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Goodie Two Sleeves turns 10 years old!

by Andy on June 7, 2012

goodie two sleeves ten years old

Usually when I wrtie an anniversary/birthday post about a brand it’s turning two or three, so it’s really cool to hear that Goodie Two Sleeves have been in the business for a decade. They had a big $10 sale a couple of days ago to celebrate the occasion but unfortunately I missed it due to being in Scotland. However, it would appear that the party is going on all week though with all orders getting getting loads of fun extra stuff added into their pacakge, no coupon needed. Here’s a message from founder Gabe Connor about reaching this milestone:

“On June 5th, 2002, a friend and I sat down at a picnic table in lovely Arroyo Grande, Ca. and scribbled some ideas on that first day of what would become Goodie Two Sleeves®! With no money, very little know-how, a bit of talent and a lot of support from family and friends, Goodie grew from those difficult first days into a Clean Humor brand, available worldwide. We’ve been sold in tens-of-thousands of locations, we’ve designed over 3,500 graphics, we’ve made private label product for television stations and theme parks, we employ over twenty people and we are just getting started! I never would have guessed at nineteen years old, that ten years later Goodie would still be growing and doing such incredible things, and I thank each and every one of you for being an integral, inspirational, and irreplaceable part of our story!”


seventyseven t-shirts

I guess that all the info you need is in the title, so how about I give you a link to Seventyseven’s graphic tees.



With the massive growth of daily deals sites over the past year it’s hardly surprising that someone wants to combine the formula with the world of independent clothing. The Communitee tried it last year and as far as I can tell it didn’t go so well (though their site says they will be opening soon… again), but I do believe that there is potential to create a daily deals platform that could do some real good in the indie clothing world. Clearly Wearabl think they can give it a good go, and here’s their pitch:

We act as a Daily Deals platform connecting indie tee brands as well as indie
fashion designers to consumers who are looking for unique, well-crafted gear.
Ultimately we’re looking to provide brands and designers the ability to be able
to breakthrough some of the threshold guardians that prevent them from making a
living from their passion.

I know that when brands get on they do very well, often their highest sales days ever, but of course Fab has a million members (I think, that’s just coming from memory). You need to have a massive user base to generate the amount of sales which will make a daily deal attractive to potential brands (why offer shirts at a cut rate if you aren’t going to sell a large volume), and you need to have impressive deals to entice potential customers and get them to give away their e-mail address and check in on the site regularly. They’re offering $1 in credit per referral signup at the moment, which I assume will help to swell their e-mail list before launch in the Spring, but for now there isn’t too much to go on. Any of you guys excited to have a daily deals site that caters to indie clothing? Would any brands out there want to showcase their goods on a site like this?


Origin68 Festivitees [Submitted]

by Matt on December 1, 2011

Christmas is nearly upon us and to celebrate we are having a bit of a sale. For each day leading up to Christmas we will be placing a shirt on a 24 hour period sale! The next day, a different shirt and so on and so forth.

To follow the announcements of which shirts are going on sale next, join us for daily updates on Facebook
or follow us on Twitter

Also every time you participate and buy one of the daily shirts you will earn an entry into our Christmas raffle; the winner of which will get a matching pair of shirts, so you can share it with a loved one… or if you really love the shirts, just keep two for yourself!

So get involved in the Festivitees!

Andy: I will try and remember to post about the latest Festivitee in the daily roundup, shout at me if I forget!

This post was submitted by Matt.


Craig & Karl t-shirts 60% off at

by Andy on August 27, 2011

craig & karl on

I signed up to (one of those ‘invite only’ daily deal sites that aren’t really invite only but if you sign up through my link I get some store credit) a few weeks back after seeing they have t-shirt deals every so often and that they also have really cool design-related items, even though they don’t ship outside of the UK yet. Yesterday I got one of their mail-outs and in it there were ‘Craig & Karl’ t-shirts, now I’ve never heard of Craig and Karl, but I recognised quite a few of their shirts, their shirts which are usually pretty expensive (around $40), so to be able to pick them up for $16 a pop seems like a smashing idea. Sale is on for another day and a half or so.


scared panda coupon code

Scared Panda, who I’ve mentioned a few times, have decided to start a ‘T-shirt of the Month‘ feature in which one of their shirts is offered for sale for $5 less than usual, and will provide you with a bit of back story explaining what inspired the design. Well, they say that they’ll take $5 off, but shirts are usually $20 there and the shirt above is currently $16. No need to get too down about that though as you can go even lower than $16 with our exclusive coupon code, HIDEYOURARMS, that will get you 15% off your order.


