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T-shirt News for April 3rd

by Andy on April 3, 2012

beetlejuice t-shirt

Apologies about missing a few days of the news and some general posting, I was visiting a relative in hospital on Friday, went away for a friend’s birthday at the weekend, then I took on the (very) temporary role of delivery driver yesterday, but I’m back now and things should be normal soon enough. Actually, I might miss tomorrow’s news, but after that things should be all good, I promise!

Beetlejuice makes an appearance at TeeFury.

Funny Aliens shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Transformers are a part of this charity tee at RIPT today.
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dadawan coupon code

You can get 40% off when you spend 29€ or more at Dadawan (excluding tees that are already on sale) with the coupon code DADAWAN40 from now until an unknown point in the future.

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Dadawan 20% off coupon code

by Andy on June 27, 2011

dadawan coupon code

coupon code DADAWAN20 gets you 20% off your order at Dadawan from now until July 26th, huzzah!


Dadawan release collection of 10 new tees

by Andy on April 28, 2011

dadawan t-shirts

Dadawan, now there’s a veteran of the indie tee business. Recently they dropped a new range of 10 one-colour black on white design, just about all of which are of a distinctly European style. I know that the term ‘European’ is almost pointless since it’s a large continent made up of many cultures, but I looked at this new range and thought to myself “only in Europe.” The shirts are €25 each which is a bit pricey compared to most other stores, but if you like a design enough I’m sure you’ll be able to part with the extra few Euros without too much pain.


dadawan's 7th birthday

Wow, those guys are OLD!

It’s funny how in ‘web years’ that a clothing company that has been going for seven years is a veteran in the industry, but it’s certainly not an achievement that should be sniffed at and they’re celebrating in the only way that can with a coupon code, BIRTHDAY, which will knock €2 off the usual price of €19. Also, if you buy two shirts you will get a third surprise t-shirt for free.





Pandawan and San Ku Kapoeira are the latest t-shirts from Dadawan. You may get the picture ;-)

[Andy: That is one short submission, kinda cool though!]

This post was submitted by David aka Dadawan.

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Some really cool new tees at Paris-based Dadawan who seem to be back in a big way after a year or two in the wilderness. From now until May 29th you can get 15% off your order with the coupon code DADA15. As if that wasn’t enough there’s even free shipping worldwide, which is an offer that people often underestimate.


the quiet life sale

Sale on at The Quiet Life: It’s a clearout to make room for their Spring Line, “sale includes: tshirts / hoodies / sweaters / hats / bags & more.”

10% off everything at Regan Smith Clarke from now until 12pm (Eastern) on April 19th. Over the weekend Regan will be doing other offers on Twitter which could give you up to 50% off his YASLY designed tees.

Dadawan, who appear to have dropped that whole Nukod thing, are 6 years old, and celebrating by giving you 20% off anything on their site with the coupon code DADA20. As if 20% off wasn’t good enough, there’s also free shipping all over the world.

Free posting at Rakes & Strays and EIO Clothing until April 21st. Offer open to UK orders only, sorry international peeps.

I’ve never heard of Sutsu before, but their sale has 40% off so that can’t be a bad thing. It is an Easter sale and I personally am almost out of chocolate eggs so who know how long this will last. [via TeeHunter]

If you want horror, Havok‘s got horror. They’ve also got a 70% off couple code, TAX, making their shirts $6, which is just ridiculous.

A guy I know has made a forum for tee fans that went literally went live about 20 minutes ago. As such, Tee Banter has very little content, threads or members, pop over, register and says something so that Simeon doesn’t feel lonely.

I know I already mentioned it, but Randr‘s Spring Sale is still going on, use the coupon code cleaners for an additional 10% off.

And lastly for this ridiculous roundup, get 10% off your order at Vicious History (who I’ve really been meaning to mention) with the coupon code


[My first post written in France is about a French company, what are the chances?] Remember how I said that Dadawan had turned into Nukod? I guess I was a little premature with that because Dadawan is having a blowout sale before their name change. From now until the end of October you can get 50% off everything using the coupon code dada50 at the checkout. That’s an offer so good that even I might use it.



I forgot to mention this when it happened, but a little while back Dadawan (who I’ve mentioned quite a lot), and Mad Turnip (who I haven’t, but they share a retail shop in Paris) have joined forces and rebranded themselves as Nukod, and are now operating out of a Big Cartel-powered webstore, which is a bit more browsing friendly then the old Dadawan store.

I can’t be entirely sure, but I think that they are the ones who have released the tees above, that I think are based upon photos of musicians (Iggy Pop, PJ Harvey, Stupefilp and my band of this year and last, Justice) by a French photographer that goes by the name of Natydred.

Find the tees at Nukod. Pour homme et pour femme.


You probably all know by now that I really like it when t-shirt brands to something a little out of the ordinary, and I think that doing 3D designs and including glasses with every tee is certainly a little out of the ordinary. Fair enough, I wouldn’t wear the subtly titled “36D” tee for an afternoon stroll in the park, but I like the skull design without even seeing it in its three dimensional glory. Unsurprisingly, the tees come at a bit of a premium, but I’m sure that wearing such an impressive talking point will justify the €45 outlay, and at least it gives you a half-decent reason to wear sunglasses at night.

