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Let’s get this out of the way straight off, these t-shirts are €69 each, that is a lot of money for a t-shirt, but Bookman are a designer company making premium products and 290sqm is one of the coolest shops in Amsterdam, so the price is what it is, we aren’t dealing with bargain basement tees here.

290 Square Meters welcomes Bookman’s latest biking innovation from Sweden, the Cycling T-Shirt to both its Amsterdam store and online at The creative garment is perfect for the urban bicyclist. It is designed to give the wearer a sophisticated look, on and off the bicycle, and has several features to improve the riding experience as well as to increase the wearer’s safety in night traffic.

The Cycling T-shirt has a casual fit with an extended back and ventilation holes for a more comfortable ride. It also has two useful pockets, a chest pocket and a hidden back pocket with zipper. The chest pocket has a buttoned strap to prevent things from falling out when leaning forward, yet it’s easy to access when the wearer needs to fiddle with their phone. The hidden back pocket is perfect for carrying small things such as cards and coins. The sleeves of the T-shirt are equipped with inner reflective bands – easy to reveal by folding them up.

They are really interesting shirts, it’s cool to see something different and innovative, the reflect arms being an especially cool innovation. I’m going to be in Amsterdam at the start of April for a stag do, so I don’t think me and the boys will be doing much shopping, but if I happen to be near 290sqm I’ll be sure to pop in and take a look at these tees.


bike polo shirt by chunk clothing

The polo shirt may well be a more accurate representation of the polo world but for me that bulldog crest is looking really nice on the tees, and with the UK going cycling mad at the moment I can see these being pretty popular at moreTvicar. It’s £29.99 each for the tees, and £55 for that particular polo, but there are others available at lower prices.


saint bradley of wiggins bayeux tapestry t-shirt

My parents happened to be in Paris at the weekend and saw Bradley Wiggins, Team Sky, and the rest of the pack finishing their epic journey around France as the man with currently the most famous sideburns in the world rode into the history books as the first British winner of the Tour de France. They said the buzz on the street was amazing, and I got a bit excited as Cavendish made the final rush for the line even though I have very little interest in cycling normally. howies have commemorated this momentous event really quickly with this great design in the style of the Bayeux tapestry.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at howies


“The Jester” a t-shirt from The Cyclery

by Andy on January 13, 2012

the cyclery

Since there are mountains and hills everywhere I look I don’t do a lot/any cycling, but I can certainly see the attraction for people, and I do hop on the exercise bike when I’m at the gym since I’m trying to get thighs of steel in time for snowboarding next month (would a rowing machine be better for this? Fitness fans please do jump into the comments). The Cyclery must presume that if people like to ride bikes then they’ll probably want to wear tees about them too since they’ve launched an Etsy store recently filled with a plethora of cycling based designs. They’ve offered to send a sample tee in so hopefully we’ll have a review up soon letting you know about the quality of their Alternative Apparel blanks and the silkscreen printing.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at The Cyclery


2 t-shirts by SAN at Upper Playground

by Andy on September 5, 2011

SAN t-shirts for Upper Playground

I have no idea who ‘renowned Spanish street and fine artist SAN’ is, but I do know that he (or she) has created a a couple of great looking shirts for Upper Playground. Here’s their blurb about the release:

Following SAN’s recent collaborative show with ESCIF at FIFTY24SF Gallery, he crafted these two t-shirt graphics for Upper Playground around the idea of human stupidity. Specifically about how when people gather together to accomplish things with group action, they often look more and more absurd. The “Ants” t-shirt uses human bodies in a minor scale to show the mirrors in social organization between ants and humans. While the “Bicycle” tee shows a group of people happy about doing things in human sync but looking more and more like clowns while doing their job.


Jesus Skid Tee – I don’t get it, anyone?

by Andy on September 5, 2011

jeses skid t-shirt

I like the style of this shirt and think it looks pretty cool, but I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t understand it. Is this a thing that young people do on their fixies?

Costiness=$29 Buy it at Jesus Skid


New Tees from Morvélo for bicycle fans

by Andy on June 7, 2011

morvelo high roller t-shirts

Haven’t heard from Morvélo for a while, so it’s good to see them back with a solid line of tees that uncover that previously unknown niche in which both cycling and gambling exist together. Even though I haven’t ridden a bike for years (though I hear it’s not hard to start riding again) I really like these shirts and think that just about anyone could wear them, so they aren’t exclusively for the bike crowd. The tees in the High Roller Range will cost you £21.99 each and are available now. Here’s what they have to say about the range:

A limited edition range of products that celebrates the risks and rewards we all take to follow the sport we love. Whether gambling about the right timing to launch an attack or gambling on nailing that drop-off you’ve been eying up for weeks, gambling is inextricably linked with the world of bicycles. Deciding on which trails to explore, which roads to ride, which climbs to test you legs on, which descents to test your bravery on, we take chances each and every time we ride. As a wise man once said ” . . a sure thing is no fun.”


pedal pushers club t-shirts

The Pedal Pushers Club is happy to show off our two new t-shirt designs from Jeremy Beasley. Bringing his signature clean and simple style to the theme of bicycles, these shirts are a great new addition to the PPC lineup. Both designs are printed on Gildan 64000 ringspun cotton shirts.

Hide Your Arms readers are entitled to free shipping on anything from the site using coupon codeHYA

[Andy: Some good looking tee from these guys, thanks for the coupon!]

This post was submitted by Brett Novick.


bike t-shirt

You know what I’ve found? People that ride a bicycle on a regular basis really like other people to know about it… so they’ll probably like this particular shirt.

Costiness=$17.95 Buy it at StepFour


Benefits of Cycling by Ubran Outfitters

by Andy on November 16, 2009



I realise that this tee isn’t actually by Urban Outfitters, but I can’t work out who the original brand is, any ideas chums? The name may have something to do with the letters DOE

Costiness=$30 Available from Urban Outfitters [via Rumplo]

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iBike organic t-shirt by Artifex Shirts

by Andy on November 7, 2009

ibike laugh

iBike zoom

iBike whitedrop

I do think that the whole ‘iCopyTheiPodAd’ design style is played out, but have you ever noticed that people that bike everywhere really like to make sure everyone else knows that? So, with that in mind, and considering that biking places is a lot more environmentally friendly than most other methods of transportation, I’ll let it slide.

Costiness=$20 Available from Artifex Shirts

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Le Tour by howies

by Andy on July 27, 2009


Costiness=£25/20 Available from howies mens/womens


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