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Robots and Koalas and Lightning, oh my!

by Matt on May 24, 2012

Post image for Robots and Koalas and Lightning, oh my!

DBH has been putting out some great prints recently. Check them out!

Scribblebolt is a second win for Tyler Bramer from Wisconsin.

Marsupial Madness was SOTD number six for Mr. Jonah Block, otherwise known as biotwist from New Jersey.

Robot Overload is a great all over print from the always awesome Wotto. I like the guys version as a nice summer tee. definitely picking that up in my next order.

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Review of WTF design at Design by Humans

by Mr Four Fingers on May 22, 2012

WTF T-shirt design

A few months ago we at Mr Four Fingers decided to enter an illustration of ours into an ongoing online t-shirt design competition over at Design  by Humans. Much to our surprise and delight we were lucky enough to have our WTF design chosen as a part of their daily winner competition.

DBH release a new print five out of seven days of the the week, so it was a couple of months until our WTF design was printed and released. Once we got our hands on it I was blown away by how well they executed the print. The original I gave them was a scanned ink watercolour illustration just under A3 in size and DBH were able to increase the size and still maintain the integrity of the original illustration. They were even able to accurately reproduce the pink ink spatters.

The design is printed on Heather Grey 100% Cotton DBH Premium Tee and fits well. It seems DBH have their own manufacturer but their cut and soft fabric is much like American Apparel. This design is a 3 colour oversize screen print. My associate received this particular package so I’m unsure of what packaging it was sent in but the last time I ordered from DBH, my t-shirt  was sent in a sturdy clear plastic bag with large black logo printed on so you could see the t-shirt through the negative spaces. Chances are it was the same and hell it looks pretty cool.

I know from buying other DBH t-shirts that they normally print the artists name and/or logo on the t-shirt, either on inside collar or bottom hem. They never once asked us for anything so sadly for us they didn’t print any with our MFF name. That would have been nice. They did give us a wad of cash and 6 free t-shirts so we can hardly complain. I quite like their ‘smiley’ DBH logo stitched to the bottom hem line.

If you are interested in big illustrations from a variety of artists then head over to Design by Humans and grab this t-shirt and others for $20. They also have discounts all the time and interesting t-shirt deals like the Tee Grinder.



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DBH’s Tee Grinder – 3 tees for $25

by Andy on May 17, 2012

design by humans tee grinder

I’ve always been put off by mystery tee sales because if I’m spending money on something I like to know what it is. So when I heard that DBH had introduced the ‘TeeGrinder’ in which you could get three random shirts for $25 I figrued it had to be a mystery bundle deal. Nope. You can’t choose which shirts you receive, but you can see them before you place your order, as shown in the picture. You can even ‘grind’ several times after picking your size and gender in the hopes that a better bundle comes up, though, of course, once you press grind you lose the last bundle you had up on the screen so you’re taking a chance that you could be shown a worse bundle than the one you already had. I suppose you could get around this by opening multiple browser tabs, but that does seem like quite a lot of hassle. $8.33 for a Design By Humans shirt is a pretty sweet deal, and I really like this implementation of the ‘random shirts’ idea.


T-shirt releases for May 11th

by Andy on May 11, 2012

bioshock t-shirt

Bioshock gets some attention at TeeFury.

Monty Python meets Monopoly at Shirt.Woot.

Metroid is the subject matter at RIPT.
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T-shirt releases for May 9th

by Andy on May 9, 2012

legend of zelda t-shirt

Zelda hits TeeFury today.

Clever Doctor Who concept at Shirt.Woot today.

Mario meets TMNT at RIPT.
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Post image for The Dark Knight Rises contest winners at Design By Hümans

Design By Hümans recently held a contest to design a shirt themed around the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. I was kind of upset when I first heard about this, cause one of the things that really attracts me to DBH is their complete lack of pop culture designs. But when they announced the 3rd place winner today, I was pleasantly surprised. “Arise” by SilentOp incorporates the Batman theme in an awesome way. I may even have to buy this one! Congrats to SilentOp on his third place win in the contest and coincidentally his third print at Design By Hümans. The Top three winners (first and second will be announced on Thursday and Friday) were chosen by Christopher Nolan – Director/Writer/Producer for The Dark Knight Rises and Emma Thomas – Producer.

