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fight club t-shirt

Can you believe that Fight Club is 13 years old? That means it’s been released for almost half my lifetime, which makes me feel really rather old.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Dark Bunny Tees


Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt at Dark Bunny Tees

by Andy on November 24, 2011

dugneons and dragons t-shirt

I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons and I don’t really understand what it is, but I saw the episode of Community about D&D and it seemed like a pretty fun game.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Dark Bunny Tees


Daily Tee & News Roundup for October 27th

by Andy on October 27, 2011

lady gaga halloween t-shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shirt that references Lady Gaga before, so that’s something new from TeeFury.

Yup, the Disney logo is a shirt meme, fortunately the designs I’ve seen so far have been pretty cool, and I’d count this offering from Qwertee amongst that group.

Interesting shirt from Tilteed (that I presume they’ve sold before since they have model shots of it), nice big print on it. have been cranking out the new designs recently, huh?

Excellent work from former HYA writer Randyotter at Shirt.Woot today, this may well be the cutest penguin shirt I’ve ever seen.

Fun shirt from RIPT today, though of course no one will know you’re wearing it in Winter because you’ll have several layers on top.

Nicely done Portal shirt at The Yetee today.

Pity that you won’t be able to get this 24tee shirt in time for Halloween, I’m sure it could be useful with a few outfits.

Can someone explain the reference on this TeeRaiders shirt/hoodie? Is it referencing an actual event or is it purely invented by the artist?

Lovely starry negative space design by Loviu today, right up my street.

When memes and games collide at Shirt Punch today with ‘Snake in a Box’.

Catch of the Day Tee again don’t have anything on their site, I wonder why they don’t put up a message when they haven’t got a shirt to offer, or why they don’t just run the shirts for another day of sale.

Ugmonk have got a new lookbook that reveals no new tees, but does look pretty.

The Daily Street have a roundup of Johnny Cupcake‘s Halloween release event in London.

Dark Bunny Tees have put a new shirt up for pre-order, this one celebrates The Last Starfighter, and the first 100 orders will also receive a free Space Invaders styled poster.

Glennz has cut the price of all the ‘scary’ shirts in his catalogue to $13.95 until the end of the month.

How to start a clothing company takes a look at the pros and cons of screenprinting vs. direct to garment printing.

Mashable put out an article not-that-long-ago that called ‘10 Essential Tips for Startups‘, and judging by some of the things I get in my inbox I think that quite a few t-shirt companies could do with heeding some of their advice.

A Better Tomorrow must be getting close to relaunching their site, take advantage of the savings on their own shirts (this offer doesn’t apply to brand stores).

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big lebowski t-shirt

Not sure how long this shirt has been available for, but if I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me!

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Dark Bunny Tees


Dark Bunny Tees Set of 5 Rocky Shirts

by Andy on May 6, 2011

rocky t-shirts

Dark Bunny Tees has been growing it’s catalogue steadily over the past few months with some quality ‘in-world’ designs that stick true to the films that they pay homage to. This Rocky release is pretty impressive, not just content with releasing one shirt celebrating one of Philadelphia’s most famous icons, DBT went and released five shirts at the same celebrating all the films except for the crappy new one. You can buy the four main shirts seen on the left of the picture for £18 each with free UK shipping, but if you buy all four shirts in a pack for £72 you will receive the shirt on the right for free.


hot fuzz t-shirt

Hot Fuzz is a funny, funny film, so it’s hardly surprising that Dark Bunny Tees has made a shirt about it, especially considering that Dark Bunny Tees have the Simon Pegg seal of approval.

Costiness=£18 (currently on pre-order) Buy it from Dark Bunny Tees


Dark Bunny Tees takes on Inception

by Andy on December 16, 2010

inception t-shirt

This morning I saw on Twitter that Dark Bunny Tees had released an Inception-themed t-shirt, but as I was just wasting time in a car park before a dental appointment I didn’t have time to investigate further, and when I came back to work this afternoon I couldn’t find the shirt anywhere on the Dark Bunny site. Intrigued, I headed back to their Twitter feed to find that it was on pre-order, so I think it’s being kept a secret on the main site, and just shared with fans on their Twitter and Facebook pages. I’m hardly surprised that Dark Bunny have made an Inception tee, it was my favourite film of the year and I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of other people too.

It’s being released in January, so I would assume that’s when you’ll be receiving the shirt if you were to order it now in this short pre-order window (it’s only available until Dec. 18th at midnight, GMT presumably), and as a reward for getting in on it early you’ll be paying £3 less than the usual rate of £15, which is a nice little saving.


it crowd t-shirts

A very fine episode of The IT Crowd this week I felt, apologies that it’s taken me a week to post aobut it, but good things come to those who wait… mostly, because I haven’t been entirely successful in finding the tees featured in the episode, but hopefully people reading this and fniding it via search engines will be able to help out. The pics for this post are a bit weak because I was just taking shots of my TV screen, but you can all still tell what’s what so I’m sure it won’t matter too much.

The first tee of this episode has actually been on the show in the past (season 2, episode 5), I didn’t know where to buy it then and I still don’t now unfortunately. Help a guy out in the comments?

Second tee of the week was fairly easy, as it was featured last week during the season opener. I thought I’d give Roy back some of his dignity and not post a pic of him wearing the shirt whilst sat on the toilet (as if being a window cleaner wasn’t enough!). Buy the Ring t-shirt for £19 at Dark Bunny Tees.

