, and getting them for 40% less is a lovely situation to be in, so why not head along to CX.City and see if anything takes your fancy.


Crash photo t-shirt by CX City

by Andy on June 23, 2010

crash wave photo t-shirt by CX City

You all know that I’ve got something of a soft spot for photo tees, when they’re done well and printed correctly they can be stunning, though it doesn’t take much to turn a great photo tee into a terrible one. Thankfully, this effort from CX City is pretty damn sweet, they’ve picked a great photo.

Costiness=$22.95 Buy it at CX City


cx city screen printing texture pack

I know that there are more than one or two designers reading this, and that everyone likes free stuff, so you’ll probably want to download this free high-res (300dpi) texture pack from a brand I hadn’t heard of before called CX City (free stuff is always a nice way to say hello!).


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