3D tees by Dissizit at Dadawan


40% off certain brands @ Dadawan

by Andy on June 26, 2008


I’m really glad that Dadawan put both English and French blurb in their newsletter, because I don’t plan on brushing up on my French skills until I head back there in October.

Du 25 juin au 12 juillet
SOLDES -40% sur une sélection de marques
Entrer le code dada40 lors de la validation de votre commande

/ SUMMER SALES 40% OFF on selected brands
Enter code dada40 at checkout

FUCK FASHION, MSWEAR, MY JOK, PEARL, CHANOIR (hors oeuvres d’art / except artworks).

Well, I guess they didn’t translate “Du 25 juin au 12 juillet”, but I think its pretty obvious what that means.



Cotton Filter: 270508

by Andy on May 27, 2008

I bet you thought you’d never see the cotton filter again!

Shirt.Woot: As spotted by Jay, Shirt.Woot is now shipping to 45 countries beyond the US & Canadian borders, and are doing so for the low price of $5 too.

FFee Clothing: In other shipping related matters, FFee clothing are offering free shipping on all orders (even international ones) until the end of May.

T-Shirt Magazine: This site claims to be the only magazine about T-shirts whether online and off, which is… wrong (and Tcritic‘s new look is farily magazine-like too), but lets not hold that against them, since there is some decent content on the site.

laFraise: They can now print up to 12 colours on a shirt rather than the 8 that they had before, which is an increase of 50%… hurrah! To celebrate, they’re making up a test design (only 250 to be produced) called ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rainbow’, which I think is a pretty splendid phrase.

Threadless: If you’ve ever wanted to know, these are the people that do the screenprinting for Threadless (the art prints, not the tees). Also, here’s another magazine article fawning over Threadless and their business model, there’s pretty much nothing new in the article, but it does provide a decent overview.

Pete Wentz: Apparently he likes Local Celebrity clothing so much that he asked to take some after wearing it for a Fall Out Boy video shoot. Presumably he’s trying to save some cash for when Ashlee pops that baby out.

Creative Directory 101: A directory of sites for creative people, obviously, this will be helpful for people trying to get themselves set up in the tee biz (especially if you’re in the UK). [Disclosure: I’m still working on a HYA Directory that would crush compete with this site]

Pikiware: Mashable described this site as being the “WordPress of Online Tshirts”, and since I love WordPress and t-shirts I figured it was worth a peep, especially since the last time I found out about a t-shirt store from Mashable it was Design By Humans. From what I can tell, pikiware is basically a storefront system for people that print their own products, so that you can make your own Cafepress or Spreadshirt kind of business, though I have been known to make mistakes in the past, so I could easily be wrong. I don’t really see this being of huge interest to “HYA kinda people”, but since it does represent something kinda new in the tee world then I thought it was worth a mention.

Instructables: Here’s an instructable about photo-emulsion screenprinting, which I assume would be helpful for those of you that would like to print your own tees but don’t know how.

HipHipUK Discusses Crowdsourcing: This post seems to have become rather business-y, and this is the most business-y of the lot. Adam wrote an article a few weeks ago called “Which risks and problems will companies, that run Crowdsourcing business models, face in the future? Amongst other things” that I think should probably be a must read for any of you out there that are running a design competition or thinking about running a design competition.

Photojojo: They’ve got an article all about shooting pictures for use on eBay, but a lot of the techniques can also be applied to taking products shots for your tees and hoodies. There’s also a video on the same subject at Etsy if you don’t feel like reading.

Dadawan: They’re selling cool cushions now!


Happy 4th Birthday Dadawan!

by Andy on March 14, 2008

Dadawan, the Paris-based emporium of amazing tees and hoodies, turned 4 years old earlier this week, to celebrate they gave out a coupon code for 10% off which may or may not have expired by now. Just input HAPPY at the checkout in the coupon box and it might work, hopefully. I’m glad that there are folks like Dadawan around, and I wish them many more years of providing us with amazing new clothing from Cindez.



50% off all Cindez products @ Dadawan

by Andy on February 8, 2008

cindez clothing 50% off at dadawan

Cindez make some great tees (and hoodies for that matter), and as if you didn’t think they were worth it already, the deal has been made all the sweeter by Dadawan scything the price of their entire Cindez range in half. What are you waiting for? Go get some!

Cindez @ Dadawan


Stop being a Teees…

by Andy on February 27, 2006


And tell us what your favourite arm-hinding piece of clothing is!

In what is rapidly becoming a regular feature, I asked Nico from what his favourite piece of sleeved apparel is, and quick as a flash he replied with this:

This was a difficult desicion, but I have to say that I really love the “Electronic Performers” sweatshirt by Lite Streetwear. The design is a bit hip-hop, a little electro, very early 80’s street retro but still looks brand spanking new. There is no info on what make the sweater is, but it is said to be cut close to American Apparel.

He doesn’t actually own it yet, but it’s right at the top of his list. He’d better be quick though as its producers, lite streetwear, only make a maximum of 36 prints of each design.

It can be bought through those fine French folks at Dadawan, with a costiness factor of €39.00, and the direct link to the sweater in question can be found here.


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