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Daily t-shirt releases for May 2nd

by Andy on May 2, 2012

pin-up zelda t-shirt

Pin-up Zelda at TeeFury today, my favourite of the comments over there is “Instabuy. Matches my tramp stamp.”

Delightful artwork at Shirt.Woot today.

Breaking Bad makes an appearance at RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt news for May 1st

by Andy on May 1, 2012

metroid t-shirt teefury

Sorry about the level of disruption to the site at the moment, I’m acting as something of a nightwatchman on a building site for my other job, which does change my schedule around quite a lot as you’d imagine. The other bloggers will hopefully be picking up the slack and I see that Matt & Leah have already posted a couple of great articles.

Metroid gets some attention in the TeeFury shirt above.

Prune juice has never appealed to me, but apparently it appeals to Shirt.Woot.

Jet Set Scott Pilgrim at RIPT.
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Shark with pixelated teeth!

by Matt on April 28, 2012

Post image for Shark with pixelated teeth!

This was one of the first DBH shirts I ever bought and it definitely helped me fall in love with Design By Hümans. First printed on black for it’s Shirt of the Day win in September 2008, it is now back in it’s original form where it should be. Over the past 3 1/2 years, it’s been reprinted on navy, aqua, and silver
(for kids), but none of them look nearly as good as the original. The design really pops right off the black shirt, as if the shark is coming to bite you with his pixelated teeth.

Available for $20 at Design By Hümans. I definitely recommend picking this up as it probably won’t last long. And who knows what color they’ll print it on next…


Daily t-shirt releases for April 27th

by Andy on April 27, 2012

lord of the rings giving tree t-shirt

Lord of the Rings meets the Giving Tree at TeeFury today.

‘Cat Nouveau’ hits Shirt.Woot.

Futurama meets Starbucks in this delightful shirt at RIPT.
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Daily tee releases for April 25th

by Andy on April 25, 2012

funny mario t-shirt

Fun shirt from the Mario world today at TeeFury.

‘Missing Link’ made me chortle at Shirt.Woot.

Lovely illustration style on this Doctor Who shirt from RIPT.
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Calavera III by Wotto at Design By Hümans

by Matt on April 25, 2012

Post image for Calavera III by Wotto at Design By Hümans

Wotto + Day of the Dead = awesome

I know first hand, cause I wear his beautiful artwork on a daily basis. In the past 15 months, I have been a part of two restaurant openings, both of which are Mexican and Day of the Dead themed. When I got hired to open the first one, Cantina Feliz, I was wearing wotto’s “Dead Head” hoodie from Tilteed and the owners asked me, “Did you wear that on purpose?” I hesitated, said no, then yes. Long story short, I brought on Wotto to design two staff t-shirts for each restaurant which have now become conversation pieces at both locations. La Calaca Feliz, the newer of the two, has been doing very well since it’s opening in January 2012. If you live around Philly and like Mexican, I definitely recommend checking them out. And if you come in, ask for me :)

But what I really wanted to mention was Wotto’s shirt of the day at Design By Hümans. “Calvavera”, which means skull in Spanish, is Mr. Watkins 12th win, putting him up there with the most printed designers at DBH. His doodle style and the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos art go perfect together. This print looks great on the charcoal heather DBH premium blend, as well as the cute blonde model pictured above. (wotto – hook me up!) Only $15 if you buy it today and well worth it.





Daily t-shirt releases for April 20th

by Andy on April 20, 2012

the problem with ninjas t-shirt

“The Problem with Ninjas” is at TeeFury today.

Very nice design at Shirt.Woot today.

Warcraft meets Lovecraft at RIPT.
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masseffect t-shirt

I haven’t played Mass Effect so I have no idea what this TeeFury shirt is about.

Y’know, I’m not entirely sure what the reference is on this Shirt.Woot design.

Ian Leino delivers an awesome compilation of 33 weapons used by comic book heroes at RIPT (also available in his shop, and he’s running a giveaway on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr too).
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hunger games t-shirt

Hunger Games shirt at TeeFury today (FYI, the epic Hunger Games list took a battering by takedown requests at RedBubble).