Buy 2 get 1 free at Thirtee

by Andy on March 30, 2011

gregg abbott on thirtee

I’ve mentioned Thirtee a bit more than I should over the past month, how often do I mentioned a brand three times in their first month of operation?

They’re coming to the end of their first month, which Greg Abbott was at the helm for, and they’ve come up with a rather interesting deal to encourage more orders. In the title you can see that it is a buy 2 get 1 free deal, but the interesting part is that when you buy two of the current tees, you’ll receive a random shirt from the next designer in residence, whoever that might be in April. Quite a cool idea I’d say, if you wanted to pick up two Abbott designs anyway, what have you got to lose?

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sturban clothing coupon code

Sturban Clothing seem to always be running a good deal, and whilst I’m not too up on the scene they look to have some of the best prices on streetwear in the UK (though they do ship worldwide for free), so I wholeheartedly encourage you to check this out. Use the coupon code 342342343 between now and March 11th (Friday) and if you order 3 items you’ll get the cheapest one for free. Not bad, eh?


Deal Days of Summer at Random Objects

by Andy on June 30, 2010

randpm objects deal

Looks like it’s a big time for offering sales and deals, because they keep coming thick and fast. Random Objects are offering two t-shirts from their catalogue for $30, their tees run between $20-26 (though there is one design that’s already $15 by itself) so this is a good chance to make a saving. This deal will be running from now until July 6th.



It’s like Black Friday every day at 410BC, well, it is until Christmas at the very least, use coupon code HOLIDAYS to get a whopping 50% off your order.


There’s 15% off everything in store at Snorg Tees until Friday, no coupon necessary, discounts already applied I think. [via inmyshortsleeve]


Use the coupon code YESYESYES to get 40% off any of the tees in the Rosie Apps store, taking her tees down from an already respectable £18-19 to an even more wallet-friendly £10.80-11.40 each. This offer will be available until December 16th.


I don’t know what makes this a “holiday fiasco” at Crazy Go Lucky, but I’m not complaining since it brings 20% off with it.


This sale has been running for a while but I haven’t mentioned it before, Seventh Ink are running a pretty big sale with some tees down to $5.


laFraise have a load of shirts in their store knocked down to €13, but they’re spread out across the store so you’ll have to hunt for the bargains. There’s about 5 days left for the sale.


The story goes that Chop Shop found got this fortune in on the day they incorporated back in 1996. The tee is normally $5, but you can get it for FREE if you use the coupon code fortunefree at the checkout. You don’t even need to order anything else, you can just pay for the shipping on the free tee and they’ll send it to you, of course, you can also include it in a larger order.

30% off & Free shipping Kazbah 48 hours only - 1260359410766

I know Karmaloop have a sale on in some way all the time, but the Kazbah items are usually exempt, so this coupon code is one of their better ones, this sale is good until tomorrow night. EDIT The picture won’t work for some reason, so I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, the coupon code is STNICK30.


Bamboo shirts rock, and that’s what Tees For Change print on so whilst their shirts aren’t covered in gore and zombies at least you know they’re going to be really soft, and from now until the end of the year if you buy a regular priced shirt you get a sale one FOR FREE by using the coupon code FREESALETEE at the checkout. Oh, and they plant a tree for every tee purchased.

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I’m going to start trying something different with all these deals that are coming in at the moment, instead of posting them all individually I’ll do a roundup. This will mean less posts per day on the site so that content is on the front page for a bit longer, and keep things a bit neater too hopefully.