Third tee of the week was an easy one for me, not because I knew where it came from, but because someone on Twitter found it for me, brilliant. It’s a pretty funny tee, I’d never seen any ROFL=Rolf jokes on the internet before, but I bet we’ll be seeing them around in the future off the back of this. Buy the ROFL t-shirt from RedBubble for £14.81.

I struck out with this Metallica parody t-shirt with the Statue of Liberty on it. Any ideas? I think that the text says ‘infectedur’ or something like that, Google is turning up nothing.

Fifth tee in this episode was quickly recognisable, since it was created by one of the people that has been on HYA since the early days, Enclothe. The shirt is called ‘451’ and is of course a reference to the book Farenheit 451, or possibly just a reference to the point at which paper burns. Either way, something is being set on fire. Buy the firefighter t-shirt from Enclothe for $20.

The last t-shirt this week was one I hadn’t seen before, but was fairly willing to bet was a ThinkGeek design, and whaddya know? I was right. You can buy the “I don’t work here” t-shirt that Roy wore from ThinkGeek for $15.99.


The IT Crowd t-shirts Series 4 Episode 1

Took me a little bit longer to get around to watching the show than I expected, what with the Brussels trip and all, but it was a good episode to open this fourth series of The IT Crowd, not amazing but a enough laugh out loud moments to keep me happy and looking forward to the next episode.

The first tee from the episode can be seen at the top of this post, it says “NO.” and it’s from Think Geek. It’s not exactly the best tee in the world, but I presume that there’s quite a lot of people in IT departments across the world that wear tees from ThinkGeek, so there’s a nice nod towards realism there. If you’d like to express the word “NO.” emphatically on a t-shirt, the tee is $15.99 and you can buy it here.

It was pretty easy to work out where the second tee was from, since I’d been tweeted about it days before. The shirt is based on The Ring, the Japanese version presumably, not the not-quite-as-scary American version. It can be purchased from Dark Bunny Tees for £19, but be quick because they’ll only sell 100 of them and then it’s gone, and judging by the amount of people that visit HYA looking for IT Crowd shirts, it might be gone fairly soon.

The last tee of the night was a riff on the familiar “Home Taping Is Killing Music” graphic that has been around since the music industry became afraid of people. There are a lot fo designs around based on this image, but I’m fairly sure that this t-shirt from 8ball is the same one as in the show, and you can pick it up for £17.50 (and not just in olive).

I wonder who will turn up next week!


roy it crowd t-shirts

Regular fans will be aware that in the past I’ve tried my darnedest to let you know what t-shirts Roy has worn in The IT Crowd, the Channel 4 geek comedy written by Graham Linehan, who was responsible for Father Ted. In fact, it’s fairly likely that some of you reading wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the IT Crowd, since HYA has become one of the best destinations to find out what tees have been worn by shirt-loving Roy on a weekly basis.

The show returns to TV screens on Friday June 25th, I’m actually going to be away next weekend in Brussels so I’ll miss it, but fortunately it is already available to watch online at Channel 4’s site, so I’ll bring you a roundup some time next week, but for now I’ll tease you with this screencap sent to me from a rather excited Dark Bunny Tees.

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blade runner t-shirt

How did I NOT know that that Dark Bunny had a Blade Runner tee?

Costiness= £19 Buy it at Dark Bunny Tees


emily booth

There is a definite amount of self-indulgence with this post, Emily Booth isn’t all that famous (especially to non-Brits) as she unfortunately fell off the screens of mainstream channels in the UK several years ago, though she seems to have become a culkt figure in the UK horror scene, but I do remember having quite the crush on her as a teenager (note to Lady HYA: several years before we met). I’ll admit it, I have a thing for attractive women!

Anyway, it looks like she’s a fan of Dark Bunny Tees, or at the very least she’s a fan of their Ringu t-shirt and the VHS packaging that the tees come in.


Back To The Future hoodie

It’s kind of strange to think that I’m a few months older than a movie that’s regarded as a classic of the 80s, I guess that means I’m officially becoming an old, old man, especially since I have a bad back after my not-actually-that-long hike at the weekend. Anyway, my impending frailty aside, this is a cool hoodie from Dark Bunny Tees, the people who usually make t-shirts that are “in-universe” of various movies, such as RoboCop and The Ring, this time around they’ve put a design onto a hoodie.

Only 20 of these are going to be made, so if you want one I suggest you make an order sharpish. It’s also available on a light grey hoodie (DeLorean colourway, perhaps?), if the blue isn’t to your taste.

Costiness=£39.99 Buy it at Dark Bunny Tees



I don’t like to be that guy that says “oh man, Hollywood’s going to really screw up remaking [insert cool Asian horror film here]” but have you noticed that ‘they’ get it wrong a lot more than they get it right? Perhaps the reason behind this is that it takes a non-Hollywood approach to be effective in freaking the bejeezus out of me?

Dark Bunny Tees produce tees that are inspired by movies, but are slightly less obvious in their reference to the films that the tees are based on. It’s a style that I’ve admitted in the past I prefer to a straight-up ‘movie tee’ because it shows more understanding of the genre and that the designers are really into what they’re doing, and not just trying to make a quick buck.

Costiness=£25 (including free UK shipping) Available from Dark Bunny Tees


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