The Ministry of Silly Walks makes an appearance at Shirt.Woot.

Bioshock meets Disney at RIPT today. Does anyone know if there’s a particular reason why Disney has been picked for this mashup?
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Post image for Limited Edition at Design By Hümans – “Dye Hard” by Jublin

Friday brought us another Limited Edition DBH print, this time they chose Jublin’s “Dye Hard”. Originally printed on turquoise for guys and girls, you can now wear this awesome design in some new colors. To quote the artist himself, “boyfriends and girlfriends, together you can be watermelons.” Now available on Hot Pink for girls and Kelly Green for guys, this limited edition shirt is still only $15 for the rest of the weekend. And remember that it’s truly limited…the Friday releases are only printed once!


Daily t-shirt releases for April 13th

by Andy on April 13, 2012

star wars t-shirt

Fun Star Wars shirt at TeeFury today.

A quite excellent Turtles shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Here’s a Supernatural shirt that I don’t really care about from RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt news releases for April 12th

by Andy on April 12, 2012

Cute Thundercats t-shirt

At least we can say this Thundercats t-shirt at TeeFury is cute, whether I’d want to wear it…

Very nice from Shirt.Woot. I had a friend that uttered this phrase once, we still mock him for it to this day (in that way groups of guys never forget anything embarrassing about each other.

Metroid meets Boba Fett at RIPT today and it looks mighty nice.

Five famous weapons at Qwertee.

Kong Barrel Co. makes an appearance at Shirt Punch.

I’m just going to presume that this design at TeeRaiders is to do with The Last Airbender (the film with no ending IIRC), and you can tell me I’m wrong in the comments.

Pretty nice from DBH today (oh, and get 25% off with the coupon code DBHSTAFF).

America is ready for Change at BustedTees.

Made in the Now point out that Disneyland Paris is in almost €2 billion of debt as it celebrates it’s 20th birthday.

Fibertopic react to the $1 billion sale of Instagram to Facebook.

Tee Busters have a shirt mashup of the two most famous Dexter’s on TV.

Among Villains have put all their shirts on sale for $15 this month. are running an Invader Zim design contest with a cash prize of up to $2,500.

Terratag‘s lucky dip mystery bags won’t be available forever.

Justin Bieber wore what looks like quite a cool t-shirt, from the side at least.


dark tower t-shirt

TeeFury are today referencing Stephen King’s “Dark Tower”.

twitter t-shirt
Shirt.Woot have a nicely designed if unoriginal Twitter tee.

battlestar galactica calvin hobbes t-shirt
Calvin & Hobbes gets mashed up with Battlestar Galactica at RIPT for some reason.

sky rim t-shirt
Qwertee give Skyrim the NES box art treatment.

darth vader playing card
I really rather like the Vader playing card at Shirt Punch.

three wolf moon
Sorry The Yetee, nothing will ever make me like the Three Wolf Moon meme.

owl t-shirt
Because everything has to be in 3D now, even the imaginary perspective of an owl on a t-shirt. Shirt by DBH.

austrian coffee thieves
Today’s Made in the Now shirt is about two Austrian thieves who stole two tons of coffee.

fidel castro t-shirt
Apparently #FidelCastro has been trending recently so Fibertopic have depicted him as the ‘Red Leader’, which surprisingly enough is a concept I haven’t seen before.

I hadn’t heard of Tee Busters before, are they new? Well, they’ve got a Darth Vader shirt that I suppose is inspired by the ads where the kid is trying to use the force on his Dad’s car. Is it a VW ad?


Journey at Design By Hümans

by Matt on April 10, 2012

Post image for Journey at Design By Hümans

Today’s Shirt of the Day at Design By Hümans combines two of my favorite things (in life and on tees), cityscapes and trees. The intricate workings of the busy city stem up from a firmly rooted tree trunk. Simple and complex while beautiful, all at the same time. The only criticism I have is that he could have left out the Statue of Liberty, making the city more general/universal, but I still love this design. Congrats to Dandingeroz for his 8th DBH win. I will definitely be picking this up in my next order.


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