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make ideas real t-shirt

I really like this shirt by Dale Edwin Murray (Bananas Tees is his store), it’s a good message and the style is just about perfect for my tastes, nice and simple.

Dale has also been kind enough to hook us up with a 20% off coupon code for his store. Just use the coupon code hya20 to receive the discount on your order (yes, this deal is also listed on ShirtDeck).

Costiness=£14.99 Buy it at Bananas Tees

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Win the whole Bananas Tees range!

by Andy on November 16, 2010

bananas tees giveaway

Pretty simple this one, sign up to the newsletter before November 28th, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning the whole lineup from Dale Edwin Murray‘s rather good looking solo venture, Bananas Tees.


Bananas Tees is a new t-shirt label on the block described by themselves as “fun, cool and relentlessly positive graphic tees for the unpretentious”. The range is the brain-child of illustrator and t-shirt fanatic Dale Edwin Murray, who having designed tees for countless clothing labels and bands, and won at almost every t-shirt competition site around, decided it was time to build something for himself. All of the designs have a friendly, accessible vibe but are stylish and stylised at the same time. If you’re wondering where the bananas logo comes from, it is adapted from his online ‘bananaman’ alter ego. The tees are all £15 and shipping in the UK is £1.95 and £7.50 abroad.

To celebrate the launch of Bananas Tees, they are giving away one of each of the new range to someone picked at random from their newsletter subscribers. You’ve got 4 weeks to sign-up before the winner is announced but why wait that long? Do it now! Click here for more info and to sign up.

Check out the rest of the range at Banana Tees

[Andy: It’s hardly surprising that Dale has come out with a strong range of tees, the man has talent!]

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pass it on green t-shirt by dale edwin murray at threadless

After the $10 sale at Threadless for us grown ups, they’re going $1 cheaper with the kids sale, with some childrens tees available for the crazy-low price of $9… which makes a lot of sense considering there’s quite a lot less material involved in a tee for a small child compared to one that would cover my hefty frame.

Also, quite a lot of cool tees, a good batch this week, my favourite of which is the one above modelled by a guy I’ve decided to name Awesome McBeardyman and designed by Dale Edwin Murray (also available as a hoodie, though the small print on the hoodie is a bit of a turn-off), and the rest of the weeks releases are in the gallery.
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It’s fair to say that Dale Edwin Murray is quickly becoming one of the better known names in the t-shirt design competition world, even though he hasn’t been submitting to them for all that long, I remember getting an e-mail from an excited Dale last year about his first Threadless win (currently sold out). This latest winner shows off Dale’s unique style of character design (see this design at Tilteed for another example) and has a totally sweet colourway to boot.

Costiness=€22 (€26 after this week) Available from A Better Tomorrow

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Tilteed are one of the latest players to be entering the t-shirt design competition arena. So, there’s like a thousand of these contests now right, do I smell a list coming on?

I actually have no problem with t-shirt design contests, I know a lot of people take issue with them because it’s a form of spec work (is that the right term?), but as long as the copyright remains with the designer if the design isn’t a winner then I think it’s fine, because the designer can still use their artwork either at other design contests or with a regular shop. Tilteed are launching with a tee by Dale Edwin Murray (shown above), which you can order now for $18, but the prize package for the launch is probably going to be a bit more exciting for most of you. $3500 for the grand prize, and $1500 for the runner up. Not bad, eh? After that they’re going to be releasing a new tee every 72 hours, with that winning receiving $500 and $1 per tee sold. I think that’s a pretty fair deal.


It’s hard to judge a design contest in it’s early days because creating a community to ensure high quality submissions is obviously key to their longevity. The $5000 prize fund for the first two tees is obviously a big draw for some artists, but are they going to stick around? I voted on a few of the submissions and the quality level is very high, there were a lot of designs there that I think a lot of you would be happy to wear, and I recognised quite a few of the names of the artists too, so Tilteed are off to a good start in that respect.

$18 for a tee is pretty good, but no one is going to turn down a coupon code now, are they? TilteedHYA will get you 20% off your order, making a single tee $14.40, which is downright reasonable in my book.


*Since I wrote this post Tilteed have announced their two grand prize winners, “get a job” by lowdtown, and “expansion” by a.mar.illo, well done guys! Images of both designs can be found after the jump.

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Look at DEM records at Threadless

by Andy on November 27, 2008

That title isn’t actually the name of the design, its a little bit more clever than that, can anyone work it out?

I got a quick, and rather excited, note from Dale Edwin Murray letting my know about his first ever win at Threadless. Considering that there’s a site-wide sale on at the moment this might be a good time to pick it up if you’re a fan. Well done Dale!

Costiness=$35 ($15 for the tee version) Buy it at Threadless

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