From 10am CT Threadless will be having another 24hrs of $9 tee madness, so you’ll probably want to get on that. If $9 isn’t cheap enough for you, remember that I’m selling Threadless gift certificates, which would make a good deal better, and I’ve teamed up with Adam Fletcher of The Tee Directory fame, meaning that there are even more Threadless Gift Certificates available (I’d been running pretty low, especially after taking advantage of the sales myself). The price is $17 for a $25 GC, $35 for a $50 GC, and $70 for a $100 GC, and yes, we have done the math on those numbers.

myFavHoodieContest are running a contest from now until December 21st wherein all you have to do is send them a picture of you in your favourite hoodie and tell them why it’s your favourite, and you might win a $100 or $50 gift certificate for their site, which is enough for a hoodie there, so not a bad prize at all.


Jeff from Ugmonk has very kindly offered us a coupon code that will get you 15% off your order from now until December 18th. Enter the coupon code HYA15 at the coupon code to apply the discount. Thanks Jeff!


Like Star Wars? Like the Virgin Mary? Like tattoo artists Jesus Monier? Well then the above tee might be for you, and you can get 20% off it (making the tee $16 rather than $20) by using the coupon code DarthMary2009 at Always Urban.


There’s 25% off loads of stuff at Your Eyes Lie, so enjoy that. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys a review of their bricks & mortar store when I head down to London in a couple of weeks.

No deal here, but this popular tee has come back into stock at Cuppa T-Shirts and I couldn’t be bothered making a post just for it.


free tee 2

Offer ends December 7th at midnight GMT, free tee will be the same size as those already ordered, free tees are not returnable.



Not exactly a huge BF offering from Linty Fresh, but as Eric is in China trying to run the American side of things and get the Chinese arm of LF up and running I’ll let it slide. It had taken me until last week to realise why Eric had stopped tweeting and blogging, I’m pretty sure that Twitter and blogspot (the old LF blog host) are banned in China, and whilst there are ways around everything, it’s probably for the best that Eric doesn’t try and test the lenience of the authorities, even if he is just tweeting about how good of a time he’s having there. He has got a ‘proper’ blog now, not hosted by blogspot, so you can keep up with the weird stuff he’s been eating that way.


3 for 2 at Acropolis Apparel

by Andy on November 15, 2009


Once again the infographic does my job for me, but as it’s the weekend I’m sure you’ll let it slide that I’m being a little lazy. In case it is too small on the resized image, Acropolis will be choosing the extra free shirt, so presumably you put the two shirts in the digital basket and they do the rest after you’ve made the purchase. [via Tshirt Alert]

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3 for 2 at Local Celebrity

by Andy on November 12, 2009

apple6local celebrt

[Sometimes you should play with your food]

No word on how long this offer at Local Celebrity is going to last, so it might be best to take advantage of it while you can.

That’s right ya’ll, we’re offering you 1 free shirt of your choice when you order 2 or more regularly priced t-shirts. This promo cannot be used in conjunction with a coupon of more than 5% off. If you have questions, hit us up, otherwise, get your shop on and help your loved ones get fresh this holiday season!

*Be sure to tell us what free shirt/size you want in the comments section of checkout.


Kidrobot NEWSLETTER_1254439321510
Kidrobot NEWSLETTER_1254439270939

I know what you’re thinking, a $100 minimum spend for free shipping seems like a lot. However, KidRobot isn’t exactly a cheap store, and I imagine that shipping would be at least $10 anyway if you spent $100+, so why not think of it as 10% off instead, and it becomes a lot more attractive offer. Also, that gift card is like another 10% off (it isn’t, but it’s like 10% off).



Buy 2 get 1 free at LaFraise

by Andy on March 19, 2009


I’m only posting this offer from laFraise because of the awesome graphic (and because my brother has come to visit, and I can write this post in about 2 minutes):

For all order with 2 T-Shirts (minimum), we give you one surprise T-Shirt !

Until 30-03-2009


New from Waterloo

by Andy on December 9, 2008

Waterloo have a couple of new tees, and their Christmas promo is ‘buy 3 get 1 free’, so if you get 3 tees to give to friends and family for Christmas then you can get one for yourself as a treat!


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